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Pazera Free Audio Extractor Review 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

If you're looking to extract audio from a digital source, you need an audio extractor to perform such an operation.

Pazera is one of the top free audio extractors online that is very popular amongst users. But, lately, there have been lots of controversies about the tool having some flaws that could compromise audio extraction from videos.

To help users find out if the Pazera audio extractor truly has some flaws, our team of experts took the legwork to do an in-depth review of the tool. So, in this Pazera audio extractor review, we would discuss every essential aspect of the tool that you must know before using it for your audio extraction.

In this article
    1. Does Pazera reduce audio quality
  1. How to Use Pazera to extract audio from a video
  2. Why Pazera Free Audio Extractor is not working
    1. How to use Filmora to Extract Audio from Video Files
  3. Hot FAQs on Pazera Extracting Audio

Part 1: Overview: What is Pazera and is it Good Enough?

Pazera is a free audio extractor that allows easy extraction of audio from video files without compromising quality. The tool’s user-friendly interface makes it very versatile in performing audio extraction tasks, and the amazing thing is it supports various audio formats.

With the Pazera audio extractor, you can quickly extract audio and adjust sample frequency, bit rate, set time limits, and set size limits, and do lots more without necessarily requiring any technical knowledge. Besides, it supports batch processing which makes it easy for users to extract audio from more than one video file in just one click. And you can always take advantage of its advanced features to enhance the audio extraction process.

Main Features

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP

Ratings: 3.5/5

Value for Money: Pazera is 100% Free. So, it's worth it.

Support: 0/5

Effectiveness: The tool works well for both batch and single audio extraction.

Price: Free

Best for: Extracting audios from multiple video files in different formats.

Our Verdict

Pazera is a great audio extraction tool that can always come in handy for both basic and advanced audio extraction processes. Although the tool has common problems like unavailability of guidelines for installation, malware attacks, audio incompatibility, etc, it's really worth trying.

Unlike many other tools, Pazera, in our honest opinion, has lots of quality features that make audio extraction smooth. Its features are also helpful for users to adjust different aspects of the extracted audio in a very straightforward manner.

What I like About Pazera

  • It's 100% free and doesn't take up much space on the computer.
  • It supports batch audio extraction from multiple video files.
  • Highly-intuitive UI makes it very easy to operate.
  • It performs audio extraction fast and efficiently.
  • It supports different audio output formats.

Dislikes About Pazera

  • The tool has no help guide for the installation process.
  • There have been lots of reports about malware attacks on Pazera, which is quite risky for users' computer systems.
  • Only the selected output format is supported, and it might not be compatible with a system.

Does Pazera reduce audio quality?

Truth be told, Pazera extracts audio with high-definition quality. So, you can always rely on it for audio extraction operations.

Part 2: How to Use Pazera to extract audio from a video

Since there's no help guide on how to use the Pazera audio extractor from a video, we've outlined the step-by-step process to help any users find their way around the tool to perform audio extraction from video.

Step1 Download and install the Pazera audio extractor on your Windows computer.

download and install pazera audio extractor

Navigate to the ‘Menu bar’ and use the ‘Add Files’ button to upload the videos you want to extract audio from to the Pazera software interface.

Step2 Configure audio output settings such as output formats and others. It's recommended to use MP3 as the preferred output format.

configurebaudio output settings

Step3 Once you're done with the configuration process, hit the ‘Convert’ button to begin the extraction process.

hit convert button

Part 3: Why Pazera Free Audio Extractor is not working?

The annoying thing about using Pazera is that it might not work sometimes. This is due to the top reasons which include;

  1. Unexpected Crash periodically
  2. Incompatibility with other installed applications
  3. Unlisted in the Windows Settings or Control Panel.
  4. The audio extraction process is running for a very long time and doesn't want to end.
  5. It affects computer functionality.

Part 4: The Best Pazera Alternative to Extract Audio from Video

Pazera is a great tool. However, we still can't ignore its obvious flaws that could not just put our computer system at risk, but also affect our audio extraction process. So, for this reason, it's advisable you opt for a better audio extractor alternative compared to Pazera.

Well, Filmora is the best Pazera audio extractor alternative that facilitates audio extraction process in different types of video files. With Filmora, not only can you perform audio extraction operations, but you can also edit your extracted audio track like a pro. Besides, the tool is faster and more efficient compared to the Pazera audio extractor.

Free Download
Free Download

Key Features

  • Extract audio from multiple videos fast with lightning-fast speed.
  • Designed with lots of advanced features to make video and audio editing smooth.
  • Import video/audio output directly to social media platforms.
  • Support lots of editing features like trim, crop, merge, contrast, saturation, and lots more to enhance audio output quality.

How to use Filmora to Extract Audio from Video Files

Step1 Download and install the Filmora software on your computer.

download and install filmora

Click ‘Import’ at the top right side of the screen and select ‘Import Media Files. Then upload the Video file(s) that you want to extract audio from.

Step2 Drag the uploaded video(s) to the ‘Timeline’ at the bottom of your PC screen. Then right-click on the video clip and select ‘Audio-Detach’. Filmora will extract the audio aspect of the video clip instantly.

To delete the video clip itself, right-click on it from the timeline and select ‘Delete’.

drag upload video to timeline

Step3 Edit the extracted audio track. You can adjust volume, fade in/fade out, split, and do lots more.

edit extracted audio track

Step4 After you've completed the audio editing operation, click ‘Export’ and choose ‘Create’ from the relevant window. Then choose the preferred output format, the location to save the file, and click ‘Export’ to complete the process.

click on export

Hot FAQs on Pazera Extracting Audio

Is Pazera Free Audio Extractor safe?

Pazera is not a safe audio extractor tool, as there have been reports that the tool has malware that could compromise computer system functionality.

Is Audio Extractor legit?

Audio extractor is used by a lot of folks globally to extract audio from video files. So, yes, Audio extractor is legit.

Can Pazera split audio files?

Unfortunately, the Pazera audio extractor can't split audio files. However, a tool like Filmora can always come in handy for such an operation.

Final Words

Pazera audio extractor is a decent tool, and it can be utilized by anyone to extract audio from video files smoothly. Although the tool has lots of flaws, it's still worth trying. But if you're looking for the best audio extractor tool that does audio extraction from videos work efficiently, Filmora is the right choice as it supports a plethora of helpful features that ticks boxes all around.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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