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How to add text animation online

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 11, 22, updated Nov 27, 23

Before you can publish your recorded video to your viewers, you need to polish the video so that you can get everyone's appreciation. This is where the magic of video editing comes into the scene. Editing your video is not just about trimming unnecessary parts and adding transitions and effects. The titles and texts you display on your video play a major role in your video content. In fact, you can create a video based on texts and titles only.

Instead of showing static texts, you should create animated texts and place them in the video wherever appropriate. You do not need to download a video editor on your computer or smartphone to add animated text to your video. You can make text animation online using an online text animation maker. We will illustrate the steps to create animated text with three different online editors.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Use Biteable Animated Text
  2. Part 2. Use Motionden Video Maker
  3. Part 3. Use Flexclip Text Animation Tool

Part 1. Use Biteable Animated Text

Biteable is a popular online platform where you can create amazing animated text video using Biteable text video maker. You can add animated text to your videos as well as photos. The user interface of Biteable is extremely easy for all users. You have to first create an account for free to get started. There are various templates available to create your animated text video from scratch. Here are the steps to use Biteable online text animation maker to create a video based on animated texts.

Step1Open your web browser and visit “”. Click on “Make a video with animated text” button.

open biteable animated tool

Step2Create an account by following the on-screen instructions. Click on New Video button and select “Create a video from scratch”.

create video from scratch

Step3Enter a name for the video and select a video shape as per your preference. Click on Continue button.

edit video name biteable

Step4Under Titles, select any template and it will be added to the Timeline. Similarly, you can add multiple titles templates, text templates, number templates and likewise. You will see them in the Timeline placed side by side. You can stretch their durations as per your requirements.

select title templates biteable

Step5Double-click on each template to edit the text in them and select the text animations as per your preference. Play the video and if you are satisfied, click on Publish button to save the video.

edit title template biteable

Part 2. Use Motionden Video Maker

Motionden is yet another powerful text animation maker where you can create free text animations instantly. There are over 1500 templates available to choose from in order to create text videos from scratch. You can choose video templates from any category as per the video theme you want. Besides, you can upload your video or photo and add texts and music as per your preference. Here are the steps to create animated text online using Motionden Video Maker.

Step1Open your web browser and visit “”. Click on “Make a video for free” button.

make a video motionden

Step2Go to Create menu option and select any category of video templates. You can also check out the popular video templates and select anyone as per your preference.

choose popular templates motionden

Step3For the selected category, you need to select the desired video template. Click on Edit Video and you can make changes to the template on the video editor as per your requirements. You need to sign up for free in order to continue and edit the template.

edit video motionden

Step4Click on individual scenes and click on texts to customize them. Once the editing is done for each scene, click on Make Video button to build and save the text video.

customize text motionden

Part 3. Use Flexclip Text Animation Tool

You can use Flexclip Text Animation Tool to create text video from scratch as well as add text to your recorded video. You should use Biteable and Motionden to create video with text effects only directly using video template while you should use Flexclip to edit your video and add text. You can add text effects to photos and videos and here are the steps to follow.

Step1Open web browser and visit “”. Click on Make Animated Video button.

flexclip text animation maker

Step2You can choose from the available templates to create video with text from scratch. If you want to add text to your recorded video, go to Media tab. Click on Local Files button and upload your recorded video.

upload video flexclip

Step3Drag and drop the uploaded video into the Timeline. Thereafter, go to Text tab.

drop upload video timeline flexclip

Step4You will see all the different text effects and animations. Place your mouse pointer to preview the animation. Drag and drop the select text template to the video on the Viewer. You can check the Timeline and stretch or compress the text layer as per your requirements.

flexclip viewer text video

Step5Double-click on the text on Viewer window and customize the text as per your preference. Finally, click on Export button to save the edited video.

customize text in flexclip


You can make video with animated text to make your presentation video eye-catching and attention-grabbing. We have mentioned three different online text animation makers that you can use to create animated text video from scratch by choosing different video templates. You can also edit your recorded video and add animated text wherever you want using Flexclip Text Animation Tool.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Nov 27, 23
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