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Maximizing Your Income: A Guide to Rumble Video Monetization

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 31, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

Rumble allows users to create their own videos and host them for free, similar to YouTube. This internet claims to be "free and open" and immunized from "canceled culture.”  You can create content, stream videos, manage, distribute, monetize, and set up OTT feeds. Creating an account with Rumble is free and easy.

Rumble is a video-sharing site where people make money posting videos. Knowledge and preparation can help you achieve the same results. Continue reading to find out how you can make money on Rumble. Here, we will explain about Rumble monetization and how you can make money with it. The Wondershare Filmora may also be helpful in editing Rumble videos, as it is a video editing tool.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Unveiling Rumble Monetization: A Deep Dive into the Platform
  2. Part 2. Rumble Video Monetization and Earning Potential: How to Make Money
  3. Part 3. Rumble vs. YouTube: Monetization Strategies Explained
  4. Part 4. Enhancing Rumble Monetization with Filmora Video Editing
  5. Conclusion
Rumble Monetization Editor
Wondershare Filmora abundant features can significantly enhance your Rumble video editing!
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Part 1. Unveiling Rumble Monetization: A Deep Dive into the Platform

A brief overview of Rumble

It's a video-sharing platform founded in 2013 for hosting videos. In contrast to YouTube, it is marketed as an alternative platform. Using this platform, anyone can upload and share videos created by users. Advertisers and media partners like MSN, Yahoo, XBOX, and MTV make money on Rumble. Content creators share revenue from Rumble based on the performance of their videos. Likewise, the creator will also receive a share of the net ad revenue if a media partner uses the video.

Video performance revenue earned by Rumble is shared with its creators. Revenue will be shared if a partner uses your video or if advertising generates views.

a brief overview of rumble

Benefits and Features of Rumble

1. An interface for users

Video-sharing sites provide similar interfaces to this platform as well. Navigating those platforms should be relatively easy for those familiar with them.

2. Monetization

In Rumble, creators can monetize their content in several ways. Revenue from advertising, licensing, and video sales are all included.

3. Audience growth and engagement

Among certain niches and demographics, Rumble has seen significant growth. More mainstream platforms do not serve these groups. Creators and audiences who are conservative have found the platform particularly appealing.

4. Content Discovery

The content discovery algorithm in Rumble is unique. It reduces bias and exposes users to more content, according to the company.

5. Options for alternative platforms

Content moderation and censorship concerns have arisen on mainstream platforms. To encourage content creators to use Rumble, the platform positions itself as open.

Part 2. Rumble Video Monetization and Earning Potential: How to Make Money

It is faster and easier for content creators to earn money on Rumble than YouTube. Starting earning money without a minimum number of subscribers and watch hours is possible.

Making money with Rumble in different ways

1. Test the site with a free account

It's easy and free to get started with Rumble. Start with a free account to get acquainted with the video site before you start making money. A video with a good title and description can earn you money immediately.

2. Make use of a publisher account.

Using a free account, you can only share videos on Rumble's currently available video platform. The best way to make money on Rumble is to use a publisher account. By selling your videos on other platforms, you can profit from advertising revenues.

make use of a publisher account

3. Pay attention to revenue numbers

Using Rumble, creators can share their video earnings publicly. Look for revenue numbers on Rumble to see what's making money.

4. Partnerships with exclusive rights

Through an exclusive partnership, content creators grant Rumble all rights to their videos. It depends on the length and content of the video, you can earn up to $1000 per video.

5. Partnerships with non-exclusive rights

Creators can keep all rights to their videos by choosing the non-exclusive partnership licensing option. By allowing partners to use it, it can still generate more than $500 in profit.

6. Put a tag on your Rumble videos

Tagging videos is another way to make some money right away on Rumble. As a search engine optimization (SEO) bonus, you will earn .05 for every video you tag.

put a tag on your rumble videos

7. A profit-sharing program

A creator can profit-share on Rumble or sell a video for cash. By accurately labeling or sharing videos, Rumble determines their value.

8. Sponsorships of brands

The more viewers your Rumble video channel gets, the more you can build a following. Partnering with different companies can generate revenue via brand sponsorships.

ways to make money on rumble

The earning potential of Rumble

The Small Business Trends website reports that Rumble will pay $50 if its partners use your video. In addition, you can earn $100 more if your video is featured on Rumble's front page. Additionally, advertisers connect with your video to generate ad revenue.

Licensing Options You Should Consider for Rumble Com Monetization

The following licensing options are available to creators through Rumble:

  • The Rumble Only option only allows you to share your videos on Ads displayed on your videos can generate revenue for you.
  • All rights over your videos are retained when you choose the personal use option. Your videos cannot be found or monetized. If you are a subscriber, you can access them.
  • Managing Videos (Exclusive) and Managing Videos (Excluding YouTube). Your videos can be shared with partner sites and TV networks by selecting either of these options. Your videos will be showcased by Rumble, and revenue will be shared with you.
earning potential of rumble

Part 3. Rumble vs. YouTube: Monetization Strategies Explained

The Rumble vs. YouTube competition has caught the attention of many content creators.

Opportunities for Monetization

Despite being both video-sharing platforms, Rumble and YouTube approach monetization differently.

Rumble Monetization

Rumble offers creators multiple monetization options, giving them a unique advantage. Rumble Rants are among the innovative features. By doing so, content producers can begin earning right away. Creators gain more visibility due to their smaller user base and less saturation of content.

By the end of 2023, Rumble will provide additional monetization opportunities to creators. All revenue from purchases of $5/month subscription badges will go to creators for the rest of the year.

YouTube Monetization

On the other hand, YouTube has a more rigid system. The first challenge for aspiring YouTubers is to get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. YouTube offers AdSense, Super Chats, channel membership, and merchandise shelf integration.

Content creators on YouTube can also earn money by participating in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). In addition to its vast audience, YouTube offers diverse monetization options for those looking to build a brand.

youtube vs. rumble

Benefits and Drawbacks

Ultimately, the choice between YouTube and Rumble comes down to the creator's priorities.

Rumble Benefits

  • With Rumble, creators can generate revenue without subscribers by creating good, original content.
  • Despite the platform's emphasis on free speech, there isn't much room for censorship.
  • Publishers receive help from Rumble editors with titles and descriptions, as well as social media placement.
  • As part of the deal, Rumble also acquired Locals, a tool for building an online community.

Rumble Drawbacks

  • There aren't enough subscribers on Rumble for creators to make money exclusively. However, it is growing rapidly.
  • Also, Rumble's upload speeds aren't as fast as YouTube's.

YouTube Benefits

  • There is a huge audience in YouTube, which has over 2 billion monthly users.
  • Additional features and revenue-sharing opportunities are available to qualified creators.
  • A global audience can be reached through YouTube, as it is available worldwide.
  • Improve content strategy by understanding your audience in-depth.
  • Publish videos, tutorials, reviews, and other types of content.
  • Through various channels, YouTube helps reach a wide audience and monetize videos.

YouTube Drawbacks

  • With so many YouTube creators, there is fierce competition for viewers' attention.
  • You may have trouble meeting YouTube Partner Program eligibility criteria.

A content creator's specific goals determine the decision. To maximize exposure and revenue, some creators use both platforms simultaneously. YouTube and Rumble work well together, regardless of whether you have a personal account or a publisher account.

Part 4. Enhancing Rumble Monetization with Wondershare Filmora Video Editing

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When it comes to gaining a large audience of viewers, the quality of your videos is key. You can use Wondershare Filmora to enhance and monetize your Rumble content. The program offers a comprehensive set of video editing tools. This can enhance your video's appeal and make it more engaging. Here are a few Filmora features that can significantly enhance your Rumble video editing.

Key Features of Filmora For Rumble Video Monetization

●       AI Smart Cutout

Make it easier to edit out unwanted objects and backgrounds with AI Smart Cutout in Filmora. Using this feature will improve the quality and appeal of your video content.

●       Instant Mode (Windows Only)

With Filmora's Instant Mode, you can create videos smoothly, without needing any special skills. Using Filmora, you can easily create content that's perfect for Rumble by simply adding media.

●       Auto Reframe

Your videos will be automatically resized without the need for advanced editing skills. Rumble creators will appreciate this feature, which ensures your content fits your audience perfectly.

●       Split Screen Video Editor

With just one click, you can create captivating split-screen videos. With ease, divide your content into multiple parts or present two videos side-by-side.

●       Advanced Effects and Filters

In Filmora, creators will find an abundance of advanced effects and filters.  It will be easier for your videos to stand out from the crowd with these elements. Making them more visually appealing and expressing your creativity.


In this article, we've covered everything about how to make money on Rumble. You also know about Rumble monetization opportunities compared to YouTube. Rumble, an open platform, allows creators to earn money right away. No need to wait for 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 watch hours like on YouTube.

We've explored strategies for Rumble's success that can boost your earnings. For content creators, Rumble offers a more flexible approach than YouTube. There is a unique opportunity for quick monetization with Rumble.

By using Wondershare Filmora, you can enhance your videos for Rumble. Enhance your video quality and increase your chances of success with Filmora's features.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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