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Youtube Clip Maker

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent
Originally published May 25, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

In today’s world where businesses are going digital, it is very important to think of how you are going to get your products in front of many customers as possible without having to spend a fortune. That’s where YouTube Clip Maker comes in. It is an effective way for making YouTube videos that you can use for your business advertisements.

If you are a budding YouTuber or just looking at starting to make YouTube videos, you should consider among your editing tools a YouTube Clip Maker. It is an application that has all the tools necessary for you to edit videos in a fast and convenient way and enables you to upload the completed videos to YouTube. It is a simple tool with a friendly-to-use interface for editing videos, it should be a must-have for all users.

Part 1. Best YouTube Clip Maker Filmora

Filmora is a feature-rich audio and video editor that helps beginners with the editing of their audio and video files. The designers did their job with the armature editors in mind. It gives them a simple and easy-to-use layout that makes the work less complicated. Filmora has a built-in feature that lets you record your music and voice and also trim, merge, and cut a split your mp3 files.

Besides all the wonderful features, Filmora lets you make adjustments to speed, pitch, and volume, this makes you improve the clarity of your audio file. The app can be used to customize ringtones and specialized sound effects for your presentation.

drag video to timeline

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Steps on How to Use Filmora

This is an app that is best suited to those starting in video editing and requires the use of an easy-to-use app that can as well deliver quality work. Filmora is an application that was made with the armature editors in mind and is one they should consider while looking for a program to work with. It features some of the essential tools one would require and it is easy to learn how to navigate through it.  

Installation Steps

  • Click the icon in the center of the Media Library to add files directly.

  • Go File > Import Media > Import Media Files.

  • Drag and drop to the ‘media library’ directly.

When importing a media file and Filmora asks you to create a proxy file to speed up the editing process. Select “Yes” to have a fast video editing experience.

You can also import video clips using your Touch Bar controls if your computer has Touch Bar.

Record a media file

Apart from the videos shot by your digital devices, you can also directly import media files by recording video from your webcam, screen recording your computer, and a voice-over recording.

Computer screen recording:

Click the "Record" option, and choose "Record PC Screen" to get the built-in Wondershare Screen Recorder. Hit the red button to get started. To finish recording click on F9

Record videos from webcam:

Also, click the “Record” option, and choose “Record from Webcam”. In the recording pop-up window, select the red button, it will start the recording process and is also the button to choose when you want to stop recording. You will then select OK to save the recorded video clip.

Record voice-over:

Choose "Record a voiceover" on the Record menu. It would be better to connect a microphone to your Mac for a better result. Hit the Record button, and it leaves you 3 seconds to get ready.

All media files recorded are automatically saved in the “Media Library”, in case of further editing, you can drag them to the timeline.

Part 2. How to Make YouTube Clip Online

The application lets you trim your YouTube videos without having to have an account. It provides you with a quick way to either cut the beginning or end of a YouTube video. YouTube Trimmer will let you trim the video in a couple of seconds with just a few clicks. To use the app, you just need to copy and paste the earl and you are on your way to editing. You don't have to be worried about downloading or installing the application for you to use it.

Steps on How to Use YouTube Trimmer

Step 1:


Copy the YouTube link that you want to work on and paste it into the field indicated on the application.

Step 2:

Trim and Edit

You can drag the video at the edges to trim it. You can also move the playhead with your mouse and manually make cuts by clicking on the cut button.

Step 3:


Once you are done editing and happy with the outcome, select the Export button to start rendering the video. Here you can choose to publish it on YouTube or save it for other uses.

Part 3. YouTube Clip Maker for Android and iPhone


It is a simple-to-use application that lets you create professional-quality videos in very short minutes. It enables you to edit pre-made videos or lets you make fresh ones by combining your video with several visual and sound effects. After you are done with the editing, you can save your video or share it out there.

Steps on How to Use Kinemater

Step 1:Create

It lets you import videos, audio, and images from your device. After which you can cut, rearrange, and transition between your images and videos using the KineMaster’s video layering support. This is highly dependent on your computer’s hardware capabilities.

Step 2:Edit

Adjust your video's appearance parameters by blending color modes, adding light and sound effects, overlaying graphics, and text, or rather directly drawing on the video by using the handwriting layers.

Step 3:Share

You can export your project up to 4k and 60fps. The app saves directly to your camera’s roll besides letting you share to social media.

Part 4: Related FAQs

How to Make a Clip from a YouTube Video

First, sign in to YouTube and start playing a video. Under the video click on the Clip, this will create a clip box after which you will select the part of the video that you want to clip. Give the clip a title then click share after which you will be prompted to choose an option for sharing.

How to Clip Parts of a YouTube Video

Start by sign-in and opening YouTube then proceed by watching a video. If clips are available, you will see a clips icon in the bar at the bottom of the video. Click on the clip icon and select that part of the video you are interested in, give the clip a title, and select Share Clip. Choose whether you want to share the clip or save it for later use.

What YouTubers Use to Get Clips

YouTubers use several video editors for their work. Some of the most popular editors are iMovie, Final Cut Pro X, and Premier Pro CC. These YouTube editing apps vary in technicalities of use and features whereby you will find that some are easy to use and have varying features. Some of the editors are free while others require payments for one to use.

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