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How to Add Subtitles to Videos With Kapwing

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 19, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Content creators always prefer to add subtitles to their videos for better comprehension. The reason is that some people cannot understand your language and needs subtitles to understand the content. Moreover, if your viewer is facing an audio problem and won't be able to hear your voice, subtitles can help there. In this article, we will introduce the Kapwing subtitle maker, through which you can add subtitles in many ways.

There are some drawbacks to using online tools, such as file size restrictions or internet availability. Yet, with the Kapwing tool, you won't get disappointed. Kapwing is an online tool that offers various options to edit videos. One of the great features of Kapwing is its subtitle maker, which can help you in adding subtitles to your videos easily. To learn how to use the Kapwing subtitles feature, continue reading this article.

In this article
  1. Upload the Subtitle File to Kapwing
  2. Automatically Generate your Subtitle on Kapwing
  3. Manually Add Subtitles to the Video on Kapwing
  4. How to Add Subtitles to Videos with the Best Alternative of Kapwing

Part 1: Upload the Subtitle File to Kapwing

If you have a subtitle file for your video, Kapwing can help you. If you have a subtitle file for your video, Kapwing can help you. Without creating a user account, you can upload the subtitle file on this tool. With this subtitle editor, you can upload video files from your computer or cloud storage platforms. Moreover, it supports the subtitle files of SRT and VVT format. To use Kapwing subtitle maker for uploading a subtitle file, read the below steps:

Step 1 Navigate to the official site of Kapwing and select its "Subtitles" tool. Afterward, click on "Choose a video," which will open a new window on your screen.

tap on choose a video button

Step 2 Click on the "Upload" button given on top to import your video file on this tool. Once done, click on the "Subtitle" option displayed on the left side. On the subtitles window, click on the "Upload SRT/VVT" button to import your subtitle file.

upload your subtitle file

Step 3 After uploading the file, your subtitles will sync with your video. To edit your subtitles, navigate to the right panel. From that, you can select text position, background color, opacity, font, and alignment.

adjust the added subtitles

Step 4 Once done with making the changes on added subtitles, you can click on the "Export Project" button to save or share the file.

export your kapwing project

Part 2: Automatically Generate your Subtitle on Kapwing

Do you want to generate subtitles for your video instantly? Kapwing subtitle maker offers an Auto-Subtitle Generator that converts your voice into subtitles. This feature supports many languages so that anyone across the world can utilize this tool. Moreover, it also offers a translating feature that can help you in converting your subtitles into another language.

However, to use this feature, you must create your user account. Also, you should upgrade your account to fully use this feature without any restrictions. If you don't have an upgraded account, you can only auto-generate subtitles for the 7 minutes video. To use the auto-subtitle generator of Kapwing, check the below steps:

Step 1 Begin by accessing the website of the Kapwing tool. Click on "Subtitles" from the "Tools" tab and then tap on the "Choose a video" button. Upload the video file on which you want to add subtitles from your PC.

hit the choose a video option

Step 2 Once done with importing the video, click on "Subtitles" from the left section. From the new window, click on "Auto-generate." The tool will automatically create subtitles for your video by detecting the language.

auto-generate the subtitles

Step 3 Once you created the subtitles through this feature, go to the "Translate" tab to translate subtitles into your preferred language. You can also edit the subtitles to change their background, opacity, text font, and size. Once done, click on the "Export Project" button.

customize the subtitles style

Part 3: Manually Add Subtitles to the Video on Kapwing

If you don't want to use the auto-generator and do not have a subtitle file, you can use the manual option. Kapwing allows you to add subtitles manually in its friendly user interface. After adding Kapwing captions, you can choose your preferred font and style for further enhancement.

Step 1 After accessing the website of Kapwing, select the "Subtitles" tool to proceed. Now select the "Choose a video" button to open the Kapwing editor window.

access the kapwing editor

Step 2 Import your video file by tapping on the "Upload" button. Afterward, go to the "Subtitles" section and click on the "Add Subtitle" button. On the typing space, enter your subtitles. You can also choose the duration for your subtitles from the same window. To add subtitles further, you can click on the "Add Subtitles" button again.

manually add the subtitles

Step 3 After adding the complete subtitles, you can choose their font, style, color, and opacity from the right panel. Once done, hit the "Export Project" button.

export the edited video file

Part 4: How to Add Subtitles to Videos with the Best Alternative of Kapwing

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Kapwing subtitle maker, you can try the Wondershare Filmora tool. As Kapwing is an online tool, it does come with certain restrictions. For example, the time to upload video files on this tool can be time-consuming. Moreover, you would need a strong internet connection throughout. But, with Filmora, you can add subtitles to your video files without facing file size restrictions.

Free Download
Free Download

Filmora has an easy-to-use interface that offers multiple options to edit and alter video files. This platform is compatible with a mainstream operating system such as Windows. It provides a "Speech to Text" feature that enables you to create subtitles for your video automatically. With a single tap, you can add subtitles to your video without any hassle. To use the Speech to Text feature, check the below steps:

Step 1 Import Video File from the PC.

Launch Filmora on your PC and click on the "Create New Project" button to open the Filmora editor on your device. To import your video file from your PC, tap on the "Arrow" icon. After uploading the file, drag it to the timeline.

import your video file
Step 2 Enable Speech to Text Feature.

From the timeline, locate the feature of "Speech to Text." Now choose the language in which you want to create the subtitles and specify the other settings as well. Afterward, tap on the "OK" button to begin the process.

specify speech to text settings
Step 3 Customize Subtitles and Save the Changes.

After the conversion, you can double-click the added subtitles to make modifications. After making the adjustments, hit the "OK" button. Now go to the "Export" button and select the video format in which you want to export the video, or you can also share it on social media platforms.

confirm the subtitle edits


By adding subtitles to your video, you can enhance your targeted audience and can also engage with them. It also helps in making your video content diverse for people across the globe. There are various online subtitle generators like Kapwing that can help you in adding subtitles, as described in this article. However, there are some drawbacks to using the Kapwing subtitle maker that can disrupt your work. If you want to use a proficient subtitle maker, you can use Wondershare Filmora to get the best results.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Dec 05, 23
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