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Instagram Music Copyright Rules

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 02, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Instagram is a popular social platform with over 2 billion monthly active users and is a great place to share your music and connect with new fans. However, before you start sharing your tunes, you must ensure you understand its music copyright rules.

In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive guide to understanding Instagram’s rules about copyright music. We’ll also discuss a few tips for staying compliant and avoiding any potential copyright issues.

In this article
  1. How Does Instagram Detect Copyright Music?
  2. Instagram Music Copyright Rules
  3. Common Questions About Copyright Music On Instagram
  4. What Do You Do When Instagram Blocks Your Video?

How Does Instagram Detect Copyright Music?

Instagram has an automated system that generally detects copyrighted content in user posts, live shows, or IGTV. Even though the system is automated, mistakes can still occur; however, this wouldn’t stop the platform from taking down posts or videos entirely from user profiles.

Instagram's recently improved copyright infringement detection system now detects copyrighted music in content. The service sends a pop-up notification to the users, which gives them time to either stop using the track or change it in their posts.

Here’s what happens to your Instagram account if the system detects copyrighted content:

  • Your post may be muted on Instagram.
  • Instagram notifies you to take the track down if you're broadcasting a track during a Livestream.
  • Instagram may take down your post entirely.
instagram copyright notification

Instagram Music Copyright Rules

Below are the three general copyright principles you should keep in mind when using music on Instagram:

  • Apply A Video When Sharing Music: Instagram allows you to share a recording of an artist or band performing live and applying music to a short video.
  • Keep The Video Short: Make sure your video is short because if you post a more extended clip with copyrighted music, Instagram’s detection system will limit your content. 
  • Unlimited Music For Your Instagram Stories: If you share a story on Instagram, the platform allows you to add unlimited copyrighted music to it from its built-in music library.

(1) How To Use Copyright Music On Instagram

There are several workarounds for using copyrighted music on Instagram:

  • Collaborating With Artists Or Musicians: Reach out to local musicians or new artists to see if you can collaborate and create custom sounds for your Instagram videos. Not only will you have copyright-free music that you can use, but you will also support independent artists!
  • Asking For Permission: To avoid copyright issues on Instagram, you can contact the creator to seek permission before using their content.
  • Pay For The Copyrighted Music: You can opt to pay for royalty-free music on your IG posts, live streams, or IGTV from various online libraries, such as Pixaby, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.
  • Give Credit In Your Caption: To use copyrighted music on your IG content, make sure to give credit to the original creator in your post’s caption.
  • Post Instagram Reel Videos: Reels are short videos of about 15 seconds with a built-in music feature that applies a sticker to your content with the song's details and can save you from Instagram copyright music issues.

(2) Using Filmora To Avoid Copyright Issue And Post Your Videos On Instagram

Copyright can be a tricky thing, especially when it comes to posting music videos on Instagram. However, there is a way to avoid any issues and still post your content on the platform.

Filmora is a video editing mobile app that can add non-copyrighted music to your videos from its vast built-in music library. You can also remix tracks to make them sound different and add voiceover or other sound effects to make your videos genuinely unique.

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When you use FilmoragGo, you can be sure that your content will be safe to post on Instagram. So, go on and give it a try - your videos will thank you for it!

filmorago for editing instagram videos

(3) Exceptions For Asking Permission To Use The Music

Here are some exceptions where you don’t need to ask for permission to use copyrighted music in your IG posts, reels, or Livestreams:

  • Using Your Own Music: You have all the required rights to use your own music in your IG posts, Livestreams, or IGTV content.
  • Public Domain Songs: Public Domain Songs are music with no official owner or official copyright protection and can be used however you want. You can find such soundtracks on the Open Music Archive, PD Info, and IMSLP websites.
open music archive for public domain songs for instagram
  • Royalty-Free Music: It’s a type of music content where you have to give credit to the creator or pay some upfront for using their songs in your content. To learn more about this, click here!
  • Creative Commons Music Licensing: Generally speaking, music in the Creative Commons still has some copyright protection. However, artists who publish under this license usually permit anyone to use their work for free. You can find CC-Music Licensing content on TakeTones.

Common Questions About Copyright Music On Instagram

Below, you’ll find answers to common questions Instagram users ask about copyrighted music.

Does Instagram Have Its Own Copyright Music?

Yes, Instagram offers a comprehensive library of royalty-free music you can use on your Stories and Reels. Simply click the “Music” icon while editing your post and find the soundtrack you want to add. This will, however, add a music sticker to your content.

Can I Use Copyright Music On Instagram Stories?

Yes, you can use Live or recorded performances and music from the catalog in your IG Stories.

Can You Play Music On Instagram Live?

There are some conditions to playing music on your Instagram Live. For instance, you can stream live artists' performances, play your own music, or add royalty-free soundtracks.

Can I Use 30 Seconds Of Copyright Music On Instagram?

Unfortunately, there's no simple rule on Instagram that says using 5, 15, or 30 seconds of a song is always an acceptable use. So using 30 seconds of copyrighted music on Instagram is not considered a safe bet.

What Do You Do When Instagram Blocks Your Video?

Since Instagram uses an automated copyright detection system, your content might get blocked, muted, or removed. To avoid this from happening, you can place an appeal on the platform by following these steps:

Step1 From the notification menu, click the copyright issue message, and you will be provided details of who reported your content and why.

If the original creator has reported you, their details will be displayed along with the reason.

Step2 Read the notice that says you have permission to share the content in the video and tap the “I agree” option.

making appeal on instagram

Step3 Tap the “Appeal” button. You can anticipate a decision within 24 hours. If you have adhered to the rules and possess the authority to use copyrighted music in your content, Instagram should lift all limitations.


In this article, we’ve discussed Instagram’s rules about copyrighted music, how the platform detects copyrighted music, and some exceptions in which you don’t have to ask permission to use the music in your posts. We’ve also recommended using the Filmora app to avoid these issues.

In the end, we answered some common queries and provided a step-by-step guide on what you can do when Instagram blocks your content due to copyright infringement.

Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful and can now understand the dos and don’t of Instagram copyright rules.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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