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How to Blur Face in Video

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Sep 22, 2021• Proven solutions

When posting a video online, you may don’t want to have your face (or someone else’s face) appear or just want to blur out that of others while retaining your own smiling visage, or you just want to blur out the background or a specific part of the video and hide confidential information. To help you achieve that, Wondershare Filmora is a good choice.

It features a face-off function that automatically tracks the position and rotation of the face in your picture or video, which lets you blur out faces with minimal effort. You can also use it to automatically add a funny grimace to the detect faces in the video clip. It means that you can replace the people’s faces with hilarious masks instead of the monotonous. It will be so much fun to blur video. Now follow the steps below to see how to blur the face in your video.

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How to Blur Faces in Video with Wondershare Filmora

You can blur faces in the video with some professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, but to master these professional tools is time-consuming. So, in this article, I will show you how to blur faces in Wondershare Filmora with Mosaic Effect and Face-off Effect. Let’s check the video tutorial below to check how to blur out faces in the video.

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Blurring faces in video with Filmora is easy, right? Now, let me show you the detailed information of blur faces and objects in a video step by step.

Note: Apart from blurring face in video clips, sometimes you may want to hide personal info like contact info or telephone number when recording a video tutorial. Click here to check how did I hide the personal info in the recorded video tutorial.

1 Import your video to the program

After running Wondershare Filmora and entering the main editing interface by clicking "New Project", click the Import button to browse the file folder on your computer and load to the program or directly drag and drop your video to the media library. Filmora supports almost all video and audio formats. After you finish file loading, simply drag and drop the file to Video Timeline. Then you can start to blur your face in the video.

add video to timeline

2 Blur face in the video in a click with Face-off

Then go "Effects" panel, and choose "Utility" under the "Filters" menu, find the "Face-off" filter and drag it to video track over the main video. Then, you will find that the face is being blurred automatically with a mosaic effect.

apply faceoff

If you want to add more fun to the video, double click the Face-off filter in the timeline, and you can also pick up other funny marks to hide the face in video as you like. When the above operations are completed, you can preview the video by hitting on the Play button, then click OK to save the editing and return to the main interface.

blur face

Adding the Face-off effect to video is to add motion blur, which means the face will be blurred even when people is moving. Besides, the Face-off blurring effect, you can also add Mosaic effect to blur a still face.

3 Blur face in video in a click with Mosaic [Optional]

Blurring faces with the Mosaic effect is the perfect solution when people in the video is not moving. To apply the Mosaic effect to blur the face or an object in the video, just switch to the Mosaic tab in the Utility window, and then drag the Mosaic filter to the timeline (above the main video track). You will see a yellow box in the viewer.

apply mosaic

Drag the yellow box to the target face and adjust its size to hide the face completely. You can also adjust the percentage slider of the Mosaic effect to get the proper blurring effect. You can add many Mosaic effects to the video as you like by clicking the Add button.

4 Preview and save the video

You've successfully blurred out part of a picture or the target face, now click Export to export your finished video. In the output window, you can select a video format to save to desktop or publish it directly on YouTube, or Vimeo. Also, you can burn a DVD disk from your video in minutes with excellent quality. By far, you are done with blurring video. If you want to make your video funnier except face blurring, Filmora also can let you use PIP effects.

blur out face


Besides blur face in the video, you can also add other special effects like Tilt Shift and Jump Cut at Beat to your video. And Wondershare Filmora can also meet your basic editing requirements including trim, crop, split videos, and add text, effects, transition, intro/credit, sound, etc. Check the tutorial below to see how to use the power tools to achieve these Effects quickly.

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Liza Brown
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