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How to Use Green Screen on CapCut - An Ultimate Guide

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May 06, 2022• Proven solutions

As a mobile user, both Android and iOS, if you are looking for the best video editing application, then CapCut will serve your needs. This application is built with minimal UI but offers abundant effects and filters to customize your videos for social media platforms. This article shows how to use the green screen on CapCut to the recorded videos. Using a green-screened video means that you’ll have to change the background with an image or a video, and CapCut offers two methods to do it. So, jump in and know how to use the green screen on CapCut using the two methods.

Part 1: How to Use Green Screen on CapCut? [2 Updated Methods]

CapCut being the best editing tool, provides ways to change the background of a green backgrounded video, just like in animated movies. There are two methods by CapCut from which you could select and perform the one you need.

So, for how to use a green screen on the CapCut question, you can remove the green background from the video and fill the space with base clip by using the “Background Remover” option, and also using “Chroma Key” you can pick a color and eliminate the same throughout the video. Here are the steps for both methods on the CapCut application.

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Method 1: Background Remover (Android)

Android users can use this method to change the green screen of the video using the “Background Remover” option.

Step 1: Install and open the CapCut Application

Download the CapCut application on your Android device and open it. From the page that opens, click “New Project” to begin the editing.

capcut new project

Step 2: Select the background-clip

Allow the CapCut to access your gallery and select the background clip you need to display on your video. Click “Add” at the bottom of the screen to add it to the timeline.

select background clip

Step 3: Overlay the green backgrounded video

From the available menu options, choose “Overlay” and then tap on the “Add overlay” option that pops up at the bottom.

add overlay option

On the gallery page that opens, select the video with a green background and click “Add” to include it on the timeline.

green background video

Step 4: Choose the Remove Background option

Now, from the below-listed options, choose “Remove Background.”

remove background option

The removal process will start to function automatically, and you’ll have to wait until the process gets over.

Then, you can preview the video and perform further editing if needed.

Method 2: Chroma Key - Color Picker

This method is for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Avail this method to know how to use the green screen on CapCut to change the green background of the video.

Step 1: Download CapCut Application

Download and open the CapCut application on your mobile device and click on the “New Project” icon at the center to begin the process.

Step 2: Choose the background you need

Now CapCut will display the gallery of your device, from which choose the clip you need to be at the background of the video. And click “Add” at the bottom.

Step 3: Select the video using Overlay

To add the video with a green background, click “Overlay” at the bottom to commence the editing.

Then choose “Add overlay”. Select the green background video and click “Add” it include it on the timeline.

Step 4: Pick the green color using Chroma Key

Now, scroll the tools at the bottom and choose “Chroma Key.”

chroma key

Using the color picker option, circle-shaped selector, drag and select the green color of the video.

pick green color

Step 5: Intensity and Shadow option

Now, from the options displayed after choosing the color using the selector, select “Intensity.” You will now see a slider to adjust the intensity. Slide it across until you achieve the video you have in mind.

Repeat the steps above with the “Shadow” option until you find the shadow and intensity are blended well to provide a perfect green-screen effect of the video. Once done, click the checkmark at the bottom to save the changes.

You could then perform furthermore editing and preview the video to look at the changes made. Then, download and share the video with your friends using any social media sites.

Part 2: Tips for Background Removal

You now know how to use the green screen on CapCut using the two methods discussed. Here, as a bonus, we give you the best tips on Intensity and Slider to create a customized video by removing the original background and replacing it with another clip.


The slider of Intensity helps you to adjust how deep the green color removed is from the video. Also, this slider manages and changes even the edges of the color chosen in the video to give a clear and most satisfying result. But if you set it to 100%, then the video might not look well as other colors in the video may also be affected. So, slide the bar only till you find the effect gets implemented wisely.


Another slider is for Shadows that enables you to apply artificial shadows at the edges of your green-screened video. It enhances the outline of the video and decreases the thought of the video inserted from outside. Yes! This effect will give a shadowing effect, thus making your video more realistic. Even if the background inserted has different lightning, this effect will match the defect when you slide its slider.


Thus, today, you learned how to use the green screen on CapCut to edit your video. Also, the tip provided will be helpful to you when you apply the effect. I hope that this article will meet your need to edit the video with green background.

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