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Is Windows Movie Maker Still Available?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

During the early days of our childhood, when Microsoft decided to release its Windows essential software package from there, a tool emerged. It soon became one of the top destinations and choices for people looking to edit their images and videos. The windows movie maker available in that suite gave the most beginner-friendly experience to all the editors who didn't have a lot of ideas regarding how to edit and improve their photos or videos.

But nowadays, the situation and market have changed drastically. Due to enormous market competition, other editing applications started to take up the territory of Windows movie maker and soon became a distant memory. That is to say, if you are still looking for the answer that is Windows movie maker still available so that you can still enjoy its various features. Then, you shall not look for the solution anymore because we have put together this article to answer all your questions.

In this article
  1. How to Download Microsoft Windows Movie Maker
  2. Windows Movie Maker Alternative to Create Videos
  3. Related FAQs of Windows Movie Maker

Part 1. How to Download Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

You probably already know that Microsoft has ceased all its operations regarding updating and developing any Windows Movie Maker. Then, suppose you are still looking to download and run it on your personal computer. In that case, it is possible to download it from the internet and follow some essential steps for its seamless installation.

Here we will cover all the necessary steps from its downloading, installation, and proper running on the windows device you want to enjoy as per your requirements: -

  • The first and foremost step would be downloading the windows live essential setup file from any website where it's available.
download windows movie maker
  • Next, you need to open the setup file by double clicking on the wlsetup-all from where it is located on your computer.
windows movie maker setup
  • Click yes on the windows installation window whenever it gets opened without hesitation.
  • After that, click on the install all windows essentials package. Although most apps won't be available, you can still download windows movie maker as you wish.
accept microsoft services agreement
  • A show details bar is available at the windows tab's bottom left corner. By clicking on that, you will be able to see the percentage of how much time till installation. Now, please wait for the windows movie maker to install.
  • After all the apps in the essentials package get installed, the windows movie maker will be installed along with them. After this, click on the start menu, which is available at the bottom left corner of the tab.
  • Please type the name windows movie maker; it will show the windows movie maker app installed on your personal computer.
  • Click on the movie maker's name, probably stationed at the start menu's top. After which, a terms and conditions page will open up.
  • Without looking at any other option, choose the accept option at the bottom right corner, and boom, windows movie maker, would officially launch on your PC for use.
sign in to microsoft account
  • Lastly, when the windows essentials installation message gets popped up on your screen, close that window and enjoy your windows movie maker efficiently.

Part 2. Windows Movie Maker Alternative to Create Videos

For instance, if the windows movie maker is no longer available to download even after searching it throughout the internet. Then, there is nothing to be tensed about because there are more than enough alternatives that are much better than what Windows movie maker could offer.

Filmora is that new aged video editing software that has turned out to be a popular alternative and ideal choice for people looking to edit their photos or videos and wondering is movie makers still available. Filmora is an exciting choice for allowing users to edit videos using some of the best new, wide-ranging categories of powerful editing tools.

Free Download
Free Download

Even if you are new to the editing field, you can easily use Filmora due to its user-friendly and uniquely designed interface. Some of the features which you can enjoy upon using Filmora as your editing software comprises: -

  • Export and edit all your videos at the premium category of 4k resolution.
  • Easily remove all the unnecessary background noises effectively.
  • Options to add zoom and panning movement to the still footage present in your video.
  • Smoothly change the background space and add some special effects for enhancement.

Now, after getting a brief idea about Filmora and its features. Let us know to look at four steps that will help your edit your videos seamlessly through Filmora: -

Start the application of Filmora

The first step towards using Filmora would involve you to double click the Filmora icon on your desktop screen. This will help in launching the application.

start application of filmora

A new window would appear, asking if you want to opt for creating altogether a new project or continue your previous one. You can only choose the exact aspect ratio you want for your videos from this window.

Choose the new project option

Click on the ‘create a new project’ option. Now, allow the editor window some time to load.

choose new project option

Now, after the Filmora video editor opens, opt for registering your product that is using “register button”. Filmora is famous for allowing all types of videos for editing with the use of their tools and clicking “import” button in the upper left corner. From here, you can easily select and import the videos from your gallery into the Filmora app efficiently.

Organize all your items in one place by creating separate folders

Create a separate folder for all your videos and organize your editing project for accessing it seamlessly. Not choosing to do so could create many problems and confusion. It's regarding the ones you were editing and had already been edited.

Remove all the irrelevant parts from your videos

The raw videos you chose to shoot could contain many parts where irrelevant content takes up lots of space. It unnecessarily increases the length of the footage.

remove all irrelevant parts from videos

So, if you want to remove and trim those things from your videos, then drag those videos from the media tab and drop those on the timeline would do the work.

Windows movie maker introduced to the world through the package of windows essentials tab in 2012 was not able to achieve the success it was predicted to. One of the most common reasons behind it was the ever-increasing competition in the editing field. New companies or businesses kept on entering the same space, and slowly, they effectively captured all the territory, which was windows movie maker.

Soon, we were asking ourselves, like, is windows movie maker available for windows 10? If not, then how to download it? To sum it up, hopefully, after reading the above article, you have gained the knowledge and learned how to download the windows movie maker and other alternatives available on the market.

Part 3. Related FAQs of Windows Movie Maker

1. Why is the Windows movie maker no longer available?

The windows movie maker, an elusive part of windows essentials introduced in 2012, is no longer available to download. Various websites on the internet which used to offer a free download option of windows movie makers have stopped providing their services.

But those websites that still offer the download option could contain malware, viruses, and hidden costs.

2. How do I get Windows movie maker 2022?

The first step for getting Windows movie maker 2022 would be installing it from the internet. It can be through desktops, laptops, or PCs that support the windows software. If you hold a mac, then windows movie maker won't be able to run on that device.

As windows movie maker was included in the windows essentials package of 2012, a single installation would efficiently open all the apps available on the bundle.

3. Can I get a Windows movie maker for Windows 10?

You can still get a windows movie maker for your Windows 10 supporting device. As you already know, Microsoft has stopped developing and updating the features of windows movie maker supported for windows 10.

But it can still be downloaded separately from the internet and conveniently run on your device.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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