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Design Idea with Pastel Colors

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

With the masses working like robots from dawn till midnight, they all require therapy to induce peace and calm into them. Painting, sketching, writing, and drawing are some of the chores that positively impact our lives. In this article, we shall consider pastel colors and how they play an active role in shaping our lives for good.

Pastel colors and their types will be the crux of this article. Moreover, we will also discuss the design aspect with pastel colors and understand the reasons for using them extensively. So, without any further delay, let us get right into it.

Part 1: What are Pastel Colors?

Before knowing the reason for using pastel color palette and types of pastel colors, it is mandatory to understand what are pastel colors and their history. This section will reflect upon the psychology, meaningfulness, and history of pastel colors.

Pastel colors are described as tints, and they are the pale tones of shade when white is mixed with them. For instance, pastel pink would actually be a dark red color mixed with white. Pastel color gives a smooth and soft overlook to the subject. With a dual personality, these magical colors have the ability to retain the brightness of the color while leaving a soothing impression on the viewer.

pastel colors

As pastel colors are mixed with white, these colors get rid of dramatic and dark impressions. This leads to a strong connection with the spring and summer months of the year, where cool colors are mostly preferred over dark and bright tones. This trait allows pastel colors to be used in hospitals and libraries. Lemon, mint, apricot, and peach are some of the soothing pastel colors.

Pastel colors are also incorporated in kids' bedrooms to give off a sense of joy, optimism, and profoundness. These light and soothing colors are often associated with motherhood and femininity traditionally. Along with this, pastel colors are renowned in sports and games to bring a masculine vibe to the lot.

As far as the history of pastel colors is concerned, formally, they were considered the colors worn by the poor. The rich had access to expensive dyes and hues. Around the 18th century, the trend began to change, as the clothing was purposefully dyed using pastel pigments and tints. A significant obsession with pastel colors aroused with vacations and escapism. People preferred candy hue umbrellas, chairs in a soothing shade of mint, and lemon on beaches.

pastel pink and pastel blue

Along with this, the pastel colors became extremely famous among college boys that wore peach and apricot shade polo shirts.

Part 2. Why Use a Pastel Color Palette?

The next concern to be addressed revolves around the use of a pastel color palette. As we all know, colors are an intense way of expressing ourselves. We can even make the room, office, and home speak for ourselves. The vibe that a place leaves tells a lot about you.

use of pastel yellow and pastel purple

To inspire the audience with the use of pastel colors, make a careful decision of shades. This section gives a general viewpoint of why use a pastel color palette and how does it convey a specific message.

1. Soothing and Peaceful

As pastel colors are less saturated than the original colors, they give off a soothing and calm vibe on the viewer's eye. Incorporating these colors in surgeries and emergency rooms can establish a less dramatic tone and generate peace.

2. Springtime Vibe

Spring calls for new beginnings and creates a sense of hope. The use of peach, apricot, and lime pastel colors brings the vibe of spring flowers and originates an aura of belief and faith.

3. Baby Impression

Pale yellow, blue and pink is some colors that give an impression of an infant. These are the go-to colors used in nurseries and baby rooms, giving off cute and adorable messages.

4. Romantic and Inspirational

Pastel colors are also used to convey romantic vibes if they are joined with a similar environment and decorations. These soft colors bring inspirational and cool lovable vibes.

Part 3. Type of Pastel Colors

This section reflects upon the type of pastel colors that can be incorporated to design our surroundings according to the event's purpose or need. These colors can be painted on the walls as well to bring a soulful tone to the room. Let us have a look at the different types of pastel colors:

  • Baby Pink: The pastel connected with little girls.
  • Pastel Yellow: It is associated with happiness and optimism used excessively in designs.
  • Pale Lemon: This color is a subtle version of bright lemon yellow.
  • Pastel Orange: This vibrant color makes anything engaging and eye-catching.
  • Pistachio Green: This soothing color comes from the milky yellow-green color of pistachio nut.
  • Pastel Purple: This feminine pastel color marks any achievement or milestone.

types of pastel color

Part 4. How to Design with Pastel Colors

The correct use of pastel colors can turn any ordinary thing into a pleasant and enchanting version. The designing approach with such colors very much explains how well of an art fanatic you are. This part will successfully allow the public to learn how to play with them effectively.

Most brands switch to pastel colors to clarify their feminine and matronly message. The usage of multiple tones of mint, apricot, peach, lemon, and pink are ideal for brands focusing on female products. These pastel colors can again be mixed together to give off a calm and inspirational aura. These colors can also be incorporated to send an impression of strength, beauty, and perfection to all end users.

design with pastel colors

The combination phenomena of ice cream and candy shades originate an environment of optimism and give an impression of being welcomed. It also lifts the mood of any brochure and poster targeted at the audience. We highly suggest you go bold and extravagant while designing with pastel colors and rock your look as well as your room.

Part 5. How to Create a Video with Pastel Color Effect

The enticing pastel colors can also be used in videos if you want to design a poster or an advertisement. The incorporation of these colors in everyday lives can turn to be a perfect fascination for the audience as well as the creator. There are many pastel color video effects from Wondershare Filmstock. A one-stop website with multiple video effects, audio, and stock media. You can apply all these video effects with pastel colors in the Filmora video editor

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We also recommend some pastel color video effect packs for you in this article.

Modern Abstract Pack

This stylish video effect pack is perfect for showing off your taste in décor or fashion. You can use it for the new home video, make-up video, daily vlogs, etc.

Makeup Blush Pack

This pack collects abstract and modern elements. It's great to take on makeup effects. Try these effects to show your beauty and charm.


The article brought pastel colors under our consideration and covered all the important niches. The understanding of pastel colors, how to design with them, their types, the reason for using them, and how to blend them in a video were all extensively discussed here. We hope that we were successful in clearing out the confusion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. What is the best pastel color?

The most renowned pastel colors include millennial pink, whimsy yellow, and light azure.

2. What pastel colors go together?

Pastel blue works like a charm with pastel orange, and pastel red goes with pastel green. Moreover, pastel yellow and pastel purple look perfect together.

3. What are the 7 primary colors?

The seven primary colors include Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Indigo, and Violet.

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