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Best Mobile Editing Apps for DJI Videos

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

The advent of consumer drones are expected to create a whole new wave in the world of photography which is why in today's article we are going to talk about some of the coolest video editing app for drone footage. After reading this article you would know which editing app for DJI video is best suited to your requirements.

Best mobile editing apps for DJI videos

1. DJI GO for iOS and Android

The DJI Go App comes with a very interesting feature known as the Editor module. This aptly named module would let the users edit their drone footage right on spot. If you are an amateur editor who finds the task of editing videos a complicated and time consuming affair then the Editor Module tool is meant for you. It features an intuitive interface and allows you a greater degree of control while editing the footages. The DJI Go also allows you to make use of video templates and music to create compelling video clips which can be shared with just one tap. It offers many ways of customising your videos. For example you will be able to add your personal filters, tweak the sound and even import any music of your choice.

For more details on editing with DJI Go check the video tutorial here. This program would allow you to create a stunning aerial video and share it with the world in just a few seconds.

2. Muvee Action Studio for iOS

This quick and easy app is a must have for any drone and action camera aficionado. Muvee Action Studio would allow you to come up with customized and professionally edited music video MV on any Apple device. The in-app purchase would allow you to get rid of the watermarks. This app can be used for editing videos from a number of cameras like Sony Action Cam, GoPro, DJI Phanton along with Bebop2 and Parrot Bebop drones. One of the best parts about this app is that it allows you to create beautiful title and caption sequences. It comes with loads of useful features some of which are given below:

  • Titles and animation with just one click
  • Superb transistion
  • Multiple fastmo and slomo segments
  • Best collection of filters
  • Eight colour and light controls
  • Swipe to split, rearrange, stitch and trim clips
  • Direct import via wifi from all the above mentioned camera models
  • Soundtrack customization
  • Add soundtracks from iTunes
  • Fastest export
  • Support for high frame rates clips
  • One click sharing to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and camera roll in full HD

3. 10 app

This app will let you share the visual creations from loads of devices like GoPro cameras, DJI Inspire, Phantom 3, Phantom 2 with just a few clicks from your iPad or iPhone. It comes with all the latest Apple updates and allows live preview of your recorded videos. This intuitive program automatically spotlights the epic section of your videos making it simple to add filters and music.

  • Works with all models of GoPro, DJI and Phantom
  • Step by step guide for connecting your iPad or iPhone to the Wifi of your action or drone cam
  • Live preview of GoPro
  • Alter the recording settings of GoPro cam
  • Convenient shortcuts for recording slow motion footage from GoPro
  • Video playing and editing options from the SD card of your camera
  • View, save and delete video files from the SD card of your GoPro
  • Powerful video editing features
  • Option of adding your own watermark or title card
  • Addition of voice and music to video
  • Special pro filters suggested according to your location
  • You will be able to add title cards from some of the best designers

4. iMovie – for iOS

This video editing program comes with the same functionality on your Apple mobile devices as it offers on Mac. iMovie is a superb editing app which would allow you to create videos, movies and trailers of short duration which are simple to create and stunning to view. If you have iPhone 7 then you will be able to edit your videos at 4K resolution. Let us take a quick look at the pros and cons of iMovie.

  • Includes all the editing tools you can expect from a professional editing software
  • It allows you to animated title, soundtrack and filters to any video
  • The trailer template comes with amazing titles, graphics and soundtracks
  • Stunning themes and video filters
  • The created video can be easily shared on a variety of social platform
  • Fastest export
  • It is not available for free
  • The manual editing tools are too complicated to use
  • The number of themes isn't extensive
  • Available just for iOS
  • It is more suitable for professional editors.

5. Actvt

This is an assisted application for editing videos which is aimed at the curated video sharing community. This program is suitable both for the pros and the amateur video makers. While the professionals will be able to promote their visual creations through the social features of this app, the beginners will be able to come up with highlight footages of small duration without bothering about the complex aspects of long video edits.

This programme would allow you to create a compelling video in just 3 easy steps:

1. First you have to import the images and videos from you GoPro, iCloud, Google Drive or iPhone library

2. Next you need to tap the screen to highlight the epic section of the video

3. Lastly you need to choose the music and the emoticon and your video is ready to be shared.

  • It's a free app
  • Automatic extraction of video clips
  • Other than hashtags it features an unique drone channel which contains some of the coolest user videos
  • Video import from multiple sources
  • Can be used on both iOS and Android
  • Doesn't include manual editing features
  • Doesn't include colour filters
  • You will not be able to use more than 5 clips at present
  • Time limit of 30 sec
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