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How to Download and Use Windows Movie Maker 10

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 06, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Looking to create captivating movies from video clips? The best tool for the purpose can be the Windows movie maker 10. The program provides video editors with various tools to create professional-looking videos, including audio options, animations, transition overlays, and timeline narrations. Its functions are simple to use and enjoyable to explore, and its XML code enables users to create new effects and transitions or change current ones. Windows Movie Maker also allows for basic track editings, such as adding fade-in and fade-out features for audio tracks.

It's also simple to upload finished Windows Movie Maker productions to social media platforms. One of the best benefits of using the Window Movie Maker is its user-friendliness, simple controls, and automatic preview. This program is perfect for beginners, and it comes free on the Windows PC with workflow and essential features in the video editing systems that are made for professionals. Let's check out how you can download and use Windows Movie Maker and the alternative of this program.

In this article
  1. How to Download Windows Movie Maker on Win 10
  2. How to Edit Videos with Windows Movie Maker
  3. Movie Maker Alternatives for Win 10 PC

Part 1. How to Download Windows Movie Maker on Win 10?

Who loved the older version of Windows Movie Maker, which was easy to use and a free editing tool? You might have searched “Where is movie maker in windows 10" in google. If you are missing your favorite video editor, this article will help you download and install the Windows Movie Maker for your PC, which runs on Windows 10. You can download it from their official application; the best part is that it is free of cost. Now here are some steps by which you can download and install the Windows Movie Maker on your Windows 10:-

  • Download the installer file of Movie Maker:- Authentic Movie Maker can be easily downloaded through Windows Essentials.
  • Extract Zip file:- After completing your download process, you can extract the zip file and run the .exe file. Your Windows essentials will get started.
  • Choose programs you wish to install:- You can install all Windows essentials, tap on select the programs you wish to install. Here you can have an option for selecting Movie Maker.
install windows movie maker 10
  • Choose movie Maker and photo gallery:- On the screen, you must choose "Movie Maker and Photo Gallery" because you will install it on your PC. A simple tap on "Install," and you will be ready, and the installation procedure will start.
start windows movie maker install
  • Launch Movie Maker:- Visit the Start menu and type Movie Maker to launch the app. Open the app and use it. It is a free and easy video editor.
launch windows movie maker

Part 2. How to Edit Videos with Windows Movie Maker?

Before starting your editing on Win10 movie maker, you must ensure that the movie maker supports the format. It's because it accepts a few formats that includes:- MP3, .WAV, .WMA, .AVI(DV-AVI), .MPG(MPEG-1), .ASF/.WMV. If the videos are not supported in the Moviemaker for Windows 10, you might need to use a converter to convert the video and import the files into it.

Step1 Import clips to movie maker
  • To import the photo or video in Windows Movie Maker, click "Add Photos or Videos." A window will get opened, and users might select a video from their computer.
  • After you select the files, you can click on "OK" to import the files to the storyboard.
Step2 Combine/Split/Cut/Trim the videos

You can preview the clips in the preview box. Users can use the Next or Previous Frame to preview the clips. While editing the video, you might have to trim the unwanted part and combine multiple clips into a new one.

video tools windows movie maker

To remove the video parts, you can select the "Start frame" of the video you wish to eliminate, tap on a split button for splitting the segment, select the end frame you wish to remove, and tap on the "Split" option again. You can do it numerous times to edit the video.

Step3 Apply visual effects and transitions to the clips

Once you have the clips for your video, you can add transitions to your video. You can click on Animations to view various options. You will have to choose the clip and add some transitions which you wish.

video tools windows movie maker 10

The software will do the work. You can preview the result by tapping on "Play." After applying the visual effects, you will have to click on the Visual effects to add filter and overlays, and users can apply the effects to the clip.

Step4 Edit audio in the video

Are you planning to add some music to the video? You will have to double-click on your clip to enter into "Edit Panel" and click on the Volume button. You can mute or adjust the volume with the help of a volume slider, which will affect every sound of the clip.

After you adjust the sound of your clips, you can add your music to video clips. Add the music by tapping "Add Music" and choosing music for importing. One can even add the music from the PC.

Step5 Add text and title to the video

Windows Movie Maker allows users to add several types of texts to their videos. You can see three buttons that allow several types of texts to their video:- rolling credits, captions, and stationary title. Tap on the title; you will get options to add text before your video begins.

Choose a caption that you will add to your video frames and tap on the Credits to add effects to the video. After selecting the text type, one can enter the test and edit text effects. You can change the text visuals, duration, outline size, etc.

Step6 Save and Publish

After you have completed your edits, you can save your video by tapping on "File" and then clicking on Publish Movie. One can even choose the place where you wish to save your file.

You can even save the videos on your PC with various formats and resolutions. This editor allows users to save their videos for mobile devices or Email.

Part 3. Movie Maker Alternatives for Win 10 PC

If you want to create a polished clip for public consumption or if you want to experiment with your creativity while learning a new art form, Wondershare Filmora has swiftly established itself as one of the finest Windows 10 movie maker alternatives. Both seasoned and first-time users may successfully produce amazing videos with special effects thanks to Filmora's user-friendly and straightforward interface. Wondershare Filmora supports a vast range of video formats, including AVCHD, MOV, AVI, MP4, and more. This allows you to combine, split, trim, crop and cut the clips in a few clicks. Now let's see how you can edit your videos in Wondershare Filmora:-

Free Download
Free Download
Step1 Create a new project and import the video

Tap "New Project" on the welcome screen and get into a video editor. Click on the "Register" option to register the product. Go to the "File" menu and tap on "Project Setting," choose the ratio, and cut the video.

create new project

You can select from options like 4:3 or 16:9 ratios and customize the ratio according to your needs.

Step2 Place the audio and video files on the timeline and cut the unwanted parts

The raw clips mostly contain unwanted parts and mistakes which don't belong in the video. If you want to trim or cut the videos, you can drag the video from your Media Tab and drop it on your timeline.

place audio and vido files on timeline

Users can add numerous video clips, but every file you will add will get placed after the previous clip. If you want to rearrange it, you can drag the clips to desired positions.

Step3 Apply the visual effects to your clips

Now that you have removed the unwanted parts from the video clips, you will have to detach the video and audio files, insert transitions, and add music to the clips or use a few visual effects of the Filmora software.

apply visual effects to clips

Click on the Credit or Text icon to add subtitles, end credits, or opening titles to the video. This software offers various text templates that you can utilize for your video.

Step4 Use color correction

You can utilize the hundreds of filters and overlays available under the Effects icon in your projects to give the colors in the clip a more vibrant appearance. Please drag & drop the filter you wish to use onto the timeline by clicking the icon and choosing it.

Simply sliding any end of a filter will change how long it lasts. After you are done with everything, save and publish it.


Now, you know the steps to download Windows Movie Maker on your PC. You can use it easily because of its friendly user interface. Editing and publishing videos with Windows Movie Maker becomes easy, and it is a perfect fit for beginners. But if you want something that supports everything, you can choose Wondershare Filmora because it is the best alternative to Windows movie maker. Wondershare Filmora offers limitless editing features and supports every video format. One can easily do professional-level editing in this user-friendly video editing software.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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