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Best Highlight Video Makers

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

No one wants to see all the video clips and pictures of your vacation at an exotic destination, wedding ceremony, or birthday party. Making a quick video and snapping pictures of the important moments is a great way to preserve the memories for yourself. However, these videos and photos add up quickly, and showing them all off is cumbersome. Rest assured, everyone wants to see a highlight reel. Moreover, with the growing popularity of short-form video sharing platforms like Tik Tok and IGTV, people want to extract highlights from videos to share on their profiles. 

Part 1: What is Highlight Reel Video?

A highlight reel is the collection of the best parts of a video where you can combine video clips and pictures to make it. But how do you make a highlight reel? Well, there are many highlight video makers available that one can use to create a highlight reel easily. 

So, here are some of the best highlight video makers that you can use on Windows and Mac and on iOS or Android devices.

Part 2: Best Highlight Video Makers on Windows and Mac

1. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare’s Filmora Video Editor is a simple yet powerful video highlight reel maker available for Mac and Windows. It offers the standard trimming, transitions, overlays, and effects that are great for editing your videos to make highlight videos to share on social media and show your friends. It has an intuitive interface and has a huge range of features. The interface has a drag and drop option enabling you to quickly arrange, trim, and edit various media elements making it a breeze to create highlight videos. 

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

Filmora supports all the modern video formats as well as HD and 4K video editing and output as well as includes several different free video effect presets. The version 10.4 and higher of this highlight video maker (for Windows) have some new features like auto highlight helping you automatically create a highlight video. Audio normalization that automatically normalizes the audio volume in your videos, and the scene detection features that allow you to separate video into clips. Try Filmora for free by downloading the latest version and experience these new features. 

 Filmora X Auto Highlight Feature


Simple and intuitive interface

Auto highlight feature to create highlighted video automatically

Layer multiple video clips

Scene detection for cutting large video quickly


Add-on feature pack is expensive 

Slightly slow AMD processor 

2. Windows 10 Photos App

The Photos App is in-built into Windows 10 which makes it fun and easy to enhance your videos and images. This free photo viewer and editor works with OneDrive that allows you to access all the photos and videos from any device.

The Photo App has competent editing and photo enhancements tools along with tools for organizing and editing videos to create highlight videos easily.

Windows 10 Auto Creation Feature

It has a story remix which makes it super easy to combine pictures and videos to create enticing highlight video with text, motion, duration, 3D effects, filters, and background music.

Story Remix works on Microsoft’s deep learning technology and AI to find relevant content and automatically create videos to edit and share. The choose a star feature allows you to create a movie focused on a person. You can also easily edit your video to highlight the best content with the trim feature. Once you are done with editing, your video is saved automatically, but you will need to export it to share on social media. 


Simple interface

Integrates with OneDrive 

Video highlight with soundtrack, text, and transitions


Lacks geometry correction 

3. Hudl Premium Highlights

If you are a high school athlete looking to get a scholarship for higher education, the best way to pitch to application boards and professional coaches is to send them a video that highlights your skills. You can easily create highlight videos with Hudle Premium Highlights. It is one of the best paid highlight video makers for sports and is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Just log in to and click your highlights and choose create highlights. Give the name to your highlight video and add the video, photos, music, and title slides. You can easily filter the highlights by team and season and select the highlights adding them to your reel.

The Hudle Premium Highlight has a trim feature that allows you to easily edit the highlight reel. You can add spot shadow, text, or music and preview the reel. It also helps you flag sections of the videos by inserting notes or audio. Once you are done with creating a highlight reel, publish to save your work and post on social media or get a URL to share with the coaches. 


Easy to use

Various features to make highlight videos. 


Not enough customization available 

4. Vibby

Vibby is a free lightweight web-based highlight video maker that allows you to easily highlight and show only parts of the video you want audiences to see. With this tool you can also add notes and comments on the selection portions, making the video more engaging. 

Vibby has a simple user-friendly interface that helps you to highlight the most relevant parts of the video in just three steps. Just choose the YouTube, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Twitch, and Vimeo videos you like, highlight the sections relevant to your topic and add notes, or questions for students to read. You can set specific timeframes for each highlight and tag people as well. 

 Create Highlight Video with Vibby


Simple and easy user interface

Create highlight videos in three steps

Free to use


No cons found 

5. Magisto

Magisto is one of the best video highlight reel makers allowing marketers, business professionals, and individuals to create enticing videos. Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices, it includes a licensed music library from independent artists. Magisto offers a free seven-day trial, but it requires you to enter the credit card details. In the trial, you get access to all the features. One of the best features is the video highlight where you can convert your memorable videos and pictures into an unforgettable video highlighting the special moments. 

What makes Magisto unique is its AI-powered solution that analyzes and edits your videos. You can also control the video speed so that your highlight reel can consist of various photos or video clips. You can add graphics, effects, and background music as well to add a layer of emotion to your videos. 


Automatically build video highlight with AI technology 

Compatible with mobile and web devices 

7 days free trial 


No phone support offered

No feature to edit photos

Best Highlight Video Maker App for iPhone and Android 

If you are looking for the best video highlight reel maker for iPhone and Android devices, then Quik from GoPro is the one. The previous editions of Quik were free, but the new version requires payment to unlock all the features. However, you get a free trial as well to know about the features. This highlight video maker can pull out any media stored on your phone or tablet as well as from your GoPro cloud storage and automatically highlight the video in seconds, complete with royalty-free music and filters. 

If you want to take control, you can do that easily. Select a theme, add the video and pictures you want to create the highlight with, trim your videos, pick a music track, add filters, and set a target length for the highlighted video. With Quik, you can filter by media type as well, so if you just need photos or just videos, you can select them easily that are grouped by date. Once you have created your highlighted video, transfer it wirelessly to your phone for easy sharing. 

Part 3: Tips for Creating Highlight Video

There are many times you want to create an epic highlight reel. Here are few tips to help you create exciting and entertaining highlight reels.

Learn the event timeline

When you want to create a highlight video for any event, whether official or personal, study the event schedule beforehand. For instance, when filming a wedding, know when the bride will arrive when the couple exchanges rings and vows. If your highlight video is about a conference, it is essential to know when speakers will deliver the speech, etc.

Make a list of shots 

Next, have a list of parts that you wish to capture so that you are more organized at the event. You can’t predict each moment but being ready will help you capture memorable moments. 

Use the right equipment

You need to use proper equipment for the events to ensure the footage looks great in low light. Gather all your equipment before the event and make sure it is fully charged and functional. Carry the extra batteries and other tools as well.

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