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Top 15 Instagram Video/Photo Downloaders – Online & Add-on & App Solutions

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

If you love browsing images and video on Instagram, but sometimes wish you knew how to download / save Instagram photos and videos so you could enjoy them later on too, we can help.

We've taken a look at all the solutions available out there; from online services to apps and even extensions for your favorite browser, and we've picked the 15 best offerings for your enjoyment. Check out our top Instagram video downloader solutions and see what you can achieve today.

Note: Before you download anything, do think about your intentions with the content. Respect other user's photos and videos, as you need their permission to reshare or distribute the content they have created. Check out Instagram's policies and advice on copyright before you take any potentially dangerous action.

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Top Instagram Photo Downloaders for you to save Instagram Photos to your PC or Smartphone

We've split our offerings into three sections to help you find precisely what you need. We'll look at online solutions, browser add-ons which can work as Instagram image downloader tools and smartphone apps which do the same. Enjoy!

Part 1: Instagram Photo/Video Downloader - Free online solutions

1. iGram:

This web-based Instagram picture downloader can grab all the images associated with a single post. To use it, simply copy the link from your browsers URL bar and paste into the box on the website. Click 'Download' and the web app will snatch all the content you want. It's one of the simplest and easiest Instagram photo downloader tools out there but will only function with public Instagram posts.

2. Dredown:

Sometimes referred to by its original name of Instadown, this was one of the first Instagram video downloader online apps. As with iGram, simply paste the URL of the desired video into the search bar and click the 'Dredown' button. The software will instantly begin to download the MP4 file for you to save on your device. This Instagram video downloader works with all other networks too, including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Vine.

3. blastup:

As with the other web apps, blastup functions by inputting the URL into the search box and requesting a download. It works as both an Instagram image downloader and for video too, so it's a great tool to have in your arsenal.

4. InstaFinsta:

Again, a simple copy and paste downloader, free to use in any web browser. This one works with TikTok too, and the slick user interface makes it one of our favorites. You can also drag and drop a widget into your browser toolbar to save the software as a bookmark, then once in Instagram, simply click the bookmark to download the image instantly.

5. Inflact:

We love this website as it's not only a downloader but also an Instagram video converter. Maybe you don't want your video in MP4; perhaps you need it in AVI, 3GP or WMV? It's all possible with Inflact as this clever Instagram video converter will grab your URL and download it in any format you desire.

Although these Instagram image downloader services all do roughly the same thing, it's worth keeping more than one in mind. If a web app has been cited as being involved in a copyright infringement situation, they could be taken offline for days or even weeks, so have a sound back up plan just in case.

Part 2: Instagram Photo/Video Downloader - Browser add-ons

Sometimes all that copying and pasting can be somewhat tiring, so for the uber lazy, some nice developers have released browser add-ons that work as Instagram photo downloader tools. Here are five of the best ones out there for you to try.

1. IG Downloader:

This tool works as a multifunctional Instagram video downloader that can cope with any type of video or static image content. With a click of the button, you can save live streams, stories, highlights and any individual post directly to your Google Drive. It works with Chrome and is a free extension in the store.

2. Downloader for Instagram:

This Instagram photo downloader for Chrome claims to be the world's easiest browser extension to download images and videos from Instagram. It supports stories downloads and mass downloads with one click, and also lets you upload photos from your PC too. It's free, but right now it doesn't allow video uploads from your PC, although the developers say they are working on that.

3. Instagram Video Download:

If you're more of a Firefox person, Instagram Video Download has got you covered. This add-on provides a direct download button for images and video on Instagram user pages and even adds a 'save' button to the images themselves, saving even more time when you're browsing.

4. Video Downloader Professional for Edge:

For those who are browsing with Microsoft's own products, this Instagram video downloader add on is the app you need. It only works with video at the moment, but you can use it on Vimeo and YouTube as well, and of course it's free.

5. Instagram Downloader:

With a hugely loyal following, Opera remains one of the world's biggest browsers, so we had to include an offering for these guys too. This app to save Instagram videos and images lets you download all images or videos from a particular profile at once, as well as adding a button to individual photos and videos to enable single item downloading too.

Whichever browser floats your boat, these browser add-ons make Instagram image downloading super simple. You won't have to worry about how to download / save Instagram photos anymore, because there will be a handy button right in the corner of your screen that will take care of everything for you!

Part 3: Instagram Photo/Video Downloader - App solutions for your smartphone

All these apps are available on the Play store for Android users. For iPhone users, please check this article to find out how to download/save Instagram photos on iOS devices >>

Perhaps you prefer to access Instagram on your smartphone or table via the app. That's fine too, because you'll find the perfect app to save Instagram videos and photos waiting for you in the Play store. Here are our five top picks:

1. Video downloader for Instagram:

We'll admit, it's not the catchiest name, but hey, it does what it says on the tin! This Instagram video downloader is an easy to use, all in one solution that lets you not only download videos and images from Instagram, but also to copy the associated hashtags. It's free too and scores an impressive 4.8 out of five from almost a quarter of a million reviews.

2. QuickSave:

We love the design of the dashboard on this app to save Instagram videos, as it makes organizing your downloaded content super simple. The downloads are fast, and it works on both video and static photos too. There's no charge to download it but do test it thoroughly as there have been reports of crashes on some devices.

3. Regrann – Repost for Instagram:

This handy little app works as an Instagram photo downloader and also a reposting tool. It removes any watermarks from the images, which is useful or slightly naughty, depending on your intent. It's free to buy, and you can upgrade to the pro version to make use of the post scheduling functionality too.

4. IV Saver:

When it comes to an app to save Instagram videos and photos, this baby does it all. You can save, share or repost any content from Instagram, and can keep the full user post that accompanied the image intact too. You can get the full profile details from Instagram, and there's no log in required to use it. Again, it's free, but with in app purchases to add functionality.

5. Downloader for Instagram:

Another app to save Instagram videos and photos who could have done with a better copywriter at the time of naming the app, but nevertheless it's a solid contender as a downloading tool. This Instagram picture downloader saves content in HD quality and without watermarks, and all features are free. However, it is rather loaded with ads, so you'll need patience to get the most from it.

There are many more options for your app to save Instagram videos, and the right one for you will depend on your preferences, your device and your needs. Most are free to download, so why not try a few out and see which one works best for you?

Use Filmora to Edit your Instagram Video

Now that you have learned about how to download Instagram, you may want to edit the video and to make it more interesting. Then you can use Filmora! As it is a video editing software for users of all editing level. Even if you are a beginner, you can still create a wonderful video with Filmora. To help make editing easier for you, Filmora has features like Motion Tracking, Split Screen, Audio Ducking, Green Screen to make your video great.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

To conclude

As with any online content, it's important to remember that those who originally uploaded the video or photo you want to download maintain their copyright over the content. Copyright infringement is a pretty big deal, and not the sort of hot water you really want to be jumping into. With the help of an add on or app to save Instagram videos and pictures, you can easily save your favorites to your device, but be wary of reposting them as your own or distributing them without due credit.

Now you know how to download / save Instagram photos and videos, you can keep your treasured memories safe on your hard drive for as long as you wish. What's your favorite Instagram image downloader? Let us know!

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