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How To Manage the Translation of YouTube Videos With Care?

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Originally published Mar 04, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

People use YouTube to share all kinds of stuff, including teaching, fun, and opinions. But not everyone speaks the same language, so it can be hard to understand videos in a different language. If viewers don't get the language in a video, they won't watch it. One way to fix this issue is to translate YouTube videos into different languages to make them diverse.

When you translate video to text, it makes the content more inclusive and attracts more viewers. This article discusses why translating video is crucial and shares the best ways to do it.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What Is the Direct Way To Translate Video Text Properly on YouTube?
  2. Part 2. How To Translate YouTube Videos Using the Best Options?
  3. Part 3. Bringing Video to Text Translation at the User's Ease
  4. Conclusion
YouTube Video AI Translation
An easy-to-use video editor helps you translate any video on YouTube with AI technology!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. What Is the Direct Way To Translate Video Text Properly on YouTube?

If you want to translate the text of a video directly on YouTube, you can use its built-in features. It has a function called “Closed Captions (CC)” that helps understand translations. With the help of this feature, you can check for the availability of captions and proceed with auto-functioning. Here are the steps to translate video to text for free while on the YouTube website:

Step 1

Begin the process by launching YouTube on your device. Move forward by finding the video you want to translate. Before getting its translation, hit the “Subtitles/Closed Caption” icon to turn it on.

look for closed captions button

Step 2

After confirming the availability of subtitles, tap the “Settings” icon. When you click this option, it opens a pop-up menu. Within this menu, click the “Subtitles/CC” to get an extended menu.

access subtitles option

Step 3

From the extended menu, press the “Auto-translate” option. Choosing this will open an extended list of languages to select from. Opt for your desired language and watch the video with translated subtitles.

use auto transcription option


The process of using a direct way to translate a video to text has its limits. It only works if there are subtitles available for the video. If there aren't any, you can't use this method to get a translation. Besides that, this auto-translation feature on YouTube sometimes misses small details or misunderstands the context. Misconceptions can be costly when the user is translating content for professional purposes.

Part 2. How To Translate YouTube Videos Using the Best Options?

Users can now translate YouTube videos to English without CC using the best choices. Various tools are available to change what is said in the video in different languages. These platforms ensure the accuracy of translation to make people understand the content. In the following section, we'll explore the top platforms you can pick for translating YouTube video content:

1. Using Wondershare Filmora for Translation of YouTube Videos to English Without CC

Wondershare Filmora has taken its place at the top of this competitive market of translating content. When there are no captions or subtitles available in the video, you should consider its services. It accurately transcribes and translates the spoken words into your desired language with AI translation. The software supports multiple source and target languages for effective translation with minimal errors.

On top of the entire discussion, it enables you to translate YouTube videos without CC while maintaining coherence. Users have the flexibility to choose the translation type to enjoy a highly personalized experience. You can opt to translate either voice and text or only text to undergo translation.

Try AI Translation
Try AI Translation

Step-By-Step Guide To Translating Videos in Filmora’s AI Translation Feature

After knowing Wondershare Filmora's diverse capabilities, let's learn how it helps translate videos. In the following section, you'll find instructions on how to translate YouTube videos to English without CC:

Step 1Download the Software and Start Creating Project

To translate, start the process by downloading the latest version of Wondershare Filmora from its official website. Once launched, click the “New Project” button at the top of the main interface.

start new project in filmora

Step 2Import Your Media File for Translation

In the editing window, select the “Import” option to get different options across the menu. Opt for your desired video from the menu and import. Now, drag the video and drop it on the timeline panel of Filmora.

import video and drag to timeline

Step 3Access the AI Translation Feature

Next, head to the timeline toolbar and press the “More” icon. It pops up a mini menu with different features; scroll down the menu and tap on “AI Translation.”

look for ai translation feature

Step 4Select the Translation Type and Output Language

After accessing the AI translation feature, a dialogue box will appear on the screen. Here, you can choose the translation type “Translate voice and text.” Move forward by choosing the “Source Language” and the “Target Language” for your content.

set type and language options

Step 5Export the Translated File

Once you've made the desired changes to your video, hit the “Translate” button. The tool will process it and give you a translated version of your video. Afterward, navigate toward the top right and click the “Export” button to save this file with you.

conclude translation and export

Highlighted Features of Wondershare Filmora

    • AI Text-to-Video: When creating a video, you might face issues directing it with perfection. For generating a clear and defining visual story, the AI text-to-video feature in Wondershare Filmora is an effective solution. With a simple addition of a written script, you can generate professional-quality video content.
    • AI Vocal Remover: Wondershare Filmora recently released the vocal remover feature for its diverse user base. With the notion of removing unwanted vocals from videos and audio, this AI feature works with perfection. You can also obtain separate vocals and music through this effective feature.
    • AI Music Generator: If you wish to create masterpieces in the music industry, AI can be quite assistive in the process. However, while it is not adaptive, Wondershare Filmora makes the entire process easy with its AI Music Generator. By selecting an appropriate mood, duration, and music counts, you can get proper results.

2. [Alternatives] Using Other Online YouTube Video Translators for Effective Results

It is crucial to find the right tool for getting YouTube video translation. Trying out other options can give you more choices, as each translator has different abilities. With some options in line, you can pick the one that suits your needs. Let’s explore some YouTube video translators online for free to ensure effective results and save time:

Online YouTube Video Translators:

1. ElevenLabs

One of the prominent YouTube video translators online for free is ElevenLabs. Its AI dubbing and video translation tool lets you translate and replace the original audio of a video with a new language. The tool functions efficiently while keeping the original speaker's voice intact. Users can create multilingual versions of their content with the support of almost 29 languages.

Step 1. Visit the official website of ElevenLabs and lead to log in with your account. As you log into the platform and lead to its dashboard, select the “Dubbing” option in the left panel.

access dubbing in elevenlabs

Step 2. In the upcoming window, head to the “Select a Source” section. Under this section, choose the “YouTube” tab and paste the URL in its specific position. Next, select the language of the video link in the “Source Language” dropdown menu. Later, from the “Target Language(s)” dropdown menu, choose the output language.

add url and define languages

Step 3. After finalizing the changes, press the “Create” button located below. After a while, you can review your translated video on the tool. To save it with you, click the “Download” button below the video and share it with the target audience.

translate youtube video in elevenlabs

2. Wavel

With Wavel, you can break through language barriers and connect with a global audience like never before. The advanced AI video translator offers accurate translations and subtitles in 30 languages. Plus, it is supported by more than 250 voices to choose from. Its voice cloning technology replicates your voice in different languages. Now, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on how to translate YouTube videos without CC:

Step 1. First, get the tool online by searching through the internet. Now, open the main interface of the tool and hover over the “Solutions” at the top bar. From the pop-up menu, click “Translation” to proceed further.

look for translation feature in wavel

Step 2. On progressing into the next window, hit the “Start Translation” button, which directs you to log in to the platform with authentic credentials. While this directs you to the main editing window, press the “Add a Video” button in the “Dub/Translate Video” section.

proceed to dub video

Step 3. On the next pop-up window, head to the “Upload From YouTube” section and paste the link in the required place. Choose the video language and dubbing language from their relevant dropdown menus. Plus, you can select the voices for your translated content.

add video url and set parameters

Step 4. At the final stage, hit the “Generate” button at the bottom right. Once done, select the “Download” button to save this video for diverse purposes.

generate results in wavel

Part 3. Bringing Video to Text Translation at the User's Ease

Besides translating videos, users can also change their videos into text if they don't have many resources. This is a good option when it is hard to translate the audio directly. Turning videos into text helps more people access the content for those who need text because of accessibility reasons.

When you translate from video to text, you get more ways to share messages. The following are some of the best platforms to convert video content into a written script:

1. translates videos into text with incredible precision. It boasts an impressive 98.5% accuracy rate in transcriptions and translations. The tool supports over 125 languages and makes your videos searchable. Its video-to-text tool is part of a comprehensive online video editor. Users can use its capabilities to document video conferences, interviews, lectures, or presentations.

veed io translate text to video

2. Kapwing

Kapwing is an AI-powered automatic transcription tool to take your video to new heights. With a user-friendly interface, you can convert video speech to text with subtitles. Plus, it enables users to translate their videos along with compatible text files. Users can download subtitle files in various formats like VVT, SRT, and TXT. It supports the translation of speech to text in over 75 languages to reach a local audience.

kapwing translate text to video

3. CapCut

If you want to translate video audio to text, CapCut is a popular choice. Users can use its automation to transcribe videos into text without manual effort. With advanced algorithms and speech recognition technology, it creates captions in seconds. It syncs the generated caption with the playback speed of the video in real time. You can customize the text style and apply different effects to make it attractive.

capcut translate text to video


In conclusion, we have learned the significance of translating video to text. While understanding the direct way of transcribing content on YouTube, we have also explored various reliable solutions that offer effective transcription and translation. However, if you want to translate a YouTube video to English without CC, Wondershare Filmora is the top recommendation for its effective AI Translation feature.

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Mar 27, 24
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