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How to Create Pixel Art in After Effect?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Bringing creativity and new ideas to your images and art are the only thing that separates you from the crowd. Many designers make use of 8-bit pixel art to give a different outlook to their displays and manipulate the image by controlling the pixels. The use of such pixel art never gets out of fashion.

Pixel Games have always been a thing. They incorporate the usage of pixel arts and graphics to bring a powerful and promising experience to the players. The 8-bit pixel art favors 256 different colors. On the other hand, the After Effect presents visual effects and motion graphics to be utilized in the post-production process of games, films, and videos.

To know ways to create 8-bit pixel art in After Effect and create an 8 bit art style video, we suggest you stay put!

Part 1: How to Create 8 Bit Pixel Art in After Effect?

The utilization of cute pixel art creates an environment of creativity and innovation. This 8-bit art was the reason back in the day that it offered pixel games and provided entertainment to the 80s and 90s kids. Pixel art is basically digital art that offers the user to play with the pixels and incorporate them in their videos, films, and 8-bit games.

In addition to this, pixel art is established by setting down blocks square-wise. With a negligible color palette, the 8 bit art can be created by making use of "After Effect." The "After Effect" is a tool, as mentioned above, filmmakers and video fanatics widely use that. Bringing its A-game to the field, one can have its hands on keying, tracking, compositing, animation, visual effects, and whatnot.

To create 8-bit pixel art in "After Effects," we have sketched out step by step guide for the user. It is important to follow the steps carefully.

Step 1: Posterize Effect

For starters, create a shape that needs to be turned into animate pixel art. Establish an adjustment layer from your timeline afterward and then add the Posterize effect. This effect controls the color tones of the object.

If there is a gradient in the graphics, different diagonal lines shall appear in unique colors. To give a retro look to your video games, one can use a range of 5 to 15:5. For a modern look, prefer 15.

apply posterize effect

Step 2: CC Black Load

To get a detailed look, the CC Black Load will be used as it helps in perfecting the square pixels. Insert the CC Black Load to your adjustment layer and keep the Completion settings to 0. Moving on, use the Scans value of 3 and then uncheck the "Start Cleared" option. The motion graphic will be according to your wish now.

do cc black load

Step 3: Tint

To bring a tint effect to the color palette, prepare the map white with your wanted color. One can go for a moss green color to "Gameboy" look, which requires the tint to 95%. The color composition shall be changed according to your choice and bring back nostalgia.

apply tin effect to make pixel art effect

Step 4: Grid

The Grid Effect is used to provide a border to each pixel drawing and give it a retro look. Bring the Grid effect to your adjustment layer and keep the blending mode to "Normal." Afterward, choose a dark shade of the color and set the dimension of the border to 2. To adjust the grid size to pixel dimension, keep Anchor placement to (0,0) and Corner Size to be (8,8).

apply grid effect

Step 5: Posterize Time

To handle the graphic's frame rate, insert the Posterize effect into your adjustment layer. Set the frame rate to 8fps. The composition will be blocky as we want our graphics to be.

change frame rate

Step 6: Animation Effect

To animate, develop a 3D shape and extrude the shape afterward. This will provide a 3D depth to the coin. Now, establish a null object and insert it into the 3D layer.

After that, rotate the null object in the orientation (y-axis) and insert the keyframe on the first frame. Rotate it to 360 degrees at 2 seconds and insert an ease frame. Now, add the expression to rotation value loopOut ().

animation effect applied to make animate pixel art

Part 2: 8 Pixel Art Effects to Make 8-Bit Style Video

The section shall spin around 8-Bit art effects that play an important role in making 8-Bit Style videos. Allow me to introduce you to Wondershare Filmstock that has expertise in the very genre. Being a royalty effect storage, this online store allows you to download effects, images, transitions, and graphics to make your video catchy and attractive.

Let us have a brief look at the effects offered by Wondershare Filmstock.

1. 8 Bit Gamer Waka Pack

Offering amazing video opportunities through pixel blocks and 8-bit font, 8-Bit Gamer Waka Pack, consists of 2 filters and 5 elements. The pixel games like eat dots and avoid ghosts work like a charm by using this pack.

2. 8 Bit Gamer Battle Pack

Compatible with Filmora 9.1 and above, 8-Bit Gamer Battle Pack lets the user develop arcade-inspired videos. If you do not need a filter and require 3 titles for your video, you have got your battle pack.

3. 8 Bit Gamer Blocks Pack

The falling pixel block effects make the players energetic and establish an interesting gaming environment. With 4 music options and 1 transition, the user is sure to make it worth the while.

4. 8 Bit Gamer Invader Pack

The 8-Bit Gamer Invader Pack works on the pixelated aliens that are invading the face of the Earth. This pack allows the user to add titles and dialogues like "Game Over" while inserting a tint of music and transitions.

5. 8 Bit Gamer Pixel Party Pack

If you are only looking for a gaming video with multiple titles and elements, 8-Bit Gamer Pixel Party Pack is your answer. This pack makes the process almost as effortless as an on-going-party.

6. 8-Bit Pixel Cat Sticker Pack

Are you looking for a cat sticker pack that helps in decorating your kitten vlog, you are at the right place. Offering 36 elements with an adorable sticker set, 8-bit cat pixel art sticker pack, brings a retro as well as a cute outlook to the video.

7. Pixel Block Pack

With an 8-bit heart and 8-bit game console, the users are sure to get a trip down memory lane to the retro gaming platform. Offering 48 elements and 8 transitions, Pixel Block Pack shall always be fruitful to use.

8. Pixel World Pack

Pixel World Pack makes sure you have a world under one storage pack effect if the gamer is in search of pixelated effects with desktop icons, cute pixel art, food, and browser windows. It is compatible with Filmora 9.6 and offers 10 titles.

Part 3: How to Add 8 Bit Art Effect to Your Video in Filmora?

The next and the last section of the lot provides a detailed step-by-step guide of adding 8-Bit Art effects in Wondershare Filmora. If you are looking for a video editing software that has tools and features to make your video catchy and watchable, Filmora has got you covered.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

The video effects offered by this software include creative transitions, motion elements, and filter titles that bring a strong message. Wondershare Filmora allows the music to fade to make the dialogue stand out using the Audio Ducking tool. Along with this, the speed control and color grading leave a long-lasting impact on the viewers.

If you are not familiar with the steps needed to insert 8-Bit art effects to any video in this bewildering software, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Inserting the Video

For starters, launch Wondershare Filmora. From the "File" option, the user is advised to import the source files into the media library. After that, from the series of video files, hit the thumbnail of the targeted video and then drag it onto the timeline.

import your media files

Step 2: Visiting Filmstock from Effects Tab

In the next step, the user is prompted to go to the "Effects Tab." It will show the option of "Visit Filmstock," and you can tap on it. However, one can also access Filmstock by tapping on the "Download" icon located in the top right corner. Now, log in to your Wondershare Filmstock account, and there you go!

access wondershare filmstock

Step 3: Apply Pixel Art Effects

The user can have its eyes on all the effects explained briefly in section 2. Apply it to your videos and get amazing results.

Step 4: Sharing and Exporting the Video

The last step is easy. Choose any media format of your choice and share it with everyone you like! Just tap on the "Export" button, present in the top right corner of the interface.

save or share your video

The Bottom Line

The article provided a brief overview of how to create pixel art in After Effects. In addition to this, the article provided an 8 effects pack offered by Wondershare Filmstock to be incorporated in 8-Bit Style Videos. By the end of the article, a step-by-step guide was provided for adding 8 Bit Art Effect to the videos in Wondershare Filmora. We hope that we were as clear as crystal in the process.

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