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How to Blur a Video on CapCut: A Complete Guide

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May 06, 2022• Proven solutions

As editing and filtering are at their peak, many have launched video editing tools that Android supports. Though there are plenty, choosing the right one which performs best editing is what matters! Then the device which is perfect in all ways is CapCut. This tool is famous for its multiple features like edit, texts, overlay, stickers, effects, filters, format, canvas, and more. Out of all the features offered, in this article, we place our attention on only one, Blur. Many would apply the blur effect to hide something or highlight a specific one. CapCut offers three techniques of blurring the video, and we have listed how to blur video in CapCut using those techniques.

Part 1: What is the Main Purpose of the Blur Technique?

Blur technique is mainly opted in photography and videography to make particular unwanted objects look out of focus. It is possible to record or shoot a video/photo by focusing only on the person. Also, you can apply this effect after you register the video/photo by using an application. CapCut application is the best tool supported by mobile that can perform the best editing compared to the PC software.

How to blur a video on CapCut will be your next question. As CapCut offers three techniques of blurring the video, you can select and perform the one you need according to your expectation. The three techniques in CapCut are blurring the entire video, blurring only a specific section, and blurring the background of the video. All these three methods of CapCut produce a good result, compared to other applications, as it does not reduce the original video quality.

Part 2: How to Blur a Whole Video in CapCut

Before uploading the entire on social media, you can upload a promo, increasing your audience's curiosity. How about uploading a fully blurred promo instead of a clear one? I bet it'll stir up more interest. Give it a shot and let your audience know about your editing skills! CapCut – Video Editor offers various tools, of which "Blur" is a fundamental feature. Here's how to blur a video on CapCut– entirely.

Step 1: Install the CapCut Application

On your Android device, download the CapCut application from the Google Play Store, open the app and click the "New Project" option at the center. It then will display the gallery of your mobile, from which you can choose the video and click "Add."

select the video to blur

Step 2: Choose Effects

After selecting the video from the list of options at the bottom, choose the "Effects" menu.

effects menu

Step 3: Select the Blur option

Now, choose "Basic" among the three categories displayed under Effects. Search and select " Blur " from the list of various effects shown. Search and select "Blur." Tap on the tick mark to apply the blur effect.

basic blur

Step 4: Adjust the blur duration

To blur the entire video, drag the blur effect's timeline until it fits the chosen video's timeline.

adjust blur duration

Now, preview the video by clicking on the Play button and downloading it to save it on your Android.

Part 3: How to Blur a Specific Section of the Video in CapCut?

When you record a video, you'll want a perfect shot. But there're chances that the photo may involve a thing or a person who's not supposed to be. That would shatter your wish for a perfect shot. But, worry not! You can still make the video perfect by blurring what you do not need. CapCut offers a unique feature of blurring only the specific region chosen. Follow the same step-1 from above and then proceed with the steps below:

Step 1: Overlay the same video

At the bottom, choose the "Overlay" option, and select the exact video you have chosen earlier. Now, adjust the overlayed video's size to match the chosen one's size first.

overlay adjust size

Step 2: Apply Blur effect to Overlay

On the main editing features page, choose the Effects>Basic>Blur option. Drag the blur timeline to match the timeline of the videos, and select "Object" from the bottom list.

apply blur to overlay

Select the "Overlay" option from the videos list to apply the blur effect upon it, and tap on the tick mark to keep the changes.

Step 3: Select the Blur shape to blur the object/person

Again on the main menu, choose "Overlay" and select the "Mask" option.

overlay mask

Choose the one you think may perfectly fit the mask's shapes list to blur the object/person. Then, click on the tick mark.

Step 4: Adjust the blur size and position

Now, alter the position and size of the blurring shape you have chosen to blur the entire object/person. Tap the tick mark to save the changes and download the blurred video.

adjust blur size

That is how to blur CapCut only the specific region to create a perfect video. Now, your video is good to be displayed.

Part 4: How to Blur the Background in CapCut?

Have you gone to a place with beautiful scenery and recorded a video? Then before you upload it on your social media account, if you can blur the background scenes, it will give a different look to your video by highlighting the main event, just like photographs. Interesting right! So, have a look at how to blur video in CapCut, more precisely, the background of a video.

Step 1: Install and open the CapCut application

Search and download the CapCut application from the play store on your Android device. On the page that opens after download, click "New Project," which will redirect you to your Android's gallery view. Choose the video you need to change the background and click "Add."

Step 2: Adjust the video proportion

After selecting the video, choose the "Format" option at the bottom of the screen. Now, determine the video proportion in which you want your video to be displayed.

format video proportion

Step 3: Using Canvas blur the background

Then, from the main page, choose the "Canvas" option. And select "Blur" from the options listed under Canvas.

canvas blur

Now, a variety of blurring forms will display from which choose the one you need to apply to your video's background and click the tick button to save the changes. Then download the video after previewing.

various blur options


Thus, you got to know the three techniques to blur on CapCut the videos recorded. Use the application and apply the effect so that the viewers of the edited video on social media will be amazed and wonder how you did that.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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