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GitHub Copilot: Everything You Need to Know

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Nov 20, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

In this rapidly growing realm of software development, developers seek help. They look for tools to enhance their productivity and automate repetitive coding tasks. For this purpose, GitHub Copilot is becoming a valuable ally for programmers. Launched in 2021, this AI assistant combines GitHub and OpenAI.

It’s an AI pair programmer to direct the complex landscape of programming languages. Unlike other code editors, GitHub goes beyond an ordinary tool because of AI support. That's why this article is all about this Copilot GitHub to make your coding process smoother. So, learn here everything from basics to privacy, benefits, and limitations of GitHub.

In this article
  1. Part 1: A Basic Introduction to GitHub Copilot: The Major Offerings
  2. Part 2: Understanding the Operations of GitHub Copilot
  3. Part 3: The Point of Privacy: What Things to Look Out for in GitHub Copilot
  4. Part 4: Some Major Aspects to Keep in Mind While Using GitHub Copilot
  5. Part 5: Should We or Should We Not Use GitHub Copilot
  6. Bonus Part: A Review for Video Editors: Filmora AI Copilot
  7. Conclusion
AI Copilot Editing
Say goodbye to editing roadblocks and hello to a smoother, smarter editing experience with Filmora’s AI Copilot!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: A Basic Introduction to GitHub Copilot: The Major Offerings

GitHub Copilot is an AI coding assistant that maintains developers’ workflow. This AI developer tool can start a conversation about your codebase. GitHub suggests codes based on the project’s contexts and style of conversations.

Companies prefer this assistant to increase the productivity of developers. With 55% faster coding, it accelerates the process of coding development. Moreover, it is trained for all coding languages that appear in public repositories.

github copilot overview

Part 2: Understanding the Operations of GitHub Copilot

As discussed, this AI programming tool helps programmers in faster coding. It’s a generative pre-trained language model attributed to OpenAI. Notably, OpenAI codex has a broad knowledge of how people use codes. It can suggest complete lines of code by analyzing how you code. This Copilot AI works by assembling code from users’ comments.

Afterward, it predicts the code by reading the function name that you’ve declared. The GitHub Copilot editor sends your code and comments to the GitHub AI coding service. After reaching there, your code gets synthesized and generate suggestion with OpenAI codex. It auto-fills repetitive code and creates unit tests for your methods.

Furthermore, it works by reading open-source code on the GitHub repo worldwide. Then, it tries to find the most suitable code related to that code. Besides, this AI assistant can help you in learning a new programming language.

github copilot operations

Part 3: The Point of Privacy: What Things to Look Out for in GitHub Copilot

AI coding tools are reshaping software development and continue to grow. In this regard, GitHub Copilot is no exception, but its privacy policy sets it apart from other assistants. It claims to maximize the productivity of developers with security and transparency. GitHub uses an excellent Azure infrastructure and encryption. With an AI-based prevention system, it blocks insecure coding patterns. 

To the point of privacy, GitHub keeps your code private from other users. It retains the prompt and suggestions until you disable the code snippet collection from settings. On the other hand, users said that this technology is talented and getting smarter over time. Friedman states, “GitHub draws context from the code and suggests the suitable functions.”

Another user pointed out that he likes CI/CD, which works well. Some users report that the platform is collaborative and makes code generation easier. Talking about accuracy, this AI Copilot suggests the right code 43% of the time in the first time.

Part 4: Some Major Aspects to Keep in Mind While Using GitHub Copilot

Are you considering using GitHub Copilot to bring ease to your programming? Definitely, this AI pair programmer provides quality suggestions in any coding language. Some of the GitHub Copilot languages are Python, JavaScript, C++, and TypeScript. So, if you intend to use this AI assistant, you must look into the following tips and tricks.

  1. Be careful about the language and framework that you are using. Copilot will work differently in a variety of languages. Thus, you should stick to the earlier languages for better results.
  2. After getting the code, you should always test the code. By doing so, you’ll quickly catch any code that is not functioning properly.
  3. While working with this Copilot, you should write informative comments. Also, structure your code into small and meaningful names, functions, and parameters.
  4. Remember that GitHub does not generate perfect codes. You need to review and edit the code to ensure it meets your requirements.
  5. To provide proper context, you should open relevant files. When you open tabs for context, it contextualizes the code better for exact results.
  6. Be mindful of the fact that this tool uses the context that you provide. The more context you will provide, the more accurate suggestion you will get.
github copilot

Part 5: Should We or Should We Not Use GitHub Copilot

Using GitHub means getting help in coding tasks. The question arises here: What’s the point of using an AI tool when you can also write the codes? To address this question, we have noted plenty of reasons to use GitHub Copilot.

  • It can turn off the easy and boring stud out of your plate. This way, you can better focus on interesting and creative coding tasks.
  • With its auto-complete suggestions, you can quickly write all the coding yourself.
  • It is perfect for beginners and students as they can learn much from it. The natural language prompts can teach you new ways of achieving a specific goal.
  • Humans can forget to perform a function, but AI cannot. If you forget some functions, just start typing what you remember and let AI suggest the next.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using this Copilot. Let us show you some of its downsides or limitations to decide whether it's worth using.

  • The auto-complete suggestions are limited to the opened tabs and current files.
  • It may suggest unrelated code that might be from outdated or deprecated libraries.
  • Users sometimes get distracted from the suggestions, which leads to bad coding habits.
  • The suggestion might show inefficient, unoptimized, and potentially insecure code.
  • Developers may entirely depend on this tool, which can affect their personal growth.

Bonus Part: A Review for Video Editors: Filmora AI Copilot

Similar to developers, video editors also look for AI assistants for efficient work. In this regard, there is a tool like GitHub Copilot that can boost the productivity of editors. Thus, rely on Wondershare Filmora, which is primarily a video editing tool. With built-in AI features, it can expand your creativity with effortless editing.

In terms of AI assistant, it offers an intelligent AI Copilot Editor. Beginners in editing and gaming content creators can speed up their editing process using it. You can ask this personal assistant for help in video editing to streamline the process. It prevents errors in editing by detecting conflicting parameters. 

ai copilot editing of filmora

Benefits of Using AI Copilot Editor as a Personal Assistant

Get valuable editing insights and direction by using this feature of Filmora. Like GitHub, let us show you some benefits of using this AI assistant to start using it effectively.

  • Professional Results: This free Copilot aims to increase the overall quality of your videos. It will suggest tips and solutions that perfectly align with your editing needs.
  • Recommendations: It’s an intelligent copilot with advanced AI algorithms. After analyzing your footage, it suggests relevant effects, transitions, and edits.
  • Maintain Workflow: With real-time assistance, you can get more productive in editing sessions. It saves your time and effort with enhanced decision-making.
  • Better Accessibility: AI copilot navigates users towards the respective feature. It provides solutions based on needs and also guides to access the outcome.

How to Use the AI Copilot Editor of Filmora in Simple Steps

Using Copilot of Filmora is Filmora easier than using and launching GitHub. It accepts your queries in natural language and generates exact results. Without further delay, let's use this feature through the given steps.

Free Download
Free Download

Step 1: Launch Filmora and Head to the Editing Window

Firstly, install the latest version of Filmora from its official website. Launch it in your system and enter its main interface. There, pick the "New Project" option and head to the editing screen.

start new filmora project

Step 2: Access the AI Copilot Editor Feature

Simply look for the copilot icon from the toolbar of the timeline section. Click on it and get the “Filmora Copilot” screen to start receiving assistance. If you are unable to find that icon, you can bring media to the timeline and right-click on it. From the list, users can quickly choose the “AI Copilot” option.

proceed to ai copilot feature

Step 3: Use the AI Copilot Feature

Type your query in the "Filmora Copilot” screen and hit the "Ask AI" button. You can take ideas from already given questions. After finding answers, scroll and press on the navigation to reach out to the solution.

add query and generate result


To wrap up, one can say that GitHub Copilot is an excellent coding assistant for programmers. It shows top-notch privacy concerns for users and serves several fruitful benefits. Meanwhile, video editors strive for such assistance to ease their editing tasks. Right here, they should use Wondershare Filmora for the AI Copilot editor. It is an incredible AI assistant for video editing suggestions and navigation. 

Free Download
Free Download
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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