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Top 5 AI Video Generator Apps of 2024

Gianni Originally published Mar 09, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

Watching videos is easy, but making good ones can be hard work. Planning scripts, gathering footage, and editing everything perfectly takes time.

Luckily, AI has some solutions to speed up the process. I searched for the best AI tools for creating videos and found many great options.

From clever video editing software to apps that turn text into videos, there are tools for all sorts of tasks, whether running a YouTube channel, making engaging content for social media, or keeping your business's online presence up to date. Here are the top picks for the best AI video generator apps.

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  2. Part 3. Considerations When Using AI Video Generator App
  3. Conclusion

Part 1: Transform Your Ideas into Videos with Sora AI

sora ai video generator app

Discover Sora, a revolutionary AI technology by OpenAI designed to redefine video creation. With Sora, written instructions come to life as lifelike video scenes, catering to diverse users from security analysts to creative professionals.

Key Features:

  • Create up to a minute-long videos with exceptional visuals, even from just a picture.
  • Craft intricate scenes with multiple characters, dynamic movements, and detailed settings.
  • Understands language nuances to accurately depict emotions and prompts for expressive characters.
  • Maintains consistent style across different shots for a seamless viewing experience.
  • Customize various aspects of your videos, including appearance, movements, colors, and fonts.

While Sora is impressive, it may face challenges with complex physics or cause-and-effect relationships, leading to minor scene inconsistencies.

How to Create a Video with Sora

Creating your first video with OpenAI Sora is a journey into the future of AI-powered content creation. However, it's not yet available to the public. In February 2024, OpenAI Sora became accessible for "red teamers" to test its security and stability. Red teamers are experts who ensure products are safe and work well.

Safety is a priority as Sora prepares for use in OpenAI's products. Red teamers will test it to ensure safety and develop tools to identify false, violent, or inappropriate content created by Sora.

For a sneak peek, here's how to create videos in Sora (based on the Sora website):

Step 1: Log in to your OpenAI Sora account and access the Sora interface.

Step 2: Describe the video you want to create in detail in the text box. The more specific, the better Sora can understand.


Photorealistic closeup video of two pirate ships battling each other as they sail inside a cup of coffee.

Step 3: Submit your description and wait for Sora to process it. The time it takes depends on the complexity of your request.

sora ai video prompt

Step 4: Once the video is ready, watch it to see how well Sora brought your ideas to life.

sora ai video

Part 2: Top 5 AI Video Maker Apps

Discover the top 5 AI Video Maker Apps changing the game in digital video creation. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these AI video generator apps offer an easy solution to create captivating videos. Let's see how these AI video editors make video-making simpler for video creativity.

1. Filmora

filmora ai video maker app

Are you ready to create impressive and captivating videos effortlessly? With Filmora, creating professional videos has never been smarter or more accessible. With Filmora's intuitive interface and powerful built-in editing features, making professional videos is now easier. Plus, you can start creating right away with a free download.

Key Features

  • AI Smart Cutout: Easily touch up your videos by painting on people, backgrounds, or imperfections to achieve flawless results.
  • AI Audio Stretch: Ensure every song fits perfectly with your clip's length using AI Audio Stretch, guaranteeing seamless audio transitions.
  • AI Audio Denoise : Say goodbye to unwanted noises like wind or crowd sounds, as Filmora's AI Audio Denoise feature ensures a peaceful audio experience.
  • Auto Reframe: Resize multiple videos effortlessly in minutes with Auto Reframe, eliminating the need for manual editing skills.
  • Silence Detection: Keep your videos engaging by cutting unnecessary pauses smartly, creating a non-stop stream of highlights.
  • Enriched Media Resources: Access over 200 presets and an instant mode for quick and superb video editing results. Plus, integrate free stock media from popular platforms like Unsplash, Giphy, Pixabay, and Pexels directly into your projects.

2. InShot - Video Editor

inshot ai video maker app

InShot is your go-to solution for easily creating and editing stunning videos, available for both iOS and Android devices. This powerful app boasts various features that simplify editing, allowing users to add effects, titles, transitions, and more effortlessly. While it offers a seamless user experience and an impressive selection of tools, it's essential to note some significant privacy concerns.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: InShot's intuitive interface makes it simple to navigate and use, whether editing on a phone or tablet.
  • Versatile Editing Tools: From basic adjustments to advanced effects like chroma keying, InShot offers different editing tools for your creative needs.
  • Free Access with Optional Upgrades: While the app is free to download and use, additional tools and effects are available through subscription or one-time payment options.
  • High Performance: Enjoy smooth performance and fast exporting, even with 4K resolution projects.

3.Videoleap: AI Video Editor

videoleap ai video maker app

InShot stands out as a top choice for video editing enthusiasts. This AI-powered app simplifies the editing process and empowers users to effortlessly create captivating videos. One of its standout features is layer-based editing, which enhances functionality and boosts productivity. Additionally, users can easily cut and replace video clips with customized content, adding a personal touch to their projects.

Key Features

  • Layer-Based Editing: Enjoy enhanced functionality and productivity with layer-based editing capabilities.
  • Effortless Video Creation: Seamlessly create and edit videos with intuitive tools and features.
  • Social Media Enhancement: Easily recreate reels and enhance your social media presence with InShot's user-friendly interface.
  • Special Effects: Add flair to your videos with special effects like flare, rays, defocus, etc.
  • Sound Editing: Enhance your audio with over 100 sound effects and precise volume control for equalized audio.
  • AI Tools: Take advantage of optimized AI tools such as AI Scenes, AI Selfies, and AI Anime to streamline your editing process.

4.LightCut – AI Video Editor

lightcut ai video maker app

Introducing LightCut – AI Video Editor is the ultimate solution for elevating your video editing experience on Android and iOS platforms. This cutting-edge AI video maker app is designed to empower users with professionally crafted templates, ensuring seamless editing and inspiring content creation.

Whether you're a professional or a novice creator, LightCut – AI Video Editor empowers you to unleash your creativity and produce engaging video content for a broad audience.

Key Features

  • Professionally Made Templates: LightCut offers a vast collection of trendy and inspiring templates, guaranteeing a hassle-free editing process. These templates enhance your videos and captivate your audience effortlessly.
  • Merge and Trim Videos: Say goodbye to the frustration of messing with layouts. LightCut enables you to effortlessly merge or trim videos, ensuring a smooth editing workflow while maintaining the integrity of your content.
  • Transitions, Stickers, and Effects: Elevate your videos with many transition options, stickers, effects, and more. LightCut provides the tools to add flair and creativity to your projects, making them visually stunning and engaging.
  • Split and Delete Clips: Achieve studio-quality videos easily by splitting or deleting clips as needed. LightCut lets you fine-tune your content, ensuring every frame contributes to a polished final product.
  • Real-Time Recording: Capture videos in real-time and seamlessly edit them within the app, eliminating the need for complex workflows.

5.YouCam Video

youcam ai video maker app

YouCam Video is a premier AI video generator app for Android and iOS platforms. This revolutionary app simplifies video editing, allowing users to create video content with just a few taps. With YouCam Video, editing videos has never been easier. Utilize intuitive controls to enhance your footage and create professional-looking content effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Personalized Video Orientation: Customize your videos easily by choosing from landscape, square, or portrait orientations. Whether you're sharing on social media or creating a cinematic masterpiece, YouCam Video ensures your videos look their best in any format.
  • Selfie Video Enhancement: Perfect your selfie videos with advanced editing tools. Zoom in, edit and enhance your footage to achieve the ideal composition, ensuring you always look your best on camera.
  • Makeover Filters: Transform your videos with a vast selection of makeover filters. From subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations, YouCam Video allows you to apply filters with just a few taps, effortlessly elevating your content.
  • Reshaping Face Videos: Easily reshape facial features such as cheekbones, jaws, or forehead for a flattering look every time.
  • Retouching Face: Fine-tune your videos by retouching skin removing imperfections like pimples, acne, spots, and more, ensuring a flawless appearance.

Part 3: Considerations When Using AI Video Generator App

Looking at the following factors when using an AI video maker app helps ensure that the generated content meets quality, legal, and ethical standards, leading to more effective communication and positive outcomes.

  • Ensure you have rights to use content, avoid misleading or offensive material, and respect copyright laws.
  • Check for video quality and accuracy of text/voiceover.
  • Look for features to personalize videos with logos, colors, etc., making them engaging for your audience.
  • Handle personal/sensitive data securely and avoid sharing proprietary information.
  • Check for video quality and accuracy of text/voiceover.
  • Gather feedback to improve videos and use analytics to measure effectiveness.
  • Ensure videos meet industry guidelines and best practices for legal and ethical use.


Artificial intelligence has revolutionized video creation, offering easy and fast solutions.

Among the top AI video editors are Sora AI, which brings written instructions to life; Filmora, known for its straightforward editing process enhanced by AI features; and InShot - Video Editor, offering easy editing options tailored for both iOS and Android users.

Additionally, Videoleap stands out for its layer-based editing capabilities and various special effects, while LightCut – AI Video Editor offers professionally designed templates and real-time recording functionalities. YouCam Video distinguishes itself with personalized features geared towards achieving professional-looking content.

Filmora is the standout choice due to its intuitive interface and robust features. It's essential to consider various considerations, such as legal and ethical standards, video quality, privacy, and feedback mechanisms while selecting an appropriate tool for video creation.

Gianni Mar 27, 24
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