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2 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Download Wattpad Story for Free

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Wattpad is a social storytelling platform that lets you define your story in written form and help you connect with people all around the globe. Millions of Wattpad users can not only share their stories but can read and interact with the original stories of other authors.

Now, let’s say you love a story from one of your favorite authors and wish to save it for future purposes. To accomplish this, make sure to check if the story is printable or not! If so, you can still save it for offline use via Wattpad’s official app, but there’s no way you can convert it into PDF or DOCX format. Worry no more! Here’s how you can download Wattpad story in simple steps.

Method 1: Download Wattpad story with the Wattpad app directly

Wattpad is a digital storytelling platform where stories live! Wattpad applications have around 90 million users reading, writing, and sharing the stories they love and find interesting. You can not only share stories but can connect with millions of other passionate writers to support their story writing skills via commenting directly on their stories. You can also share your comments, vote the stories, read the writings in multiple languages and even get alerts when new additions have been made to your favorite book. 

So, do you have an exciting story that you think people will love, or do you find you're writing the next blockbuster? Get yourself the Wattpad application and transform from an untapped, unsigned writer to an official story writer at the Wattpad platform.

Here are the easy steps on how you can save a Wattpad story!

Step 1: Run Wattpad app”

Open the Wattpad application and log in to your account via the methods stated on the screen.


Step 2: Browse

Browse your favorite story. You can even search it under different categories and niches.


Step 3: Open a story and Save

Open your favorite story that you want to save for future reading. An icon with a ‘’cloud appearance’’ will appear on the top. Press it to save for offline reading.


Step 4: Check Library

After saving the story offline, you can find it in the ‘’library section’’ in the Wattpad application.


Method 2: Download Wattpad story with the Wattpad Story Downloader

Here is the second method by which you can download Wattpad Story by following the simple steps. A plethora of software is performing the operations. However, Wattpad2Any is a free Wattpad story downloader and converter for Windows.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, this Wattpad story downloader lets you save your favorite stories in PDF format, and itself creates a library of your recently downloaded stories. The software is equipped with the following tools to offer:

  • Easy Interface: The Wattpad2Any software comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Browser: You can browse and go through thousands of stories available at Wattpad.
  • Download: You can even download your favorite ones in PDF format to your Windows PC.

Here are simple steps to follow to download or save Wattpad story with Wattpad2Any:

Step 1: Run Wattpad2Any downloader

First things first, download and install the Wattpad2Any downloader. Run the software and click on the ‘’Wattpad Browser’’ as seen in the screenshot below.


Step 2: Select Category or Search

You can browse thousands of stories and books or can even search for your favorite one to download.


Step 3: Select a Story

After selecting the category, you can browse and select your favorite story to download.


Step 4: Download

Once you click on your favorite story, it’ll be opened in the built-in Wattpad2Any browser. However, you can see the orange ‘’Download’’ bottom in the bottom center of the page to save it. The story will be saved inside  ‘’Documents\Wattpad2Any folder’’ directly.



Wattpad storytelling platform lets you read, write, share and interact with millions of authors globally. You can not only browse the popular genre but can search the top-trending stories under the ‘’Editor’s choice’’ category and build a library of your own. But the problem arises when the Wattpad Official Application only allows you to save Wattpad story offline within the app. But worry not as we have stated two easy methods to follow to download Wattpad story even in the PDF and Docx format. Therefore, following these methods, you can not only save the stories for offline reading but share them over social media platforms by giving proper author references.

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Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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