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Add Text Animation to A Video Online

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Do you want to make a creative video? Do you want your presentation or video to be easy to follow and entertaining? You can take the video to another level with the help of text animation. This article will discuss how to add text animation to online videos. You can use a good video editor from where you can select fresh styles and make the best video from there. One of the simplest ways to elevate your movie from good to excellent is with understandable text animation.

Text animation and short captions can broaden the audience for your content as more consumers view videos without sound these days. It matters what fonts you use in the videos, and they establish the mood and facilitate interaction with most viewers who rely on video captions. Add text, alter the font, add transitions, and use text effects to draw the user's attention as they scroll. Please continue reading to discover how simple it is to make interactive video titles, words, and supers.

In this article
  1. Use Kapwing animation text editor
  2. Use text video editor
  3. Use Animaker text maker

1. Use Kapwing animation text editor


You can use the potent online editor Kapwing to add animated text to videos online, utilizing music, videos, GIFs, and images. There are no downloads required because everything is already present inside the browser. Kapwing is a capable tool for content production that is simple enough for everyone to use. The majority of video formats, GIF and image, including avi, png, jpg, gif, MOV, mp4, and more, are supported by Kapwing.

kapwing animation text editor
Step1 Upload the Video to Kapwing

You can open Kapwing with the device and tap on "Start Editing" to open up Kapwimg studio. After that, one can use the drag and drop option to upload the video in the studio. You can click on upload or use the link to upload.

If you have a more than 250 MB video, then you will require the Pro version.

Step2 Add the Text

When the video gets uploaded, now you can add your text. You must click the "Text" option on the left and type the text. After that, you can pick your favorite color, background, and color to add style.

You will always want that your text to get animated, but it doesn’t mean that you will have to use explosive fonts or funky or bright, which are very funky. The animation will make your text look attractive, and you can experiment with the colors and fonts to find the best combination.

Step3 Animate the Text

Now the fun part starts; choose the text box present on the right side and click on the "Animate" tab. It will allow the user to select animations like fade, flicker, hue rotates, and many more. Choose the speed according to your requirement, and if you want to change the background and color, you can do it too.

Use “Apply To” for applying this animation in the outro, intro, or both. It will help you to make the text fade out, fade in, or transition out and in with animation. Now the animation library has nine options:

  • Drop: It appears on top of the text box
  • Flicker: This one is like a candle's flicker, and text flashes disappear and appear before staying.
  • Fade: Opacity can be changed from 0% to 100%.
  • Pop:- This grows the text more extensive than the text box and shrinks back to the place.
  • Reveal:- Rolls from the left side to the right side
  • Wipe:- Rolls from the left side to the right side with a colored background.
  • Vibrate: The text box shakes in every direction.
  • Hue rotates:- Colour of text cycles through the hue values..

You can use a timeline to adjust the animation's termination when you set text animation. You can even drag that layer after the start time or use it on end/start time sliders to decrease or increase the time of your video. Text animation can get started when the cursor reaches the start time.

Step4 Export

The video with animated text is now ready to boom. You can click on "Export Video" present at the top and wait for the process. After that, you can download that video and use the links to share it on your social media platform.

2. Use text video editor


Veed is one of the best video editor text effects online, which allows you to add text to online videos. You can easily add style, color, text, and font in a few clicks. You can upload the video and tap the text to get started. Add title and text or select handwriting font. One can select it from templates. Change transparency, alignment, and font size of the text.

This online software is perfect for creating attractive videos on social media. This is free, which omits the usage of expensive software. It is much easier to avoid many complex video editor apps. With the help of VEED, you can create an excellent video without any experience and do it with a few clicks. Let's see how to add animated text to photos online.

Step1 Upload the video

Tap on “Choose Video” and choose the file you want to upload on VEED. One can even use the drag and drop option from the folder to the editor.

veed io text video editor
Step2 Add text

After that, you can add the text by tapping on the "Text" option on the left menu. You can select the text style and start typing.

Step3 Export

Save the video with the text you placed by tapping on "Export." The video gets saved in an MP4 file.

3. Use Animaker text maker


The Animaker is one of the best-animated video makers. This app offers the best collection of charts, BGs, and animated characters. With the help of Animaker, you can make the text disappear or appear off-screen in the best way. After you finish your video, you can download the format in MP4.

animaker video text maker
Step1 Upload the video clip

First, you can upload your video clip present on top that you wish to add text animation.

  • Tap on the "Upload section" on the bottom left. You can upload your video where you wish to add the animated text.
  • The video will get uploaded to "My Files."
  • Click on the uploaded video in the library to load it on the workspace.
Step2 Add text to the video
  • You can add text in their text section
  • In the next section, one can find two different text types. At the top, you will discover plain text options, and at the bottom, you can find pre-designed boxes seasoned at Animaker.

Let's see how you can use pre-built text boxes.

  • Tap on pre-built designs for your text animation. One can see the text appearing in the center of the workspace, and you can click it and type new text if you want to customize it.
  • You can notice widespread options appearing with your text. It is known as the item menu. It will allow the user to modify their text. One can change font size, color, style, etc. Your text will come with pre-defined effects, which will help you to animate text instantly.
  • You must have noticed that the purple color bar appears on the timeline, representing the duration of the text visible in the video. For example, if you want that text to get visible between 4rth to 8th seconds, then you will have to drag the edges of that purple bar to the same duration.

To see the scene, you must click on the play button on top of the timeline.

Let’s check the other ways of adding animated text to the video. In the previous one, you have seen how you can add text animation using pre-built boxes. Now you will get to know about doing it by using blank boxes.

  • Start tapping the “text section”. Select the bank textbox.
  • Click on them and then opt to add new text.
  • Opt for clicking the cog icon that is there in the item menu.
  • You will notice the settings tab that is on the screen's right side.
  • You can easily opt for the customization of the text in the way you wish. You can start by modifying the style of the font. One can change the size and color of the font as well.
  • Use these options and opt for the application of enter and/or exit effects to text. Now, opt to click on the effect option to get more than 50 options. You can select the effect from there.
  • Once the animation effect is applied to your timeline, you can notice the pink part in the bar i.e. purple. This completes creating text animation by using Animaker.
Step3 Download the Video
  • You can visit the publish option in the right window to download the video.
  • Tap on the "download video" option for downloading.


Now, you are aware of how to add text animation to video online and the three best video editors that will help you add animated text to your videos. At this point, you can choose the best one according to your needs and usage. These steps will help you create a unique and good video that will be easy to understand and entertaining.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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