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How to Share Twitch Stream on Facebook?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Feb 14, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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Social networking has been around the corner since the early 21st Century. Different social media platforms have taken charge and provided the community with an impressive amount of network connectivity throughout the world. This has tempted users into shifting towards such sources that would help them connect across the world with their loved ones.

While catering to the community as a whole, different platforms have provided room for a specific community. From offering celebrities a platform across Instagram to make their daily updates viral to helping the general community gain traction with TikTok, specific communities have taken advantage of the platforms that have been designed to incorporate within the social community.

Twitch is one such platform that has offered the gaming community a source to stream effectively. Different features make it interactive and effective while allowing gamers to publish their gameplay across the platform. One such example is to share Twitch stream on Facebook. As this streaming platform interacts with one of the most utilized social media platforms, this article features a discussion of its process.

Part 1: What is Twitch and How is it Helpful?

Twitch has been an appealing platform for the gaming community, where it has provided them with a variety of features to work with. As this platform connects the community together, different tools make it effective for them to work through the platform. The platform's primary focus is across video games, where the complete process involves playing, interacting, or live-streaming the gameplay across the world.

what is twitch

Along with the focused streaming services, users can work through the chat rooms and direct messages tool offered across this gaming service. The variety of services offered within these tools makes it quite extensive to explain the process. However, this article has discussed how to connect Facebook to Twitch.

Part 2: Share Twitch Stream on Facebook Through PC or Mac

Users looking forward to sharing Twitch stream on Facebook through their PC or Mac can follow a set of different procedures. These procedures, if followed properly, can help users set up the platform and share the video of their choice across Facebook. Look into the steps provided to understand the procedure to embed Twitch stream on Facebook.

Step 1: To start, you are advised to install OBS Studio across your device. Access your browser and download the setup for sharing streams across Facebook. Tap on the “Download” tab on the top-right corner of the screen and proceed to select the operating system of your choice.

click on download button

Step 2: On selecting the appropriate OS, you will be redirected to a new window to download the setup across your device. Launch the installer and follow the installation procedure to install OBS Studio across your device successfully.

install the obs studio

Step 3: As OBS Studio successfully installs itself across your device, the user will be redirected across the Auto-Configuration Wizard for setting up the platform according to the desired options. The user can set up the settings according to streaming and recording screens. On the other hand, they can only look forward to optimizing options according to recording the screens. For connecting and configuring audio and video across OBS, set up the sources across the Auto-Configuration Wizard and proceed towards finalization.

configure obs studio

Step 4: On configuring the settings, run OBS Studio and test the streaming services before stream Twitch to Facebook Live. It is impossible to perform cross-sharing across Twitch exact; thus, there is a need to configure an applet for Twitch and Facebook to help share the stream with Facebook.

check your obs studio

Step 5: Get started by setting up the free IFTTT account. You can choose any of the sign-in methods to proceed across the platform. Pick Google or Facebook from the available options and finish the on-screen settings to link the Facebook account and Twitch for sharing videos across the platform.

login with google or facebook

Step 6: To set Facebook for the sharing content across the applet, the user will be directed to a new window where they are advised to provide their credentials. On completing the setup of the account, you need to provide IFTTT with permission to access your Facebook account. For this, tap on the "Continue as (Username)" option. IFTTT will get permission to share content and videos across the account from Twitch.

connect with facebook

Step 7: On completing the log-in of Facebook, proceed to provide the credentials for Twitch to connect the platform with Facebook for sharing content. Enter the important credentials for Twitch across the applet and tap on the log-in button once done.

login twitch account

Step 8: Successfully connect the account with IFTTT and configure Twitch across Facebook to proceed successfully.

connect twitch with fb

Step 9: You need to initiate a stream for posting it across Facebook. Start the Twitch stream and look forward to generating a URL that will be put across the link that will be posted across Facebook. Create a link post by providing information within the Stream Information. Add the information across the section under the required headings and include a particular message across the window along with a title.

add stream information

Step 10: Hit on "Create Action" to set up a link to your Twitch stream that can be easily shared with the users for allowing them access across multiple platforms.

tap on create account button

Part 3: How to Share Twitch Stream on Facebook across Android?

While working across Android, the user can consider operating through different methods for sharing Twitch stream across Facebook. If you look forward to share Twitch stream on Facebook using an Android, you need to look across the following methods for a better understanding of the procedure.

Sharing Another Live Stream Across Facebook

Step 1: Download and install Twitch across your Android successfully. On launching the platform, search through the stream and find the one that is to be shared.

open twitch

Step 2: You need to select the “Sharing” icon on the top of the window to lead to a set of different options that can be used to share the Twitch stream.

click on share icon

Step 3: Select Facebook from the provided options and initiate by posting the stream across the platform by creating a new post. Post the selected stream with a clear description and tap “Post.”

create the post

Sharing Personal Stream Across Facebook

Step 1: Launch Twitch on your Android device and select the “Camera” icon that appears on the top of the screen. You will be led to different live streaming options across the platform.

click on camera icon

Step 2: You can select either option from 'Stream Games' or 'Stream IRL' to stream the game if it is across the screen or stream personal video or audio from the mobile's camera, respectively.

select one option

Step 3: Provide the stream details with an appropriate name and tags. After setting up the title details and other appropriate details of the stream, select the “Share” icon on the top of the window to access the sharing menu of the Android.

add the stream info details

Step 4: Select Facebook from the options and create a post with the details of the post to publish the link for the users to join the gameplay. Now, lead back to Twitch and initiate streaming across the platform, which can be accessed directly from Facebook.

select facebook option

Automatically Save Stream Across Facebook

Step 1: Access the Play Store on your Android and install the official IFTTT application across your device. Open the application once it is installed.

install ifttt app

Step 2: You can sign in across the account using the Facebook or Google account. Follow the instructions to set up the account across the platform.

connect with google or facebook

Step 3: Search for Twitch on the main screen of the application and select the option of "Automatically post on your official Facebook Page when you start streaming on Twitch." Share the link across the platform directly.

search for twitch

Step 4: Before redirecting to the next procedure, tap “Connect” to share details with other users.

tap on connect button

Step 5: Sign in on Twitch and Facebook to link the account with the mobile application. Provide appropriate permissions to the applications once installed for the stream. Access Twitch from your Android and tap on the “Camera” icon to initiate streaming. Set up the stream details and start the stream, as required by the users.

tap camera icon


This article has introduced Twitch to the users and provided a detailed explanation of how a Twitch stream is shared across the platform. While understanding how to share Twitch stream on Facebook, it is convenient to understand that the process exists for both Android and PC devices. To look more into how this is executed, look into the detailed discussion of the article and make a conclusive understanding of what exactly is to be followed for making a perfect Twitch stream.