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Drones Buying Guide: Thing You Need to Know Before Buying a Drone

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Market these days is flooded with variety of drones and every piece of hardware under this category possesses unique features. So if you are going to buy a drone as a beginner then it may be little difficult to make decision about which one out of all these will be best for your needs. The basic frame work of most of the drones uses to be similar with four propellers and gyroscope unit but they still have variations in terms of other potential features.

If you have planned your budget now and need some guidance regarding which drone will suit your needs then the article below will provide you complete assistance. These essential drone buying tips are useful for beginners:

What kind of droner are you

Your search results directed to you this page that means you are planning to buy a drone. That's a great idea! You will easily find so many designs and feature rich products in market with fancy and trusty constructions but which one of these is right for you completely depends upon what type of droner you are?

If you are planning to enjoy your drone flight within house then harmless toy drones are good for you. Those who are searching for drones that can assist in awesome shoots or photography applications must think about prosumer camera quadcopters. If you are planning to develop your own drone then check guidelines for Do It Yourself procedures.

Drone/Quadcopter Buying Tips

Here we are going to talk about some of the best drone buying tips:

1. Budget:

One of the major factor playing roles behind your drone selection is your planned budget. You can prefer to go for higher end collections or being a beginner can pick the basic one. Note that, most of people find difficulties to fly a cheap drone collection but expensive drones show impressive results in flight due to their advanced sensor units and powerful propellers. Before placing order for your drone, prefer to check offers from different companies like Amazon, Hobby King Etc. and compare their discounts. Few websites also provide discounts when you buy drones with additional accessories so you can plan your purchase accordingly. The low budget investment will lead to a drone that has small battery life with limited features whereas the expensive units can serve you with amazing results in every flight.

2. Flight Time:

This parameter is used to decide the average flying time of your drone with single charge. It is good to plan for a powerful battery backup if you need to use your drone for photography purpose. Few drones come with rechargeable batteries whereas others also offer replacement options so that users can use spare batteries for emergency hours. Most of these drones take almost 45 to 90 minutes to full charge and the minimum flight time is observed to be 10 to 12 minutes. Note that if you keep on doing tricks and flips with your drone then it will definitely lead to faster decay in power and flight time will automatically get reduced. Size of battery, load carrying capacity and several other factors can affect flight times of a drone.

3. Camera:

Many quadcopters are designed with abilities to carry a camera unit with them so that they can shoot scenes from different angles in the air. Even various action cameras also possess specially designed drone mounts so that they can fulfill the needs of high quality recording. This impressive attachment to drone is really a great idea but one need to use high resolution camera units for this purpose and preferably it should be share free. Some drones are sold with pre-mounted camera units whereas others may come with dedicated mounts. The GPS enabled drones can assist users to capture stills or videos with active location information.

4. Controller:

Every drone possesses a controller inside it and this works like brain of the whole system. Controller is sometimes also known as transmitter that assists in transferring input commands to the copter during flight. Drone controllers commonly operate at 2.4 GHz frequency range. This frequency range is standard for all drone designs that are used for commercial as well as entertainment related applications. Buyers are advised to check features and specifications of drones before placing order because there is a wide range of capabilities that you can access with different designs. Few units are designed with buttons on their body whereas others may have LCD screen for managing controls. The controller works like a central unit in every case.

5. Sensor:

Cheap drones do not have sensors or may have very few embedded on them but if you buy an expensive unit then it will accommodate so many advanced sensors on board. Some of the most popularly used sensor types are GPS and temperature sensors. The GPS enabled units are able to move via specific locations as fixed in their programming controls. It is possible to adjust the longitude and latitude values of device so that it can travel in a preset direction only. One advanced quadcopter named as DJI Phantom is having return home feature that makes it able to come back to actual location when users presses the home button.

6. Educate Yourself:

Before you decide to invest on any drone it is good to gather information about all so that you can rate them as per your need. Many buyers spend huge money on wrong drones just because of lack of information about their functionality and capabilities. Buying a drone is a costly affair so it is good to educate yourself first and then pick right device after making huge analysis. Make a set of features that you are expected from your drone and plan your budget carefully. If you need some additional accessories to operate your drone for specific applications then they must be included in the budget list. You can easily find various tutorials in form of videos over internet that can provide huge information about how to use a drone.

7. Respect the Law:

You might be aware about the fact that every country follows some specific set of rules of drone flights and they must be followed strictly. The flight heights, timing and locations- everything should be well planned to avoid air accidents. Rule violation can cause damage on large scale so buyers are advised to stay updated about government guidelines. Every drone buyer need to sign permission letter from agency and the flight rules must be followed strictly.

Best Buying Places for Drones:

If you are aware about all guidelines and tips to fly a drone then it is time to make decision about from where to buy. There are so many retailers online and they are selling drones at great discounts. But as this is a big investment so prefer to check website reviews before you place your order. Here are few suggestions from experts; you can pick any of these for a trustworthy delivery service:

1. Amazon:

If it is going to be your very first drone purchase or if you are a beginner to this world of drones then we suggest you to invest low amount. Go to Amazon and hit the digital discount racks to get the best offer for your purchase. Many web retailers on this network have developed useful videos as well as tutorials to assist buyers with useful information about safe usage.

2. Hobby King:

Hobby king platform assists buyers with quality services for drones, accessories and parts. They have so many varieties of drones with awesome ready to fly features and if you need any additional component for your applications then it can also be ordered from Hobby King Platform.

3. Best Buy:

It offers wide collection of drones at reasonable price ranges and various guides are also available to assist users for best buy deals. You can pick advanced units with impressive discounts and soon start making fun between your friends with impressive collection of drone accessories.

4. Horizon Hobby:

Here is one of the most preferred destinations for your drone shopping needs that offer wide selection to all potential buyers. All the product pages on this site are having lots of informative content related to every drone in form of downloadable manuals, guides and videos. More information can be easily accessed from manufacturers with its continuous support system.

5. FPV Head Quaters:

If you have already enjoyed hundreds of drone flights under your control then it is right time to start with your own design now. It might appear complicated at once but if you start with proper guidelines then it is possible to develop a drone with feature rich platform. With time you will also gain experience for repair of your drone. If it is not your cup of tea then go to pick your design from FPV Head Quaters.

All these buyers are offering great discounts on drone deals; you can pick any of these platforms and choose your drone for home delivery service.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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