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Pick the Best Days to Post on YouTube!

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 29, 21, updated Feb 04, 24
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Creators have one thing in mind when posting their content online. To be viewed by numerous followers and potential subscribers. For this, you need to run your channels tactfully. There are days when people throng the social media to watch upcoming content and videos. Perhaps you can make your best bets on such days. And is there any best day to post YouTube video?

Probably yes! People will settle on social media sites when they are more relaxed and off heavy duties on the weekdays. Let’s now dive into posting your videos and attaining some good leads.

best days to post on youtube

Why is it important to post your YouTube video on the best days?

You are better off with best days to post on YouTube to increase the chances of getting more views. You want to make the biggest catch, and putting in a little effort will help you yield good results.

1) Your content never dies

The major advantage of posting on best days is that they hit the wall right from the onset of posting. You won’t need a lot of time to invest in expensive equipment. Remember, when viewers see your content immediately, they are posted, there are high chances of them sharing along with friends.

2) You’ll grow your audience worldwide

Growing a worldwide audience is every content creator’s dream. Posting your videos on the best days will open doors to new visitors who perhaps haven’t heard about you. It is even better to include captions so that people of all walks get your message deeply.

3) You’ll appear more on Google searches

Posting at the right time will help Google identify your content and make it appear on Google searches. Google uses an algorithm to check on many concepts of video posting. It means that posting your videos to YouTube on the best days will spike the graph and automatically get noticed by Google.

4) Your audience will promote you

Remember, when viewers go on searches, they look for something important to them. So, coming across your content at the right time will make an instant catch. They only want to fulfill their needs at that specific time. Hence will buy or promote you as long as what you sell is what they are looking for.

5) Increased subscribers

People want to associate themselves with new content. Anyone would be thrilled to hit the button on content that just popped up when they are online at their relaxed moments. You never know; you may just hit that 1,000 subscribers list by posting your videos on the best days.

Best Days to Post on YouTube - General Practices

How then do you know the best day to upload on YouTube? You can use general practices to pinpoint when your viewers are online or when your channel is at its peak.

- Weekday evenings

Weekdays are very busy days for everyone. People feel relaxed and ready to catch up on social media’s trending in the evening. So, posting in the evenings on weekdays may instantly help you get some increased views.

- Target Thursdays and Fridays

Depending on your YouTube content, you can target school-age children these days. If your content is about kid’s stuff and other online learning skills, then pushing it just before the weekend could give you some good visits. Kids tend to have various activities over the weekend and so, the best time for them to embark on online learning is just before the weekend kicks off.

- Weekends

Weekends will suit content that needs to sell products to the middle-class. Since they are busy the whole week with other duties, they probably find time over the weekend to chill and check out what’s happening around them and the world at large.

- End year

When it comes to the best months to post on YouTube, the end-year period tends to be the best. Usually, this is when companies and individuals are winding up on their busy schedules of the year. They want to get improvements and tips to start the next year. It is wise to spend more time online, giving the necessary tips and probably hooking up some potential customers.

Best Days to Post on YouTube - Individual channel

Stop guessing and find the facts right. Hitting on the road at the right time can get you as many viewers as possible. YouTube makes getting the facts right quite easy. Just use YouTube studio to know when your viewers are online.

First, go to YouTube Studio
Check in the “YouTube Studio” > “Analytics” > “Audience” option. Remember that your channel should have enough views for this option to give you relevant data.

best days to post on youtube - check performance

Find the hours with the darkest purple bars
You’ll realize that there are dark bars and light ones. The latter represent when few viewers are on your channel. Avoid posting during such times and focus when you have many viewers on site. Also, try to post a few hours before the peak time.

best days to post on youtube - find the darkest bar

Focus on the days with the darkest bars
Apart from specific times of the day, you can focus on days of the week when your viewers are on your channel. You will mostly realize that the best days of the week to post to your channel are on weekends. It is quite typical as it’s the days when viewers are more relaxed and can find new things online. However, you can monitor your statistics and learn the number of days per week you need to emphasize more on posting your videos.

choose the best days to post on youtube

Post videos a day before the peak day
You can also dwell on the narrative; the early bird catches the worm. You can make an early catch since you know the day when your viewers will throng’ your channel, but you don’t know the time. Post videos a day before your channel goes busy. By this, you won’t leave any viewers outside your new postings.

A few hours before prime time
Another trick is to get your videos posted in good time. Once you have known the best hour of the day when viewers are likely to be active, make your video available a few hours before then. They’ll then get it rolling once they land into the channel for the newest updates. If not, you may miss out on views you would have gotten by making your video go public earlier.

Upload your videos in private a few hours before publishing
Yes, mistakes do happen, and you don’t want to be caught up in the mix of errors. You can increase perfection by uploading your videos for some hours before publishing them. It will give you a good time to check it out privately and iron out any concerns. You don’t want your video going viral with tons of mishaps.

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● You don’t have to guess the best days to upload to YouTube anymore. You can use YouTube algorithm Studio to calculate and give you the exact hours and days when your viewers are at bay. But again, this will only be effective if you have already gathered a substantial number of viewers. It will, therefore, not work for you if you are starting on YouTube. Usually, there isn’t enough data yet for the system to know the best time to publish, and neither know how your content performs in general.

● But all in all, you can use general practices to know when to post your content. Most likely, combine your efforts and don’t dwell on specific hours or days. Use both combined to reach as many audiences as possible.

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