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AI-Driven Video Editing To Perfection With

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Jul 29, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Once you have recorded a video, you need professional video editing in its post-production phase. Through a reliable video editing tool, you can eradicate flaws from your video within a few seconds. Moreover, you can enhance your video visuals by adding cinematic effects through a video editor.

One of the famous online video editors you can utilize for professional usage is This article will give you a detailed review so that you can utilize this video editor proficiently. We will also highlight its AI-powered tools briefly that can assist you in improving your video quality easily. Thus, consider this guide to learn how to use professionally to make your videos flawless.  

In this article
  1. Part 1: How Can AI Video Editing Influence the Media Industry?
  2. Part 2: and Its Influence as an AI Online Video Editor
  3. Part 3: How to Utilize for AI Video Editing?
  4. Part 4: AI Video Editing and Wondershare Filmora
  5. Conclusion

Part 1: How Can AI Video Editing Influence the Media Industry?

Do you know AI video editing software can influence the media industry? In this section, we will briefly shed light on some of the key impacts of AI video editing tools.

Helps In Innovation and Creativity

AI video editors can expand the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Various AI-powered features let you add appealing visual effects to the required situation. For unique storytelling, you can experiment with facial enhancers, vivid colors, and vibrant backgrounds. With personalized recommendations, you can improve the quality of your content effortlessly.

Automate Manual Tasks

To edit raw video footage, there are multiple tasks that you have to perform manually. This can be extremely time-consuming and can also negatively impact your productivity. With proficient AI video editors like editor, you can modify your video with a few clicks. You don’t have to alter parameters separately to bring a flawless result. The AI tools can automate the whole process and bring instant results.

Ensures Smooth Editing Workflow

There are certain repetitive tasks that one has to perform in video editing. For instance, you have to manually insert subtitles in a video while analyzing each scene. With AI tools, you can automatically add subtitles without grammatical mistakes in each video scene. It also reduces the chances of errors and ensures a smooth editing workflow. Thus, it saves you time to invest in the creative side of the content.


While producing a video for professional or commercial purposes, you have to spend a lot of money. You have to choose a perfect location with relevant background. However, if you can’t afford to bring an exact location to shoot video footage, AI tools can help you. Through AI background tools, you can add and remove backgrounds to your video automatically. With a single tap, you can add beaches in the background of your video without going there physically. Thus, such tools are immensely cost-effective.

Content Discovery To Target Audience

The main aim of producing a video is to target your audience to gain maximum attention. With AI tools, you can check content analysis, viewer preferences, and engagement metrics effectively. This will help you produce video content that is trendy and demanded by the viewers. Moreover, it can bring your various unique ideas to create engaging videos.

AI-Driven Video Editor
The best editor provides professional video editing for AI-driven videos.
Wondershare Filmora 12

Part 2: and Its Influence as an AI Online Video Editor is an online video editor comprised of multiple features and AI tools. Once you create an account in this video editor, you can edit unlimited videos on it with precision. This video editor allows you to add filters to your video to make your content appealing and attractive. Moreover, you can also add text, music, and various elements to your video within a few clicks. It also lets you trim, cut, and crop your video effortlessly.

This online tool is not only restricted to basic editing options as it features multiple AI-powered tools. Using such tools on the editor, you can improve your creative skills while increasing your productivity. Furthermore, you can also use this tool to screen record your video presentations in high quality.

ai tools of veed io

Key Features of To Keep Notice Of video editor provides you with tons of AI tools. The AI tools can automate your work and bring fascinating results instantly. To learn about them, proceed to the following section:

AI Avatar

Do you want to add different avatars to your video? The AI Avatar tool displays various avatars in front of you with different clothing, features, and skin tone. You can choose your preferred avatar from the given options. It has up to 50 avatars of both genders and unique attires. Once done, you can write your script and select a voice for your avatar from the displayed options.

AI Image Generator

The AI image generator of helps bring your desired illustrations to life. Just type a few words and describe the artwork or drawing you want to create. Within a few seconds, you can get your desired results in high-end quality. Moreover, you can also refine your artwork until you get satisfactory results.

AI Video Editor

Do you need help with creating an attractive video? The AI video editor of this tool consists of various video templates with vibrant and trendy colors. You can also create the script for your video with its AI script generator. Write a few sentences to explain your topic, and the tool will create a relevant script for you.

Furthermore, you can add narration to your video using the text-to-speech tool. You can also different elements to your video through the stock media of this AI video editor.

Eye Correction

Many times, the subject in your video needs to have more appropriate eye movements. With the AI eye correction tool, you can analyze the eye movements of your subject precisely. Upload your video and turn on the toggle of the “Eye Contact” tool. This will instantly make your subject eye contact with the camera with great accuracy.

AI Background Remover

Are you not satisfied with the background of your video? No need to worry, as the AI background remover of the editor helps you in replacing a background efficiently. With a single click, you can remove a dull background from your video and add a new one effectively.

The auto-erase feature will precisely remove the background from your video without disrupting the subject. You can also avail of the “Green Screen” option to add flawless video backgrounds.

Part 3: How to Utilize for AI Video Editing?

Are you excited to learn how to use the video editor effortlessly? In this section, we will offer detailed steps to edit a video through by utilizing its AI-powered tools.

Step 1 Open the interface of and click on “Create Project ."Afterward, click on the "Upload Video/Audio" button and import your desired video. Once done, you will be able to see the video playback in its timeline.

add video to timeline

Step 2 From the left menu, you can select various options to edit your video. To add subtitles to your video automatically, click on the “Subtitle” option from the left side. The auto-transcription feature will automatically generate subtitles for you by analyzing your voice.

use auto subtitles feature

Step 3 To add narration, head to the “Audio” feature to utilize the text-to-speech option. Moreover, you can head to “Settings” to auto-erase the background of your video. You can also reduce background noises in the Settings menu automatically.

use text to speech function

Step 4 Afterward, you can go to the “Media” section to explore stock images and videos. This will help you in adding different elements to your video instantly. Once you finish all the editing, hit the "Done" button at the top. Afterward, you can export your video to the desired platform.

export final video

Bonus Part: AI Video Editing and Wondershare Filmora

Multiple AI tools can produce fascinating results instantly. One such alternative to is Wondershare Filmora, which offers many video editing options for all professionals. It is an easy-to-use video editing software to help you edit and manage your videos proficiently. This tool is available on both desktops and smartphones. With high compatibility, you can run this video editor anywhere easily.

You can find various AI tools in Filmora that can generate flawless results. For instance, you can modify the visual effects in your video without damaging the original quality. You can also edit the embedded audio track in your video to eliminate all the flaws automatically. Therefore, Filmora is a complete video editor designed for professionals to edit videos with artificial intelligence.

Free Download
Free Download

Top AI Functionalities Offered By Wondershare Filmora

Filmora has abundant AI features that can boost your productivity. With simple clicks, you can cost-effectively improve your video quality. To learn more about its key features, jump to the following section:

1. AI Portrait

The AI Portrait feature allows you to remove the background of your video without interfering with the subject. By doing so, you can add a portrait effect to your video that will merge with your subject automatically. It includes AR stickers that can gain the attention of a viewer instantly. Therefore, without Chroma Key or Green Screen, you can add attractive backgrounds to your video through the AI Portrait feature.

ai portrait filmora

2. Auto Reframe

Are you struggling to reframe your video in the correct aspect ratio? The Auto Reframe feature of Filmora allows you to automatically reframe your video without any manual effort. It will also help you to transform your landscape videos into vertical ones without damaging the quality. This feature also gives multiple options for aspect ratios that can fit well to every social media platform.

auto reframe filmora

3. AI Smart Cutout

Do you want to remove an unwanted object from your video? It can be annoying to have an unwanted object in your video distracting attention. To eliminate this problem, you can utilize the AI Smart Cutout feature that can isolate your subject with high accuracy. This will let you remove unwanted objects, props, and people from the video. Moreover, you can also refine the cutout results flawlessly.

ai smart cutout filmora

4. AI Copywriting

Do you know that Filmora has integrated ChatGPT? To provide you with more advanced results, you can generate AI content through ChatGPT to create your scripts instantly. This AI content creation tool allows you to craft unique scripts for your video without errors. Moreover, you can create effective YouTube titles and descriptions through this AI copywriting tool.

ai copywriting filmora

5. Motion Tracking

The motion tracking tool of Filmora can analyze the movement of your subject frame by frame. This will help you in inserting graphics into your subject with high accuracy. You can also pin text to your object that will move by its movement. Moreover, you can also insert mosaics to your moving subjects effortlessly with a single tap.

motion tracking filmora


AI video editors are trending as they can reduce human work to a great extent. In this review, you can check the benefits of AI video editors in a detailed manner. We have also highlighted the AI tools of that can help you modify your video proficiently.

If you want a better and more advanced option for an AI video editor, we will recommend Wondershare Filmora. This video editor seems a better option featuring tons of unique and compelling AI-powered tools.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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