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Best YouTube Video Reaction Ideas

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Finding ways to engage your YouTube audience and attract new followers requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Even though there are only a handful of channels built entirely around reaction videos, this genre of videos can help you make your channel more diverse.

However, copyright restrictions prevent you from commenting on any video you find interesting, which is the reason why you have to get creative while choosing the next idea for a reaction video. So, in this article we are going to take you through some of the best YouTube video reaction ideas you can use to comment on different types of YouTube videos.

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10 Best YouTube Video Reaction Ideas You Should Try in 2021

The process of making a YouTube video starts with an idea and the idea you choose often determines how good that video is going to be. The fact that reaction videos are so popular on YouTube right now, makes the idea selection even more important because just one good idea may boost your number of followers significantly. Here are some of the best video reaction ideas you can use to comment on different topics.

1. React to music videos

Music videos are among the most popular genres of videos on YouTube, which makes them perfect to react to. You can share your opinion about the musician, their latest work or the video’s visual aspects. Obtaining the copyrights to the music video you would like to comment on is very important, because you may be forced to delete your reaction video if you don’t.

2. Video game reactions

Video games like Minecraft, Fortnite or Grand Theft Auto attract a lot of attention on YouTube, and if you are a fan of any of them you can easily react to the gameplay. Reacting to video games is only a good idea if your channel is dedicated to gaming, because otherwise, this reaction video idea may seem off-topic.

3. React to video’s comments

YouTubers that already have thousands of followers need to keep coming up with new ways to engage their audience. Encouraging the viewers of your videos to comment on them can be a valuable source of ideas for reaction videos. You can comment on the topics that were discussed in the comments and address particular questions your followers have asked you.

4. Make a ‘Kids React To’ videos

Videos of children reacting to different genres of music are already getting thousands of views every day. So, if you like working with children you should consider making a variation of this type of video. There are so many different things children can react to, you just have to find a few that fit perfectly into your channel’s topic.

5. React to ‘React To’ Videos

Even though reacting to a reaction video sounds silly, it is anything but because by doing so you will open up space for a dialogue with other YouTubers. Besides being funny, this is also an opportunity to give your two cents on topics that are most relevant for your channel. In addition, the YouTube audience loves collaborations between YouTubers, which will give you and your associates the opportunity to increase the size of your audience. 

6. Comment on your old videos

Producing new content for your YouTube channel regularly is important for so many reasons, but recycling old material from time to time can allow you to reflect on the topics you already covered. In addition, you’ll remind your viewers of your old videos and give them the reason to watch them again. Opting to comment on the videos you made in the past can also help you avoid potential copyright complications.

7. Record reactions of elderly people

It becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest pop culture trends as we get older. That’s why elderly people often have trouble understanding the taste of younger generations. Recording their reactions to fashion choices young people make or the music they listen to can be hilarious, which makes it an excellent reaction video idea.

8. React to different challenges

Over the course of the last decade, we’ve seen so many challenges go viral, as even the world’s most famous politicians took part in some of them. Challenge videos are not as popular as they used to be a few years ago, but they still amass thousands of views. Making funny reaction videos to different challenge videos may help you boost your number of followers, especially if you come up with witty remarks for each video you comment on.

9. React to TV shows

We all love watching a good TV show, whether it is a TV series or a reality show. So, if you are looking for a reaction video idea that can hardly fail, commenting on a TV show may be the right choice for you. However, getting the right to use the footage you would like to comment on may be difficult, as making the reaction video without permission from the copyright owner may have legal implications.

10. Comment on movie trailers

If you are running a movie channel on YouTube, your followers are expecting your comment on the latest releases. Sharing your opinion about trailers of movies you like or dislike with your audience is going to help you start a conversation about that movie. This idea is only worth considering if you are a movie buff, since analyzing a movie trailer or reacting to it is anything but easy.

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With these reaction video ideas in mind, you can practise it on YouTube, or TikTok. Check this article to find out how to make a reaction video for TikTok .

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Coming up with a unique idea for a reaction video isn’t necessarily a simple process, because there are so many reaction videos on YouTube. That is why the YouTube video reaction ideas you choose to have to fit perfectly into your channel’s theme. What is your favorite YouTube video reaction idea? Share your opinions in the comments.

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