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The Benefits of TubeBuddy | Manage Your YouTube Channel More Easily

Aug 04, 2021• Proven solutions

TubeBuddy is a YouTube certified extension for your Google Chrome browser. When you visit YouTube after installing TubeBuddy a whole new set of useful tools becomes available.

TubeBuddy’s tools were designed to save you time and effort when performing some of the more mundane tasks involved in running a YouTube channel, like adding cards. Many of TubeBuddy’s tools are completely free to use, but others might require a paid license. There are three levels of licensing: $9, $19, or $39 per month.


The Benefits of Using TubeBuddy for YouTube

  1. Increased Productivity
  2. Bulk Tools for Annotations, Cards, Thumbnails and More
  3. Quick Optimization for Your Video’s Tags
  4. Useful Data



Benefits of TubeBuddy

YouTubers who use TubeBuddy are able to spend less time on busy-work and more time on coming up with creative video ideas. Here are some of the ways TubeBuddy can help you, especially if you have a large or mid-sized channel:


1. Increased Productivity

Most of TubeBuddy’s Productivity Tools are available for free, but some require a $9 per month Pro license.

You can use these tools to get your videos ready for posting faster, embed them off-YouTube more easily, and save time by creating canned responses or templates for cards and annotations.

For example, you might find yourself creating the same YouTube Card over and over again to include it in every video you make. Creating a template through TubeBuddy will save you this effort.

Another great productivity tool is the Video Topic Planner. You can save video ideas you come up with, or ideas viewers have suggested to you, and arrange them in a queue so you never forget what you are planning to make next.


2. Bulk Tools for Annotations, Cards, Thumbnails and More

TubeBuddy bulk tools

Most of TubeBuddy’s bulk processing tools require a $19 per month Star license.

Two of the most time-saving tools in this section are the Bulk Copy tools for cards and annotations. They will save you from having to recreate the same ones over and over. Then, using the Bulk Update tools, you will be able to make changes to all of your cards or annotations at once.

For example: if you use a YouTube Card to link to your personal website and include it in every video, and then you change your website, you change the link in all of your existing cards at once.

Another useful Bulk tool is Bulk Thumbnail Overlays, which will allow you to add a logo to all of your existing video thumbnails at once.


3. Quick Optimization for Your Video’s Tags

The SEO Tools in TubeBuddy will help you find the best tags for your videos and suggest tags you might want to target. Many of these tools are free, but others require a $19 Star license.

One of the best free tools in this category is View and Copy Video Tags. It allows you to see and copy the tags of other people’s videos. You will be able to see which keywords your competitors are targeting (and look for opportunities to target them more effectively). This can also save you a lot of time writing out tags that should really be the same as the ones on an existing video.



4. Useful Data

The most useful piece of data under Data and Research Tools is the Best Time to Publish. How many views you get on a video could vary greatly depending on when you post, and the best times to post vary depending on the demographics of your audience. This free tool from TubeBuddy will show you when you should be uploading.

Another interesting tool, which is unfortunately only available with $39 licenses, is the Competitor Scoreboard. It allows creators to compare their channels stats to those of their rival channels.


Have you ever tried TubeBuddy for YouTube?

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