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Personalize AI Generation With Hatsune Miku AI Voice

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Aug 25, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

For those who are unfamiliar with Hatsune Miku voice generators, let's get to know about her first. Hatsune Miku AI voice was the first Japanese AI voice closest to a real human voice. It was a sixteen-year-old Anime girl's avatar inspired by a Japanese actress. This character was a singing AI that could change its pitch, volume, and other vocal effects.

The first generation of Hatsune Miku could only generate a robotic voice. But the progression of AI technologies and training data led to a naturalistic AI voice. The name is inspired by Japanese characters translating to "first voice of future." Let's delve into a few of these Hatsune Miku voice generators.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Online Solution: TopMediAI Hatsune Miku Voice Generator
  2. Part 2: Offline Solution: UnicTool MagicVox
  3. Part 3: Voice Generation in Filmora: Introduction to AI Voice Editing
  4. Conclusion
AI Audio Editing
An editing software works well on many grounds including audio, video, and image.
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Part 1: Online Solution: TopMediAI Hatsune Miku Voice Generator

TopMediAI is amongst the many online text-to-speech voice generators providing quality results. It is a multi-purpose platform offering a wide range of image, audio, and video editing. Along with this, it offers a variety of AI tools operating on modern algorithms to meet the present needs.

The tools specialize in advanced audio processing and voice recognition in faster ways. In addition, all users can access it because of its welcoming interface. It can generate Hatsune Miku AI voice along with other animated characters like SpongeBob.

Being a Hatsune Miku voice generator online, TopMediAI also assists in other things. For example, users can edit their pictures by removing backgrounds and adding enhancements. Here are some of  its important features to help you gain the knowledge of sound generation in it:

1. Text-to-Speech

Who thought generating your favorite lines in Hatsune Miku AI voice would be this simple? With TopMediAI, you can generate your favorite Anime character's voice through textual input. Once you select the character and press generate, the speech outputs are as natural as a human's. Furthermore, it offers 3000+ AI voices, including politicians, animated characters, and singers.

text to speech topmediai

2. AI Song Cover

TopMediAi has a wide range of databases related to singing styles, genres, and tones. You can generate personalized song covers in any artist's voice with a hint of your style. It can transform an original song into any singer's voice, like Michael Jackson and more.

ai song cover topmediai

3. Free Voice Changer

Are you bored of using your voice for video voiceovers and want something different? TopMediAI's voice changer tool can transform your voice into 700+ naturalistic AI voices. The voices can be of a real-life celebrity or of a character along with Hatsune Miku AI voice. Users can use these voices for social platforms, live chats, and gaming.

free voice changer topmediai

If you are considering using Hatsune Miku AI voice for your brand, here are the most affordable pricing plans for TopMediAI:


Pricing (per month)





Plus Plan


Clone Basic


Clone Premium


Clone Plus


Part 2: Offline Solution: UnicTool MagicVox

Do you want to make a prank call to your friends using Hatsune Miku AI voice? UnicTool MagicVox is an online AI voice generator that offers offline access to the majority of mobile apps. You can convert your audio once and use the voice offline for future applications. It supports both Android and iOS and is compatible with most communication platforms.

Being a Hatsune Miku AI voice generator doesn't limit UnicTool MagicVox. It enables users to customize their data to other characters' or celebrities' voices. Let's see how its advanced algorithms generate such a variety of voices:

1. MagicVox – Voice Changer

Ever imagined transforming your voice into your favorite character's? It used to seem impossible before, but now you can do it with the help of MagicVox's voice changer. It can transform your voice into your favorite character, cartoon, or anime with 400+ effects. Moreover, this voice can be used on other platforms such as YouTube, Zoom, and TikTok.

magicvox voice changer

2. Real-Time Voice Changing

Before the invention of AI, voice actors used to do it. With the advancements, text-to-speech voice generators made the process effortless and cost-effective. Users can transform texts into 3200+ AI voices in 45+ languages with its voice generator. Be it Hatsune Miku AI voice or any other character; it can do it all.

real time voice changing magicvox

3. AI Voice Changing 

With UnicTool MagicVox, users can clone their voices on any online platform. It uses deepfake algorithms and advanced learning systems to clone every voice characteristic. It keeps in view the pitch, tone, ups, and lows of someone's speech and clones according to it.

ai voice cloning magicvox

With this Hatsune Miku Voice generator, you can experiment with its various features to reach your full potential. Here's a deeper overview of what UnicTool MagicVox costs if considered:



Month Plan


Quarter Plan


Year Plan


Lifetime Plan


Part 3: Voice Generation in Filmora: Introduction to AI Voice Editing

Transforming your voice into your favorite character's is fun. In contrast, there are other aspects of audio or AI voice that you want to edit. This is when you need software or a tool that is an all-rounder covering minor and major aspects of audio.

Although Wondershare Filmora is not your Hatsune Miku voice generator, it can do more. It is an editing software that works on many grounds, i.e., audio, video, and image. With its smart learning and vast training mechanisms, it provides AI help for editing.

Free Download
Free Download


Adding voiceovers to your videos has always been an exhaustive process. With Wondershare Filmora, you can generate voiceovers with simple texts and transform them into 10 voices and 25+ languages. It has a high-quality text scanner for smooth and accurate text-to-speech transformation. Upon generating voices, they can be embedded into your required media without shifting across any platform.

text to speech filmora

Top AI Audio Editing Features

Wondershare Filmora is not limited to audio generation; it is much more. Following are the tools that have made editing accessible, effortless, and time-saving:

  • AI Audio Denoise: With Filmora's audio denoise, make your audio flawless. The AI can auto-eliminate background noises like echoing, humming, talking, and more.
  • Speech to Text: Do you prefer reading more than voice blogs and audiobooks? Be productive with Filmora's STT and transform any audio file into textual form.
  • Silence Detection: Finding it hard to reach every silent pause in your videos? Filmora's silence detection mode can do it simultaneously without any manual assistance.


You are now familiar with online and offline Hatsune Miku voice generators. Although, there are situations when you need other AI voices or audio assistance. In such cases, we recommend you use Wondershare Filmora, as it has many AI audio tools and a user-friendly interface. That is why it has become the top choice of many creators and editors.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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