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How to Create a YouTube Channel Trailer to Increase Revenue

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Many YouTube content creators assume that no one checks out their channel trailer. Some may not even know about the concept of a trailer, while others are not sure how to create one. We will explain the concept of a YouTube channel trailer, how to make a great trailer, and how to get more subscribers and views through a quality trailer on your YouTube channel.

Part 1: What is a YouTube Channel Trailer?

Think of a channel trailer as an introduction to a movie or television show. You can choose to show the trailer to anyone who is not subscribe to your channel, when they land on your channel page.

The objective of a trailer is to hook the audience, promote your personality and content, and convince them it will be worth their time to check out some of your videos. And you must do all these things within 30 to 45 seconds!

Most content creators can benefit from creating a channel trailer. Unless you are a famous personality through a sports/acting/television/singing career, people who land on your channel may have no idea who you are. A proper trailer gives them an introduction to your personality and content.

Part 2: How to Add YouTube Trailer to Channel

After you know how to create a YouTube trail, why not add your new created trailer to YouTube channel right now. Here is the right steps.

Step 1: Go to channel

Log in your YouTube account. Then click your users icon to find My channel. At the top right corner, click CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL and then choose For new visitors.

youtube channel trailer

Step 2: Add trailer to YouTube

After clicking plus icon in the middle to add your amazing trailer, a playlist window will appear. Now select the trailer you want to use. Click Save. Then you will see a trailer is added. You can also change trailer or remove trailer.

choose youtube trailer

Part 3: Best Channel YouTube Trailer Maker

1. Wondershare Filmora

Searching for a free and powerful video editing tool that you can use on both Windows and Mac computers? Wondershare Filmora may be the ideal program for you. It is very easy to use, even for beginners who do not have that much editing experience.


  • It is free and very easy to add captions to the trailer video.
  • There are many interesting options for adding video effects within the program.
  • It features a modern interface that is intuitive and easy to operate. All the important controls and settings are easily accessible through the menus and submenus.
  • The program operates smoothly, even on older machines.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2. WeVideo

Hoping to edit content while you are on the go? By using a less powerful laptop, library computer or a friend’s device, you could edit your trailer within a couple hours. WeVideo is an online video editor that makes it so easy to edit videos in up to 4K resolution.


  • The program is fast and very easy to use. It does not even require any downloads.
  • As it is an online program, there are no compatibility issues with Windows, Mac or even Chromebook devices.
  • It is possible to mix and match up to 600 different formats for graphics, audio, video and other effects.


3. Virtual Dub

If you are seeking something that is open source and free, you may be interested in Virtual Dub. It is a completely free and open source program that you can use for quick capturing, encoding and editing video.

While it is not going to give you the same power and options as some of the other editors, it is a very simple tool that can be effective for specific use cases. If you are just hoping to record, encode and quickly put together a 30 second YouTube trailer, it is the ideal program.


  • Offers the ability to capture videos on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
  • Works best with AVI files, but it is possible to use other video formats such as MKV and MP4 as well.
  • It is possible to create video using a series of image files - or merge image files into existing video content.


Part 4: 5 Tips for Creating a Great Trailer

1. Let Viewers Know What is Coming

People appreciate routine. You can mention how many times a week you create content and the days when you publish. You can also have a brief overview of the type of videos you make, which will tell a new viewer what to expect if they subscribe to your channel!

2. Keep It Short

YouTube trailers that are more than a minute long will not succeed. People have a very short attention span. They want to be hooked immediately. 30 to 45 seconds is the sweet spot, with 30 seconds preferable! It may sound overwhelming to condense everything about your channel into 30 seconds, but that is where a great video script can help! However, sometimes both short videos and long videos work.

3. Use Some Fun Annotations

YouTube is great for having unique and helpful graphics on the screen while your video is playing. Having some fun and useful annotations, such as the days you make videos or a subscribe icon, during the intro video can be very helpful to new viewers. They also help to boost viewer engagement with your content!

annotations channel trailer

4. Assume You Have New Viewers

Do not create a YouTube channel trailer with inside jokes or comments. This trailer is for people who know nothing about you or your channel. You are trying to hook them into your content, not provide a few laughs to existing subscribers.

5. Update Your Trailer Regularly

As a content creator, you may find that your brand changes every six months to a year. Maybe you change up your look, type of content, frequency of uploads or other parts of the channel. Ensure you are updating your trailer each time you make significant changes to your channel!


Creating a channel trailer for your YouTube page is a wonderful way to introduce a new audience to your content. They learn about you and the topics that you are passionate about. It convinces them to watch one of your videos and subscribe to your channel. And by using one of the YouTube Trailer Maker software options above, you will be creating quality trailers for your channel in no time!

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