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How To Create A Green Screen Video In After Effects

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 11, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

You'll probably get the finest results in After Effects out of all the editing programs. Working with green screen footage in After Effects can be done in a variety of ways. Utilizing a built-in preset that combines three effects is advised by Adobe. Due to its ability to deliver speedy (and typically excellent) outcomes, this strategy is great for both beginners and specialists. We'll demonstrate how to do easily for you.

Let’s start off!

In this article
  1. Importing your footage
  2. Remove the green color
  3. Clean up the shot

1. Importing your footage

After you have imported your material into the After Effects project, you should next create a new composition using the footage. In the following stage, you have the option of either adding each plugin one at a time or doing it all at once. You may find them grouped together as Keylight, Key Cleaner, and Advanced Spill Suppressor in the Animation Presets box, which is located under the "Image Utilities" heading.

import green screen video footage ae

2. Remove the green color

After Effects users can get rid of a green screen by going to the "Animation Presets" window, searching for the "Keylight" preset, dragging, and dropping it over the clip, and then shifting their focus to the "Effects Controls" window. Make sure the Screen Colour is set to the color of your screen's background (which, in this case, is green). You may do this with the color selector.

remove green color from video in ae

3. Clean up the shot

You have no doubt observed that some of the remaining parts do not have the correct keying installed in them. In order to get rid of them, you need to put the view into the Combined Matte mode and turn the Screen Gain up a notch.

Because everything that is not transparent is turned white by Combined Matte, any remaining debris can be seen very clearly after it has been applied. After you have finished cleaning the frame, you should change the view to Intermediate Result. Your footage may become contaminated with artifacts if the Final Result view is inadvertently switched on.

clean up green screen shot ae

You can go to the "Screen Matte" area if you feel like the frame still needs more tweaking after you've applied the previous ones. You can accomplish that with the assistance of Clip Black and Clip White. Feel free to turn the Clip Black dial all the way to the right and turn the Clip White dial to the left. You can also adjust the other settings, if necessary, but based on my observations, everything should be working properly at this point.

The Bottom Line

After completing this lesson, you should have a better understanding of what a chroma key is, how to get rid of a green screen in After Effects, and how to adjust some settings if something goes wrong. Keep in mind that if the footage is not captured properly, you will not be able to successfully key out the green screen in the final video. Extra caution should be taken with the lights, and spills should be avoided at all costs!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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