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10 Popular CapCut Filters to Polish Videos in a Snap

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May 06, 2022• Proven solutions

Many TikTok users started appreciating a video-editing app called CapCut, an app owned by ByteDance, the same company that owns TikTok.

This could explain why the app has become so popular with TikTok users, but CapCut is also popular on Twitter, particularly fan accounts. Now, one of the main factors for the popularity of this platform is CapCut filters. It has loads of editing capabilities for users' ease.

In this guide, we'll mainly look at the 10 Top-performing CapCut filters that are worth applying in your editing projects in 2021! So, let's have a look at their presets without further ado.

Part 1: Top 10 CapCut Filter Presets in 2021

1. Aesthetic Filter CapCut Preset

By using these aesthetic filter presets, you can completely change your pictures' entire look and feel. A single filter can add warmth and approachability or strike a detached, relaxed vibe.

2. Dark & Soft Aesthetic Filters

You can personalize each of these filter presets to fit your shared vision. You can adjust the layer, fade, and even paint them on or off in a particular area.

3. Vibrant CapCut Filter

This vibrant filter presets are best with pictures and scenes with a great variety of backgrounds and other beautifications to consider.

4. Soft Vintage CapCut Filter

There are various methods to use soft vintage filters, specifically when wishing to give your scenes a retro look.

5. Sweet Crystal CapCut Filter

These sweet crystal filters are almost similar to the electrical circuit filters used when it comes to functionality. As they pass through an image or a video, it suddenly shines and starts vibrating.

6. Bright CapCut Filter

The bright filter is quite self-explanatory by itself. If you want to give your images or videos a sharp, shining, and kind of thick sunny look, you can consider using these filter presets.

7. Creamy CapCut Filter

Creamy filters are the smoothest filters here in the list, determined to give your images or videos a clean and sleek look.

8. Pastel CapCut Filter

Pastel CapCut filters are crayon-like filters used to give the scene an artificial look that differs from the scene's originality.

9. Retro CapCut Filter

We all know that retro vibes are one of the most demanding vibes in today’s world. They almost give you a vintage-like feel where you want to have a little fun with the scenes as well.

10. CapCut Anime Filter

As the name signifies, anime filters are character-centric animated filters in CapCut used to modify the person’s face, usually with the anime characters. Plus, you’ll see a little smoothness over the scenes.

CapCut Anime Filter is an inbuilt filter within the app that only requires tapping once to transform an ordinary image into an anime image.

So, these were some of the top-performing CapCut filters presets that you need to download from the respective sources.

Part 2: Apply Filters More Effortlessly with CapCut Best Alternative

What's more exciting than applying CapCut filters simply with the CapCut's alternative? Yes, we're referring here to none other than the Wondershare Filmora video editor containing a bundle of miraculous editing options. One of its aspects that you can use for the CapCut filter alternative is Filmora filters.

The overlays and filters in Filmora will unveil endless creative possibilities. You can quickly modify the feel and look of your video in just a couple of clicks.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

1 – Add Overlays/Filters

Wondershare Filmora lets you add as many overlays and filters as you want.

To get started,

  • Open your project, hit the Effects tab, and then select the filter or overlay you want and add it to your project.

add filmora filters

  • To add an overlay or filter effect, hover your mouse over it. Then, click the plus icon in the middle to add the effect.
  • Drag and drop the filter or overlay effect directly in your timeline to which you want to add it. You can apply the effects to the whole video clip this way.

These overlays and filters are generally part of the themed categories (i.e., Faux Film or Bokeh Blurs). Hit the Effects tab and see the categories on the left and start browsing.

2 – Customize Filters

With Filmora, you can change the opacity or duration of filters.

Modify the duration

Let's say the length of the default program is five seconds, but you can apply the effect in your timeline to modify its duration.

change filter duration filmora

Edit the Alpha Opacity of an Overlay/Filter

The opacity can have a value of 0-100. The lower value means lower transparency. Double-tap the filters and personalize their opacity. Then, see the changes in the Preview Window.

Part 3: FAQs about CapCut Filters

1 - How do you get the CapCut anime filter?

The CapCut anime filter is already present within the app. In case it’s not available, the high chances are that you need to update the app.

2 - How do you make things move in CapCut?

If you want to give the feel of moving images within the video, the 3D Zoom Effects is good to go. On the other hand, the overlay with a layer beneath the main layer can make things move in a video project in CapCut.

3 - How do I add aesthetic filters to videos?

For this purpose, you can use our aesthetic CapCut filter preset mentioned above and use them within the app.


Thanks to the CapCut filter presets available on the market, people like me and you can all apply effects to our videos. Are you still confused about the complications of the CapCut app and CapCut anime filter? Wondershare Filmora video editor now makes it easy to use all the special effects even excellent than the CapCut. This most straightforward editing tool designed by top-notch creators provides the most comprehensive and most effective workflow.

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