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Complete Review for DJI Inspire 1

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Undoubtedly, DJI Inspire 1 was made for professionals but is as easy to fly and control as consumer drones like DJI Phantom 4 or Phantom 3. With a 4k resolution as well as a two controller flight option, the process of flying DJI Inspire 1 is fairly simple and with the autonomous waypoint and follow me functions it is much easier for amateur drone pilots to capture professional shots as well as control the drone in a variety of settings/conditions.

dji inspire 4k

The Pros and cons of DJI Inspire 1


  • The DJI Inspire is one of the professional drones which is available to fly right out-of-the-box.
  • The controller is extremely intelligent
  • Camera comes with an astounding 4k resolution
  • The two controller option for flight as well as the pivot control with the camera make this one of the most intelligent drones to fly.


  • Purchasing additional batteries to use this drone can grow quite expensive
  • If you need to upgrade to a second controller this can also put the price up by over $400.
  • Android support is limited.

Complete Review for DJI Inspire 1

1. Features

The DJI Inspire 1 is known for its extremely resilient construction. With a 4K camera mounted on a three axis gimble shots can be created with a professional quality. A 15 mm lens is included and the drone can fly with a range of up to 1.2 miles (2 kilometers). A GPS flight control stabilization system keeps the drone flying evenly for filmmaking. The flow sensor also helps to prevent accidents during indoor flying and difficult outdoor flying.

The light bridge system is integrated to help to prevent severe accidents which could compromise the frame of the drone outside. DJI has included this feature to prevent accidents and save the drone during use.

A 720 P HD monitoring solution is available for monitoring camera shot quality as well as for flight controls. These type of controls are generally only reserved for very advanced drones but with these helpful control solutions you can shoot 360° unobstructed with full control.

The DJI Inspire 1 also comes with the option for dual transmitter operation for more professional shots and controls during use.

2. Design

The overall design of this drone is the RTF style. Ready to fly means that the drone is calibrated out-of-the-box and ready with zero assembly. Other types of professional drones require soldering and assembly to attach the blades or the camera. With a one-piece construction for the quad copter and an MFT mount for the camera, this is a drone that can stand up to a decent amount of punishment. The collision prevention and GPS stabilization helps to prevent accidents so that this doesn't become a problem however.

3. Battery life

The battery life is perhaps one of the weakest parts of this product. Unfortunately the DJI Inspire 1 is only rated for a maximum of 18 min. of flight with filming. Many professional drone users invest in a larger battery right away or several batteries for this unit. Most reviewers suggest that they were able to get just 15 min. or under for the first flight time before the drone returned to the home location. Although the extra batteries are quite expensive, they can save you time when filming with this drone regularly.

4. Flight performance

This is one of the easiest drones in the world to fly with waypoint GPS flights, follow mode as well as quite strong propellers and construction for regular flight. The collision detection controls ensure that you can keep this drone flying inside or even in very tight spaces outside. The out-of-the-box construction also ensures that there is very little setup that is required for the process of flying it for the first time. Flight performance is great while the unit has full battery but it can return quite quickly when it runs low.

5. Control Range

The range on this drone is nothing short of professional with a 1.2 mile radio control for each receiver. Having access to this type of range ensures that you can film aerial shots quite comfortably as well as film shots on the move. The range of the controllers with this drone will often push you to the limit of sight line rules for drone flight.

6. Dual operator function

dji inspire 1 controller

With the dual operator function on this drone it becomes very easy to have one operator control the Jerome for smooth flight and another one easily control the camera on the drone for a better picture. Operating with two controls ensures that a more professional shooting style can be achieved.

7. Camera quality

The camera quality on the DJI Inspire 1 is one of the current leaders for its price point. It's quite difficult to find a 4k camera that can deliver the same stable shooting conditions or a 360° shooting option. These types of functions definitely make this drone a leader in its price bracket.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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