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What you should know about speech-to-text technology

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 29, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Speech-to-text technology (STT) improves communication, especially in a multi-language setting. One of the ways we practice multilingualism is via speech-to-text technology: speakers input a language, and viewers read another language. Other advantages include converting oral speech into a document, real-time compatibility, and offline usage. This article explains how you can utilize speech-to-text assistance technology for optimal productivity.

speech to text technology
In this article
  1. Part 1: What is speech-to-text technology?
  2. Part 2: What are the stages for the technology?
    1. 1. Education
    2. 2. Video Subtitles
    3. 3. Chatbots
    4. 4. Translation
  3. Part 3: What are the best STT Technology provider
    1. 1. Amazon web services
    2. 2. Google docs voice typing
    3. 3. Wondershare Filmora
    4. 4. Microsoft dictate

Part 1: What is speech-to-text technology?

Speech-to-text technology (STT) identifies oral pronunciation and converts them into computer codes: electronic words. The computer electro-communication requires a medium of conversion: receiver and interpreter. Therefore, speech-to-text technology contains both the receiver and interpreter, which exist electronically. The medium or receiver can be software installed on a device; it must have a receiver and a screen. The computer serves a good purpose, although other devices can receive words without displaying them.

A speech-to-text technology does not necessarily have to contain displaying screen: a sound interpreter may replace the screen. Thus, speech-to-text can be oral words - electronic recognition - word encoding - display, or recitation. Oral wordings are the human's contribution to speech-to-text technology, although all communication (especially speech) may be generated from a computer. Inter-device communication is another advancement of speech-to-text technology. For example, combining one or more devices allow you to use speech-to-text assistance technology in different languages.

Communication is the paramount importance in speech-to-text technology. Still, some advantages include easy data conversion, documentation, workflow flexibility, and easy access to data. For example, documentation is incomplete if every human cannot access the file. All humans cannot read; improvising data into oral documents reduces the percentage of people who cannot access the file. Speech-to-text increases the channel for less privileged individuals. For instance, the deaf who cannot listen to a recorded file can read the file via speech-to-text technology.

Speech-to-text technology incorporates many advantages. Learning to use the technology is the first step in familiarizing and getting yourself equipped.

Part 2: What are the stages for the technology?

STT gives so many stages and applications for a daily and smooth organization. Some include:

1. Education

Education and the love to study other languages increase with speech-to-text technology. The educative application is not limited to four corners of the room; it extends to all daily learning activities. Communication is educative if you learn new things via communication.

STT improves all processes associated with less privileged education. For example, everyone easily pours their mind into a computer screen page when they speak, especially in the language they understand using STT. Time and submission date are important factors in the educational system; STT improves time, submission, accuracy, and authentication.

2. Video Subtitles

Videography and filmmaking carry a large percentage of today's media. Data input and integration in the video-making process weigh a lot, and the concept of STT reduces the load on the data specialist. Instead of long hours of typing, oral communication is applicable. Processing time is a factor of productivity; STTs do not only affect the time of production but also maintain accuracy.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are available on websites. Users have different preferences: some can type while others like to communicate via speech. The chatbots attend to users' needs; you can do more with STT if installed on the website. STT promotes freedom of communication and increases user interaction on your website. STT may be incorporated into mobile applications too. There is more to STT, and the advantage is unlimited if you add it to your chatbots.


4. Translation

Translation is the interconversion of languages. The main reason translation is important is because communication is essential; without communication, production will be static. STT is among the tool that elevates productivity via communication. For example, STT improves communication in a situation where more than one language combines as one.

Part 3: What are the best STT Technology provider

1. Amazon web services

STT is one of the services in the Amazon web services. The STT is available for all users who subscribe to one or more Amazon services. Some features include unlimited conversion, easy download, and availability in multiple formats. To get started, you need to sign up for a free AWS account and begin to enjoy the offer. Although the services are available for all users, limitations, and upgrades come a few times when you must pay for certain premium services.

amazon web services

2. Google docs voice typing

Google docs voice typing is available for all Google users. You can access the Google docs voice typing provided you are on a service by Google. The service is available on the Google docs application - one of the services created by Google. Google docs are free for download and available for desktop and mobile users.

google docs voice typing

3. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora STT is quite different with other STT service providers. Other STT platforms/stages require you to use the application to convert speech-to-text, save, and export into other third-party software. However, Wondershare Filmora allows you to directly convert your speech-to-text on an ongoing production. For example, you can convert speech into subtitles during a video production on Wondershare Filmora.

wondershare filmora

4. Microsoft dictate

The Microsoft dictate shows to have the same build-up as the Microsoft Cortana Virtual Assistant. It gives free access to all users who convert speech-to-text without subscribing to any platform. The Microsoft dictate is a default option for many Microsoft devices and partners' software. Microsoft dictates accuracy is appreciable; it is likewise easy to use.

microsoft dictate


How much do you know about speech to text technology now? It's convenient indeed and do choose the service that suits you the best!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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