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Learning More About Offline and Online Voice and Music Separators

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Sep 14, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

A long list of voice and music separator tools is available online and offline to help editors. Many of them are old tools with limited features that don't fulfill the needs of the editors. However, with the development of AI technology, some of these tools have started using AI algorithms.

Using these AI algorithms-supported tools, separating music and voice from your audio and video is easier. That is why, in this article, we will guide you about a few of these AI-powered apps to remove voice from music effectively. 

In this article
  1. Part 1: Audacity: Remove Voice from Music with Ease
  2. Part 2: Adobe Audition: A Prominent Music Voice Remover
  3. Part 3: Online Solution: Removing Voice from Music with - Vocal Remover
  4. Part 4: Offline Innovation in Wondershare Filmora: The Introduction of Vocal Removal Function
  5. Conclusion
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Part 1: Audacity: Remove Voice from Music with Ease

Audacity is an open-source music voice remover platform that helps to edit multi-tracks in an effortless way. This online platform is accessible on multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and others. Furthermore, it supports the sound quality from 16-bit to 32-bit to ensure that users get high-quality video sounds.

This tool has a spectrogram view mode, which is used to visualize the selected frequencies in detail. You can also combine sound files in this tool and can export your files in multiple formats as per your requirements.

Steps To Remove Voice From Music Using Audacity

After a comprehensive analysis of Audacity and its music voice separation functionality, we will look into the steps that make it possible. Learn more about removing voice and music from your input with Audacity as follows:

Step 1Launch and Import the Media File for Editing

Download and launch the Audacity on your computer. From its main interface, head toward the "File" tab on the top left side of the toolbar and click on it. An extended menu will appear where you need to move the cursor above the "Import" option and then tap the “Audio” button from another extended menu.

look for audio tab in audacity

Step 2Access the Effects Tab and Select the Respective Options

Following this, import your desired file in the timeline and click on the “Effect” tab on the top toolbar. This will show you an extended menu where you need the mouse on the "Special" option. Now click the "Vocal Reduction and Isolation” option to move forward.

open vocal removal feature

Step 3Select the Final Presets and Start the Process

A small popup will appear on which you can click the drop-down and select the “Remove Vocals” option. Once it is done, hit the "Apply" button, and the vocals from your audio will be removed.

set preset and apply

Part 2: Adobe Audition: A Prominent Music Voice Remover

Adobe Audition is an online software that helps to separate voice from music without quality loss. It has a lot of features for its users, which allows them to record professional podcasts with free sound effects. These sound effects are royalty-free sounds, which help you add new tones and moods to your recordings.

This way, your content becomes more engaging, which helps you to grow on different social media platforms. Moreover, with this tool, you can easily eliminate noise and edit your audio in a streamlined way with some perfect notes.

Steps to Perform Voice Removal With Adobe Audition

With an understanding of Adobe Audition, the following steps will help you figure out all depths involving removing vocals from music:

Step 1Import Media and Select the Respective Option from the Effects Tab

Launch Adobe Audition and import your audio file, which has the vocals. Besides this, head toward the “Effects” tab and click on it to access the extended menu. Click on the "Arrow," go to the "Stereo Imagery," and then click the “Center Channel Extractor.”

open channel extractor in audition

Step 2Select the Preset and use the Vocal Remover Features

A warning popup menu will appear, which you can confirm as per the instructions on the screen. After this, click the "Preset" drop-down and use the "Vocal Remove" option. Your audio vocals will be removed, which you can preview and check.

set vocal remove preset

Part 3: Online Solution: Removing Voice from Music with - Vocal Remover is a music voice remover that helps instrumental music lovers to remove the vocals. So that they can enjoy the instrumental music without any distractions, it has numerous other features like extraction of voice in 44kHz and automatic processing of audio.

Moreover, it also provides two types of stem separation, which you can use as a necessity. You can also remix songs and vocals separated by this tool to create new and interesting songs.   

Steps to Remove Vocals Properly Using

Online tools can be basic and ineffective in utility; however, does not fail in this department. To know more about how it helps in removing vocals, follow the steps featured next:

Step 1Log in to your Account and Access the Main Window

Head toward the official website of - Vocal Remover and tap on the “Remove Vocals Now” button. Ensure that you are logged in with your account to access the main editing window.

open vocal remove feature

Step 2Select the Stem Separation Type and Apply

Moving Forward, click "Upload" and import the respective audio file. Choose the required "Stem Separation Type" below the track, and after this, click the "Separate Now" button. Your audio will be separated, which you can download on your device. 

add audio and remove vocals

Part 4: Offline Innovation in Wondershare Filmora: The Introduction of Vocal Removal Function

In addition to all the above-mentioned music voice remover tools, another effective editing software you can use is Wondershare Filmora. It is a video editing tool that provides a stop solution for different types of video editing. A lot of time and resources are saved with the help of this tool, which is making a significant impact on the content creation game.

Free Download
Free Download

Latest V13 Release – Vocal Removal in Filmora

In the world of continuous development, Filmora is not staying back from any point. That is why, to stay in the race, it has recently launched its Version 13 with new features from which AI vocal remover is its main feature. With the help of this tool, users can now easily remove the vocals from their audio and videos according to their needs. This way, they can easily create more engaging content for different businesses.

Other Audio Functions in Filmora

Wondershare Filmora has been involved in providing audio utilities in its previous iterations. Following are a few audio features that are already up and running in Filmora’s system:

1. Text to Speech

With the help of an AI-based text-to-speech tool, it becomes easy for users to convert their text into AI-based audio. This tool supports 10 different AI voices and 20 different languages which you can use to create the AI audio. Using this audio, you can easily create content in other languages to target global audiences.

2. AI Audio Stretch

To make a quality video that is apricated by the audience, it is essential to ensure that the audio syncs well with the visual content. If your audio is shorter than the video clip, then with the help of the Audio Stretch tool, you can easily adjust it in a few simple clicks.

3. Silence Detection

You might have observed that some silent moments also get recorded when we are recording a podcast or any video. These moments can distract the viewer and have a negative impact, decreasing audience engagement. Thus, with the help of the Silence Detection tool, you can resolve this issue in a quick go. This tool automatically detects such moments and removes them from your video.


To wrap up, we can conclude that with the help of different voice music separators, it is now easier to make new kinds of videos and audio. With the latest version of Filmora, users can now easily remove unwanted vocals. This way, they can create professional videos and extract voices from music quickly.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 22, 24
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