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Top 10 Best Hexacopter Drones

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Quadcopter, as the name indicates, possesses 4 propellers that assist during air flights but Hexacopters are a step ahead to Quadcopters. These advanced drones use to have 6 motors and each one if connected to powerful propeller mechanism so that the device can go up to more heights with added payload carrying abilities.

Quadcopter Vs Hexacopter:

Pros of Hexacopters vs Quadcopters:

  • Hexacopters offer higher power abilities hence it can have much better elevation and speed controls as compared to quadcopters.
  • Hexacopter are designed with improved safety features by utilizing additional motors
  • Hexacopters are able to offers higher payload capabilities
  • Users can enjoy advanced flight and speed control facility.
  • Pros of Hexacopters vs Quadcopters:

  • You need to spend more in order to buy a Hexacopter whereas Quadcopters are comparatively cheaper.
  • Hexacopters use to have larger size thus you cannot take these devices to shoot videos at tighter spaces.
  • It is quite expensive to replace faulty motors of a hexacopter.
  • Top 10 Best Hexacopter Drones:

    Although, hexacopters are priced little higher then Quadcopters due to their incredible features but it doesn't mean that they are not affordable. You can easily find so many impressive designs below $100 whereas other advanced designs are available with higher price tag.

    Comparison table for Hexacopter

    Product Price
    Under $100 DBPOWER X600C $78.22
    UDI RC U845 $79.99
    Voomall MJX X800 Hexacopter $34.99
    WLToys Hexacopter RC Quadcopter $99.99
    JJRC H20C Mini $37.99
    Over $100 Freefly Systems ALTA UAV $11,955
    Walkera H500 Hexacopter $1,809.22
    Aperture Hexacopter $781.49
    DJI S900 Hexacopter $3,400
    YUNEEC TYPHOON H 4K $1,155.99

    Below $100:

    1. DBPOWER X600C ($78.22)

    dbpower x600c

    Check at Amazon

    This device comes with 3D Split Screen display that is perfectly compatible with 3D VR Headset devices. The headless mode is a recently added feature to DBPOWER drone series that assists users in improved flight control with one key operation. The FPV type real time transmission ability allows users to monitor recordings on real time basis directly from smartphones. This drone acts like a smart option to bring kids out of video games, computer and TV; the best part is that it can be used for outdoor as well as indoor flights.

    2. UDI RC U845 ($79.99):

    udi rc u845

    Check at Amazon

    Users can achieve stunning real time FPV with the help of Android and iOS devices and real time video transmission can be achieved via Wi-Fi connectivity. UDI RC offers 6 axis type gyro stabilization features along with headless mode so that you can fly your drone even without worrying about its direction. It takes 120 minutes for complete charging and can stay in air for 6 to 9 minutes. Users can capture stills at 1280x960 rating whereas videos are supported up to 640x480. The maximum video control range is offered to be 30 meters.

    3. Voomall MJX X800 Hexacopter ($34.99):

    voomall mjx x800 hexacopter

    Check at Amazon

    This device is designed with 2.4 GHz technology hence it provides anti interference flights with much accurate operations. You can enjoy lots of 3D tricks using this device with its one push button type switch; your friends will definitely get impressed with your footage quality. The best part is its one key home return function that brings your drone back to its actual position without causing any disturbance on video recording. Maximum flight time offered by Voomall MJX is 8 minutes and it can easily operate over a wide temperature range from 14 degrees tp 104 degrees F.

    4. WLtoys V323 – Skywalker ($99.99):

    wltoys hexacopter rc quadcopter

    Check at Amazon

    Skywaller is one of the most popular products from WLToys that allows easy control over flights along with its 6 axis type balanced gyroscope stability. This device possesses six powerful motors and assists its body to withstand heavy air pressure. The headless mode allows direction free control whereas crash resistance is added using additional protective foam ring. It can be used like a crane & basket, bubble blower, water cannon, missile shooter, Full HD recorder and a simple 720p HD camera. Skywaller is capable enough to add fun in all dynamic flights with its advanced control functions.

    5. JJRC H20C Mini ($37.99):

    jjrc h20c mini

    Check at Amazon

    It possesses headband mode so you need not to worry about position of aircraft during flights and using simple one key function you can easily bring your device back to home. There are 4 channel controls with backward, forward, descent and ascend functionality whereas 6 axis type gyro control makes flights more stable. JJRC is designed with robust material and it offers effective durability so that users can enjoy recording even at tough locations. You will love its LED lights that make night flights more interesting.

    Over $100:

    1. Freefly Systems ALTA 6 ($11,955):

    freefly systems alta uav

    Check at Amazon

    Alta 6 is a well designed hexa rotor type drone; it comes with MoVI Gimbal facility and can carry maximum payload of up to 15 lb. Professionals recommend using this device with mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and other compact camera designs. You will be glad to know that the electronic parts of ALTA 6 are water resistant as outer body is coated. Its silent drive technology allows users to enjoy advanced features like precise low noise footage generation etc. Users will love to customize LEDs of Alta 6 using attractive color scheme using Alta application.

    2. Walkera H500 Hexacopter ($1,809.22):

    walkera h500 hexacopter

    Check at Amazon

    This hexacopter is especially designed for all those users who want to capture professional aerial video footage. Users love to explore its first person view and ready to fly abilities to enjoy advanced shooting facilities. This device can stay in air up to 25 minutes with its powerful 5200 mAh battery. Walkera H500 let users enjoy with its compact drone design that hides everything below attractive curves. The 6 rotor based design with classic video shooting abilities make this device useful for stable and smooth recordings.

    3. Aperture Hexacopter ($781.49):

    aperture hexacopter

    Check at Amazon

    Here is a professional hexacopter design that supports aerial photography with excellent stability, long endurance and heavy lift capabilities. You will love to explore its 6 mode selection facility that includes Return to land, point of interest, super simple, simple, position hold, altitude and stabilized mode. Maximum hover time is 25 to 30 minutes with its 16000mAh battery backup. You will be able to access advanced radio control system to enjoy interference free flights. It is a low price unit under professional hexacopter category so if you want to access all quality features with ease at low budget range then prefer to buy Aperture.

    4. DJI S900 Hexacopter ($3,400):

    dji s900 hexacopter

    Check at Amazon

    DJI S900 supports overall takeoff weight of about 18 pounds and its gimbal control enables efficient aerial video recording facility. The maximum flight time of this professional hexacopter is 18 minutes only and it can easily carry up to 8.2 Kg weight during flights. The carbon fiber type frame arms helps to reduce the overall weight of this device so that users can enjoy easy transportation and storage abilities. One interesting fact about DJI S900 is that its gimbal bracket is kept far away from main frame with the help of specially designed dampers. It assists in vibration free recording.

    5. YUNEEC TYPHOON H4K ($1,155.99):

    yuneec typhoon h 4k

    Check at Amazon

    YUNECC Typhoon H4K is designed to serve users with aerial video and photo capturing abilities. You will love to record 4k videos with 12MP stills ability and the 3 axis type Gimbal Pan provides complete 360 degree control. Autopilot functions are highly useful for beginners as well as professionals and the real sense type collision avoidance system can make flights more stable. Typhoon has been designed with one motor failure survivability feature that means even if one motor fails in air then also your device will stay safe as internal advanced mechanism adjusts all parameters for effective loss compensation.

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