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Top 5 Time-Lapse Screen Recorder

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 19, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Time-lapse allows you to capture a short movie and later save it to your photos. Moreover, collect frames only when you are drawing something. As per the report, footage of one second will contain 16 frames. Even while drawing, if you zoom the work, the recording will also capture it. A time-lapse screen recorder is one of the best features that one could have on their desktop.

Most people use this feature to record extended periods having little changes. With the help of this feature, you can record the screen at a slower rate and make it faster during playback time. But it becomes challenging for an individual to choose the proper application as many recorders are available. Today, this article lists a few best time-lapse screen recorders.

In this article
    1. Filmora
    2. Debut Video Capture
    3. OBS Studio
    4. Cam Studio
    5. Bandicam
  1. Related FAQs of Timelapse Recording

Part 1. Best Timelapse Screen Recorders for Computer

1. Filmora

Filmora is nothing but a video feature so that all types of users can use this application. A few standard features include a screen recorder, preview window, effect library, drop and drag interface, timeline, etc. This software is available for both macOS and Windows users. If you are a beginner, you can also use the trial feature to learn more about the application.

filmora screen record
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Free Download

Steps involved in how to record a timelapse video

Method 1 - Developing a timelapse video using photos

Step1 Transfer the pictures to Filmora- after the installation of the app, import the photos to the app. Press the new project and then tap the import button to transfer your pictures to the library. You can also use the drop and drag method to add them.

Step2 Preview the images- after the photo placement is done, you can either zoom it in or preview it to see whether it needs any deletion or adjustment.

Step3 Control the photo timing to develop a time-lapse video; choose any one photo and then right-click on it to adjust the speed and duration. You can also make your video more professional by adding background music. After all the procedures, consider pressing the export button.

Method 2 - Increase the speed to create a time-lapse video.

Step1 Import- transfers the images to Filmora and processes further with the remaining steps.

Step2 Eliminate the part of the video for time lapse editing- add your video to the video section, and then once you play it, you can adjust the timing and click the split button to cut the part.

Step3 Increase the speed to make a time-lapse video on the right click to get the option for adjusting the duration and speed. After you are done with the editing, export the video.

2. Debut Video Capture

This is one of the best video-capturing applications one could have. Debut video capture allows you to capture the accurate time image sources from a pc and images from any device and later save them as a video file.

There is no such recommendation that the video must be from a particular webcam or camera; it can be from any source.

debut video capture screen record

Moreover, it is popular with the best timelapse screen recorder, Windows 10. This application is easy to use and has a friendly interface. The application collects videos from various external and internal sources. It offers many exciting features to its users, and it doesn't carry bugs like other capturing applications.

Steps involved in how to record a timelapse video 

Step1 With the help of this software, you can easily make a great time-lapse video using your device and this software. All you need to do is follow a few steps.

Step2 Tap the edit output button, search for the device tab, and click on it.

Step3 Choose the option to turn on the feature of time-lapse.

Step4 Adjust how often you want the application to take an image. Professionals suggest you capture the images in a short interval for better results. You can go through the video to check whether it needs any adjustment, and at the end, you can download it.

3. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is very similar to other editing applications. It also helps capture and stream video; moreover, it falls under the list of top applications for making a time-lapse video. If you are also suffering from the question of how to timelapse a screen recording through OBS studio, then this is the correct application for you.

OBS Studio is unique software for compositing, encoding, streaming, and capturing video content effectively and efficiently.

obs studio screen record

You can also edit your video in this application; moreover, this application offers a straightforward user interface, and this feature makes it accessible to all types of users. As a beginner, you will see many exciting features in this application; you can also go through the packages if you think of being a prime member.

Steps involved in how to record a timelapse video

Step1 Install the OBS studio, tap the + button on the sources tab, and select what you are interested in recording. You must select the display capture option to record the entire screen.

Step2 Tap the tools option at the top right corner and choose the output timer. Then you will be able to choose the ending time of recording and then press the start button to capture.

Step3 Press the stop recording button on the screen if you are done with capturing. Otherwise, the video will continue recording the screen. After you are done with the editing, download it and share it for fun.

4. Cam Studio

Camstudio is the most popular, functional, and comprehensive screen-recording software. If you plan to add a touch of professionalism to your work, then this application is what you need. This application contains all the features that will help your video look professional. You will also be able to see excellent customer service with this application, and this application also offers an excellent user interface.

cam studio screen record

This application is available on all platforms, and all types of users can use it, whether you are a beginner or a professional. The features are easy to use, and it doesn't require any particular skill; if you face any difficulty, you can also go through the tutorial.

Steps involved in how to record a timelapse video

Step1 Install the software and click on the record button to start, and you can also transfer the recording video for editing.

Step2 Bring the video in preview mode to see whether the video requires any changes or alterations.

Step3 Once you are done with checking, download it.

5. Bandicam

This application is considered the best lapse screen recorder for mac, and the best thing about this is that you can use it anywhere and anywhere. This application is compatible with all external devices, including PlayStation, Xbox, etc. This program is best for the users who record instructional videos as they can add marks and draw various signs to make the video more professional.

bandicam lapse screen recorder

If you plan to use this software as a timelapse recording, you are heading towards a perfect win. You can shoot various short videos and can later attach them with the help of some third-party application. Along with the webcam overlay, this application supports creating essential chroma videos. You can record your voice and the audio simultaneously.

Steps involved in how to record a timelapse video

Step1 Install the application and opt for a recording mode that best suits for you

Step2 Tap the recording icon on the screen like a timer, and then press the add icon to attach the recording task.

Step3 Decide the timing and then set the ending and starting time of the recording, and then press the REC icon to start capturing.

Step4 After the completion of all the processes, you can consider downloading it.

Part 2. Related FAQs of Timelapse Recording

1. How do you do a timelapse video on iPhone?

Following a few simple steps, you can easily timelapse a video on your iPhone; you only need to place your iPhone on a tripod, turn on the camera, and press the time-lapse icon. Point out the subject you want to timelapse on, and then hold and tap the area you want to focus on.

2. Does time-lapse record sound?

Experts say that while shooting a time-lapse video, the device can't record the audio, and hence the audio doesn't get recorded; moreover, the effect is visible after the recording is completed.

You must use a third-party application to adjust the video's sound effects. Some of the latest applications also offer the audio feature, and you can browse the internet to learn more about them.

3. Can you screen record a timelapse iPad?

Firstly, it is possible to record a timelapse on an iPad. With the help of the time-lapse option, the camera can capture various pictures at the selected time interval. Later on, a video is generated using all the captured images. The report says that the time-lapse feature is only available on iOS 8 or higher.

The Bottom Line

We have gathered knowledge about the five best timelapse screen recorders. You can consider downloading them as they are the best in every aspect. Every app has different output, so you must check which application is suitable for you.

You can also use a few third-party applications to add a spark of professionalism to your work. These apps are very friendly and helpful, so I prefer downloading them. All the mentioned applications are available on all the platforms so that you can time lapse your video anywhere.

Free Download
Free Download
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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