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Top 10 Vegas Pro Alternatives for Mac in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 03, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

For creating high-grade dynamic videos, simply shooting or recording a clip is not enough. Finding the best Sony Ve gas alternatives for Mac is essential since the software mainly targets Windows users.

Thanks to developers, there are many free and paid options to start your video editing journey on a Mac. Let’s first have a look at alternative software you could consider.

In this article
  1. Sony Vegas Pro Alternatives & Competitors Overview
    1. Lightworks
    2. Wondershare Filmora
    3. Adobe Premiere Pro
    4. HitFilm Express
    5. Kdenlive
    6. OpenShot
    7. Blender
    8. Jahshaka
    9. Final Cut Pro
    10. Cyberlink PowerDirector 365
  2. What are the limitations when using Sony Vegas (Vegas Pro) on Mac?
  3. Hot FAQs about Vegas Pro Alternatives

Part 1: Sony Vegas Pro Alternatives & Competitors Overview

Here is a list of the top 10 tools we found after research. For an easier understanding, the following are the essential points of difference between alternative video editing software types for Sony Vegas Pro in a tabular form.

Software Supported OS Price Editor's Verdict
Lightworks Windows, Mac, Linux Create-$9.99/month, Pro-$23.99/month Medium-Difficult
Wondershare Filmora Windows, Mac Annual-$49.99, Perpetual-$79.99 Easy
Adobe Premiere Pro Windows, Mac $20.99/month Easy-Medium
HitFilm Express Windows, Mac Free Easy
Kdenlive Windows, Mac, Linux Free Medium-Difficult
OpenShot Windows, Mac, Linux, OsX Free Medium-Difficult
Blender Windows, Mac, Linux Free Easy
Jahshaka Windows, Linux, OsX Free Easy-Medium
Final Cut Pro Mac Lifetime-$299.99 Easy-Medium
Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 Windows, Mac Lifetime-$52.50 Easy-Medium

Part 2: Top 10 Sony Vegas (Vegas Pro) Alternatives & Competitors

Now that you know the primary differences between the Sony Vegas Pro alternatives. Are you find anything you like? Let’s move on to more details for your further consideration.

1.    Lightworks

With Lightworks, using the independent timeline codec, format, and resolution alteration in videos is extremely simple. In addition, you can use the multi-cam editing feature for real-time, high-quality editing work. Moreover, drag and drop elements into videos for optimized video editing work, including pre-existing Storyboard points.

lightworks interface

Main Features:

  • Industry-grade features like QC, transcoding, and automated transfer are available.
  • Edit files at different FPS limits and use three-point editing for recording/source files.
  • Insert files and overwrite on a new project, replace, backfill, and fit to fill your video clips.
  • Attach Storyboard tiles and match-frame clips/sub-clips easily.
  • Flexible functionality and speedy transfers
  • Edit files with professional movie-like quality
  • Auto Sync feature for automatic timeline re-syncing is available
  • Direct X is only available on the Windows version
  • TotalFX plugin is not available for free- you have to upgrade to use them

OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

Best For: Editing experts creating visually animated and professional-looking short videos can work with Lightworks.

What users say:

For professional-level video editing work, Lightworks brings a lot of resources and elements to users. According to reviews, people who have tried it have experienced better video editing functionality with these resources.

2.    Wondershare Filmora

The top Vegas Pro alternative that both Windows and Mac users can opt for is Filmora. The software has advanced AI-incorporated editing functions for automated editing work, including preset effects from FX plugins. Besides that, you can easily add pre-set transitions, audio clips, text, images, and more.

Beginners find it simple to navigate through its interface and can opt for the Instant Mode function for automatic video edits.

Free Download
Free Download

Download Filmora9 Mac Version

wondershare filmora interface

For a better idea of how this works, you should check out this tutorial video:

Main Features:

  • Instant Mode is available for automatic video/audio project editing out of 6 shorter clips.
  • Support Advanced editing tools like Chroma Key and AI Portrait.
  • Record voiceover, apply speech-to-text/text-to-speech functions, and more audio editing features.
  • OpenFX plugins like BorisFX and NewBlue FX for a better list of pre-set effects.
  • Simple to use and navigate on the editor timeline, especially with drag-and-drop support
  • Output your editing files in different video/audio formats
  • Quickly share the file on Vimeo or YouTube, besides downloading it on the local hard drive
  • Free trial users cannot bring their Instant Mode-created videos into the editor timeline
  • 4K support only with selected MKV, MOV, M4V (for Mac), and MP4 codecs

OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac

G2 Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best For: All types of users like educators, students, homeowners, businesses, and video editors for comprehensive video editing tools and uses.

What users say:

Filmora is extremely simple to use, with advanced features available for top-level video editing work. Users mention in reviews how they have benefitted from the simple functionality and dynamic AI-based features available here for video editing.

3.    Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are looking for high-quality programs like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro is a reliable choice. This editing software allows you to easily create, delete, and move big video projects. Moreover, you can work on multiple files simultaneously and use shortcuts for faster editing work.

Preset filters and editing features are also available here, especially if they choose the Adobe Creative Cloud option.

adobe premiere pro interface

Main Features:

  • Multiple pre-set transitions and effects are available for quick thematic changes.
  • Add graphics, titles, and captions.
  • Color grading and correction tools are available.
  • It is possible to add keyframing and animation elements.
  • Opting for group plans for video editing practice and learning using Adobe Premiere Pro is possible
  • Aligns audio with videos instantly during editing
  • Utilize Quick Export functionality for video files in some taps
  • Windows High Contrast Mode is supported but to a limited extent, like with menus and title bars
  • HDR workflows can only be handled on the Windows version with DisplayHDR 400 support

OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac

G2 Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best For: Professional editors and trainers can use the various plans under Adobe Premiere Pro for video/audio editing.

What users say:

Advertisers and videographers enjoy high-grade video editing features and like the simple effects and interface quality. The motion graphics support in Adobe Premiere Pro is high-grade as well.

4.    HitFilm Express

A capable Sony Vegas free alternative that you should check out is HitFilm Express. With this, you can expect many prepared designs for quick video edits. Additionally, you can manually customize the video files you are working on with high-grade personalization features available in the timeline.

hitfilm express interface

Main Features:

  • Pre-set customizable designs are available.
  • Built-in sound effects and soundtracks are usable for free.
  • Cache renders in timelines are optimized.
  • The New Grade Clips feature allows users to apply varying effects to many video clips.
  • Stable process of switching between timelines with an active orbit tool
  • Easy to switch between 2D/3D timelines while using the text tool
  • Simple to use for an unlimited period
  • Does not work on older versions than Windows 10 and macOS 10.14
  • Users cannot integrate this with Vegas Pro like before

OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac

TechRadar Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best For: This software is a high-quality video editor for custom video editing work, fit for beginners and professionals alike.

What users say:

HitFilm Express is easy to use and efficient in the market for professional-level editing. The tutorial is available here for quick learning about the steps, and expandable features are well-admired by users.

5.    Kdenlive

A high-quality Sony Vegas open-source variety that you should seriously consider is Kdenlive. The video editor comes with MLT framework support and holds many tools for optimizing video editing.

To simplify, you can arrange and adjust various video/audio tracks and mute or lock specific ones as needed. Add everything from filters, texts, and transitions using this editor for high-grade video projects.

kdenlive interface

Main Features:

  • Get an automatic backup of your video project while you are editing it.
  • Use proxy editing to create low-resolution source clip copies and render them later on computers.
  • Multiple video/audio scopes are available for monitoring projects like vectorscope, waveform, and RDB Parade.
  • Many transition and effect choices to use.
  • Flexibility with themes to add with multiple options
  • Pre-render specific timeline parts for preview
  • Effects are simple to use with keyframing quality
  • Complex for completely non-technical users to adapt to
  • Only supports 64-bit versions in regards to Windows-based compatibility

Trustpilot Rating: 3.7 out of 5

Best For: High-level editing experts who need strong video editing and monitoring features in an open-source platform.

What users say:

Kdenlive, as an open-source video editing software, assures quick and straightforward usability with projects. Per reviews, users like the ability to make simple video edits without bugs in this editor and quickly export finished projects.

6.    OpenShot

OpenShot is a high-quality cross-platform video editor that you can use on different devices for quick but dynamic video project edits. Use keyframing ability here to adjust the animated elements you add to the file.

Moreover, cut the videos with simple steps and add many audio tracks/background videos/watermarks in layers. Also, get several video effects to optimize the video look easily.

openshot interface

Main Features:

  • Adjust video speed in reverse motion, fast forward, and slow motion.
  • Render effects and 3D animated elements into the video project.
  • Get title templates and edit them as needed.
  • Visualize the background audio beats with waveform support.
  • Very user-friendly interface with a simple navigation guarantee
  • Supports more than 70 languages that you can translate as well using LaunchPad
  • Drag-and-drop functionality is supported for adding images, audio, and videos into the OpenShot editor timeline
  • Some bug issues can occur
  • Slightly complex learning curve

OS Compatibility: Windows, Linux, OsX

G2 Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best For: Professional-level video editing experts can opt for this cross-platform free software for high-quality video creations.

What users say:

The OpenShot software is suitable for high-quality video editing across different devices and operating systems. Users like the lack of automated watermarks on all videos, its simple dashboard, and its multi-track editing ability, all available for free.

7.    Blender

Blender is free video editing software like Sony Vegas that users can use for video editing, but it is also effective for game development with animations. Indeed, you can create and render dynamic-looking scenes with features like Cycles.

Furthermore, the software has a rich modelling toolset with solutions like curves and sculpting tools.

blender interface

Main Features:

  • Completely customization-friendly UI, shortcuts, and window layout here.
  • Customization and scripting are possible to do with this software due to the Python API support.
  • Supports access and integration of many pipeline tools for projects.
  • Comes with advanced simulation-based features available in MantaFlow and Bullet libraries.
  • Basic and advanced tools for quick video edits
  • Strong composition and masking ability with object-based motion tracking benefits
  • Easily create short animations with Blender
  • Data under the standalone games created here fall under GPL conditions
  • Strict licensing rules are applicable here

OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

G2 Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best For: Game developers and videographers for companies can use this open-source platform for creation and editing.

What users say:

Blender is a capable software for animation-based editing, with high-quality game-based features and interactive elements that make editing simple. As per reviews, users like the simple animation-based tools and fast rendering it offers.

8.    Jahshaka

Users of Jahshaka can experience an inclusive, collaborative environment for metaverse-level editing work. This free editing software, like Sony Vegas, focuses mainly on VR-based editing functions and comes with powerful tools for project management and content creation.

Take the help of other team members to collaborate on dynamic virtual world building, editing, and publishing.

jahshaka interface

Main Features:

  • Compatible player for different desktop and mobile devices.
  • Create diversified worlds and scenes with one comprehensive platform.
  • Immersive software 3D video development.
  • Access to pre-built content and libraries of scenes and assets
  • Easily share and distribute your virtual projects
  • Deliver final projects offline and online
  • An interactive multi-user engine is available
  • Usable for a niche audience and does not include standard video editing tools
  • Jahshaka V2 legacy support is no longer active

OS Compatibility: Windows, Linux, OsX

SourceForge Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best For: Professional video editors who want a collaborative experience in VR-based development and publishing.

What users say:

Jahshaka is a suitable program for optimized VR-based editing with many preset features and themes to choose from. Most users enjoy the new features and worlds and can work with them efficiently.

9.    Final Cut Pro

One of the top Sony Vegas alternatives Mac users can safely turn to is Final Cut Pro, which has powerful modern video editing features. With this software, you will access Cinematic Mode, which you can use to create stylish and thematic video scenes.

Similarly, the Object Tracker features utilize ML technology to automatically detect objects and faces in moving videos. It can align effects and titles accurately with the graphical elements in videos.

final cut pro interface

Main Features:

  • Object Tracker feature for using color correction and adding texts into moving videos.
  • Accelerated functional for motion tracking with Apple Neural Engine.
  • Add high-quality effects and titles into videos with Cinematic Mode support.
  • Preset audio tracks and royalty-free sound effects are available for editing.
  • Handle color grading for optimized scene quality
  • Adjust the field depth and focus depth in clips
  • Share projects across iOS and macOS platforms
  • Not valid for Windows users
  • Relatively high cost to avail the paid version with all advanced features

OS Compatibility: Mac

TrustRadius Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Best For: Professional video editors, students, and filmmakers who want to create cinematic-quality video projects.

What users say:

Final Cut Pro is an efficient Mac-based video editing tool with easy sharing and editing capabilities, rich effects/transitions options, and fast rendering ability. Customers enjoy the intuitive non-linear editor, easy accessibility to social media platforms for file exporting, and live scrubbing, as noted in one review.

10. Cyberlink PowerDirector 365

Another Sony Vegas mac alternative for Windows you should give a try is PowerDirector 365 from Cyberlink. This software removes or compiles video clips and uses masking features like image/custom masks.

Preset special effects, blending modes, and sound effects are available here for quick editing. Additionally, the AI-powered Motion Tracking traces objects in clips and adds graphics, animations, and text quickly in line with it.

cyberlink powerdirector 365 interface

Main Features:

  • You can create and remove videos with masking features.
  • Drag and drop the pre-set effects and texts into videos.
  • Adjust video clips with tools for border, gradation, and shadowing.
  • Multiple animations, callouts, graphics, and stickers to add to videos.
  • Use green screen functionality for quick background removal or editing
  • Automatic audio mastering and mixing functionality are available
  • Keyframing benefits for customized animations like scaling and positioning
  • Dolby Digital-centric audio codec is not available for users
  • Users can try features like Room Echo Removal and NVIDIA A/V Denoise only on Windows 11

OS Compatibility: Windows

TechRadar Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best For: Professional videographers and regular users who want a Windows-based video editing software for standard video clip editing.

What users say:

Cyberlink PowerDirector is a powerful video editor with standard editing functions many users have tried and benefited from. According to customers, the program has high-quality video and audio editing benefits for presentations, with additional effects/splitting/cropping features.

Part 3: What are the limitations when using Sony Vegas (Vegas Pro) on Mac?

Yes, with the given Sony Vegas alternatives, Mac and Windows users can benefit heavily. But why is it important to try for a replacement when Sony Vegas Pro is relatively efficient software?

To know the answer, you should take the time to understand its limitations, which do exist.

It only works for Windows users

The Sony Vegas Pro software is not available for Mac or other operating systems besides Windows. In addition, it’ll be really complex and time-consuming, even if you opt for virtual machine software or handle dual booting techniques to configure the software on your Mac or Linux.

You need to invest in other hardware

Sony Vegas Pro does do not work within one comprehensive platform like other capable video editing software types, like Wondershare Filmora. You have to acquire a powerful PC and tools to operate it separately. The software works very slowly on older devices.

Not incredibly unique

The functions of Sony Vegas Pro match somewhat with other options in the market. So, users would not expect much value in purchasing this software’s plans that they want to upgrade from their previous system, but on the other hand, the available features are mostly standard-level in functionality as well.

Hot FAQs about Vegas Pro Alternatives

After knowing these details, many users still have specific common queries about opting for a Sony Vegas Pro alternatively. So these are some common FAQs about this- answered.

1. Can Sony Vegas be used on a Mac?

No, it is impossible to directly use Sony Vegas on macOS devices since it does not support it. Instead, you have to separately use a dual boot strategy or virtual machine software to activate the video editor on Mac devices, but the process for that is complex.

2. Is Wondershare Filmora or Vegas Pro better?

Wondershare Filmora and Vegas Pro are top-level options in video and audio editing projects with professional-level editing accuracy. However, Filmora has a cohesive ecosystem with rich AI and standard functions and comes with Mac/Windows support. So, in that sense, Filmora is comparatively a better choice.

Final Words

In place of Sony Vegas Pro, any of these options would also give you a great user experience. Out of them, Filmora is one that we will recommend due to its multi-faceted benefits and features for Mac and Windows users. Ultimately, make your decision based on your particular needs.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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