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Revolution in Music Production Through AI Singing Voice Generators

Are you surfing from site to site searching for an AI voice singing tool? No need to look further because we have brought you some of the most effective ones.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 30, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

As soothing as the songs sound, the experience of singing can be beyond our imagination. We all have heard about AI voice generators, but a new variation introduced in them is AI singing voice. The AI voice sing feature has automated the exhausting process of recording and repeating music. The AI voice singing generators can create music in your voice and famous singers' voices like Rihanna, Drake, and many more.

Furthermore, you can customize the music based on gender, emotions, and tones. Let's look at how these AI singing voice generators are revolutionizing the music industry, along with some examples.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How Has The Music Industry Changed With the Inception of AI?
  2. Part 2: Heavy-Duty AI Singing Voice Generator To Use
  3. Part 3: Wondershare Filmora AI Voice Editing Made Easy

Part 1: How Has The Music Industry Changed With the Inception of AI?

The inception of AI has brought noticeable changes in the music industry. The applications it offers must be addressed. Some of the ways these AI voice sing features have influenced the music industry are:

1. Music Production and Personalization

With AI voice singing tools, anyone can create music. The AI algorithms involved in this have a vast database of singing and its aspects.

2. Personalization

These deep learning and training techniques have enabled AI to analyze, add, and modify sound. Social platforms like Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube use AI tech to recommend music based on users' history.

3. Remote Production and Collaboration

With the help of cloud computing, AI voice generators can be accessed online. This has allowed artists and brands to collaborate online. There's no need to waste time and expenses on travel and all.

4. AI in Live Performances

AI technology has been of great aid during live concerts and performances. The lighting, visual effects, and stage design alter according to the music. This has made stage performances creative and interactive.

5. AI Voice in Marketing

Everything sounds more interesting and realistic with the integration of voices. Hence, AI voice also works as a marketing product for businesses like gaming and multimedia projects.

AI Audio Editor
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Part 2: Heavy-Duty AI Singing Voice Generator To Use

At first, you could only generate AI robotic voices with the assistance of AI voice generators. However, singing AI voice became possible with unstoppable upgrades and advanced learning and training algorithms. Amongst are some AI singing generators that proved their worth in the media industry:

1. Typecast

Sometimes you make a video presentation and wish to add perfection to every aspect. This is where you would need assistance from an AI voice sing to fill in the flaws because robotic voices don't interact the way a natural voice can. Typecast has a wide voice library from which users can generate 400+ human-like voices and emotions.

The user interface is a simple text-to-speech process, and users can select AI voices for different contexts. Moreover, the context difference, like professional, student, or marketer, brings the required changes in AI's tone, style, and speed. You can also select the narration style, i.e., storytelling, documentary, presentation, and more.

typecast ai singing voice generation

2. Voicemod

Are you also the biggest chaser of memes, always looking out for new trends? You already belong to the Voicemod family, a platform for AI singing voice. You can transform your funny texts into songs, making memes using its interface. The process of creating AI audio with Voicemod is a simple text-to-song process. Besides AI voice singing, the tool also offers voice cloning and changing, which can be used for gaming.

One of the features that makes Voicemod unique is its AI Persona voice. It allows you to customize 36 variations of your cloned voice. You can also choose the 3 ages, 3 genders, and 4 tones for your AI voice.

voicemod ai singing voice generation

3. VoxBox

There's no room for boredom when you can have creative, human-like voices through VoxBox. With the availability of online tools, the TTS feature enables the conversion of texts to audio formats like MP3 and WAV. Advanced technology can customize your audio into 3200+ voices and 46+ languages and accents.

If a tool can do so much as voice cloning, can it also do voice singing? It is possible with iMyFone VoxBox AI voice sing tool. You can customize your cloned voice or texts into one of your favorite rappers. The voice library can transform your audio into famous rappers like Drake and Kanye West or singing styles, for instance, hip-hop or Jazz.

voxbox ai singing voice generation

4. Vocaloid

You can be a good songwriter, but singing a song is more challenging than it seems. In such scenarios, Vocaloid singing voice generator free can help your curate high-quality synthesized music. The platform is specifically dedicated to AI singing and voice generation.

With this tool, you can transform your vocals into singing. Once you record audio, you can transform it into different AI voices that sound as expressive as real ones. You can sing in multilingual mode, like mixing up lyrics in Japanese and Chinese. Moreover, you can edit the accent, gender, and tone of the AI singer.

vocaloid ai singing voice generation

5. Speechify

Having a passion for singing but needing more resources to train and learn can be a turn-off. However, the advancements in AI have made that possible for you to execute tasks online without any training. With Speechify, you can customize your own singing AI voice with the help of artificial intelligence. Bring the lyrics, harmonies, and melodies, and let AI do the magic for you.

You can also clone your voice with Speechify voice cloning and combine AI with it. This will add your signature style to AI singing. You can create music in different genres and characters with it.

speechify ai singing voice generation

Part 3: Wondershare Filmora AI Voice Editing Made Easy

We have discussed various voice-generating tools and their features. It is true that these tools generate singing AI voices in the most effective way because of the AI technology embedded in them. Apart from voice generation, these tools lack in providing editing facilities. For this purpose, we suggest you explore Wondershare Filmora.

Let's create more creative and engaging voices with Wondershare Filmora. Although famous for its video editing features, it generates voices like no one else. Users can add, adjust, and edit multiple filters, effects, and transitions to their media files. The user interface of Filmora is simple, even for an amateur.

AI Audio Upscaling Features of Wondershare Filmora

Just because Filmora identifies as a video editor doesn't mean it can't do both. With the help of AI, it has offered audio editing features that make your content flawless. Moreover, the AI algorithms are designed to trim and edit audio tracks independently, so let's see how:

1. AI Audio Stretch

You often want to add your favorite song behind a video, but it doesn't make sense. With Filmora's AI audio stretch, you can retime any audio according to your video. This feature remixes and adjust the middle part of a song meanwhile the ending and beginning remain the same. Read more to know a detailed guide on how to use the AI Audio Stretch feature:

Audio Stretch with AI
Audio Stretch with AI
Step 1Create New Project & Import Your Files

To use Filmora, first, you need to download it on your Windows. After that, launch Filmora on your computer and import your files via the "New Project" tab on the main menu. Import your audio and video files, and drag them to the timeline tracks from the editing window.

import audio to timeline
Step 2Find Audio Stretch and Start Editing

From the timeline toolbar, find and choose the "Audio Stretch" icon. Select your music file and swipe it forward or backward to the points you want to eliminate from the audio, and AI will handle the rest.

apply ai audio stretch
Step 3Readjusting Audio Stretch

You'll be able to listen to your product before finalization. If you're unsatisfied, eliminate audio stretch and readjust. Go to the timeline track and right-click on your music clip. Choose "Delete Audio Stretch," and the effects will be removed from the audio.

delete stretch effect

2. AI Audio Denoise

The perfect shooting environment doesn't exist, but an editing tool does. Filmora's AI audio denoise feature was launched to remove sonic flaws to achieve perfection. These flaws might include humming sounds, background talking, or others. Furthermore, below is the step-by-step guide for using the AI Audio Denoise feature:

Audio Denoise with AI
Audio Denoise with AI
Step 1Import and Drag Your Files to the Timeline

After downloading and initiating Filmora, import the audio or video you want to perfect. Drag your media file to the timeline's track. While doing so, a side panel will appear on the right side of the screen.

add video to timeline
Step 2Denoise Your Audio in Details

Select the "Audio" tab from the right side panel and swipe until you see the "Denoise" section. Click on it, and multiple options will appear. Select the suitable option according to your file's audio flaws. You can adjust the intensity of denoising from the options as well.

apply denoise effect
Step 3Readjusting Denoise Settings

You can reverse the action if you are unsatisfied with the audio adjustments. At the end, you'll see a "Reset" button that you must click. The audio will return to its original state, and you can repeat the instructions.

reset denoise settings


It would be best to know how AI technology has strengthened its roots in the media industry. Everything is a matter of minutes, from creating animations to creating AI voice sing. These synthesized AI voices do have certain concerns about deception or deepfakes. Compared to them, Wondershare Filmora is an AI-driven tool that aids in secure AI audio editing.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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