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The Best Free AI Tools for Businesses, Students, and Creatives

Udobi Chukwuemeka James
Udobi Chukwuemeka James Originally published Oct 23, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

Artificial intelligence has affected almost every aspect of life. From where we live to where to work and study, AI has impacted the way we interact with others and the digital space. Luckily, there are many free AI sites that will make you not feel behind with this revolution. Most of these free AI websites allow you to do tons of things and simplify your tasks. In this article, we explore the best free AI websites and give you an idea of where you can start.

A Guide for 7 Best Free AI Tools
    1. Copy AI – AI Tool for Copywriting
    2. Appy Pie – AI Tool for building iOS and Android Apps
    3. Pixlr – AI Tool for Editing Photos and Designing Graphics
    4. Ask AI Questions – AI Tool for Building Knowledge
    5. Durable – AI Tool to Build a Website in 30 Seconds
    6. Boost AI - AI Tool for Business
    7. - AI Voice Generator

Part 1. 7 Free AI Tools That Can Help You Be More Productive

Finding AI websites free tools is quite easy. It all depends on what you want you want to achieve and the kind of features you are interested in. Let’s have a look at the top 7 in our list, from a free AI website generator to an artificial intelligence website free customer service representative.

1. Copy AI –  AI Tool for Copywriting

Are you looking for an AI website free for copywriting? This might just be it. The free copywriting services use AI to create copy material in minutes. You only need to enter details of your product, followed by a brief description of the same. Select the tone and style of the material, and your text will be ready in minutes. 

Main Features

      • Chat feature designed to help streamline your daily tasks
      • Brand voice to make AI content sound like your brand
      • Improve your prompts with a single click to generate better results
      • Infobase that enhances prompts using brand’s information


      • Generate long-form articles, including SEO-friendly blog articles in minutes
      • Generate content for social media to improve the brand’s presence
      • Generate SEO-friendly and high-converting product descriptions for your online store
      • Build rank-worthy content that will match the keyword’s search intent
      • Generate ad and sales copy in minutes

2. Appy Pie – AI Tool for building iOS and Android Apps

Appypie is an AI-powered app builder that will help you create an app and website within minutes. The good part is that you can directly speak to the website or write what you want, and the AI will create the app to your specifications.

Key AI Features

      • Express your intentions to build an app in plain words or text
      • Audio and text analysis to understand your input and generate an app instantly
      • Image generator and collaboration tools
      • AI-powered app builder for iPhone and Android


      • Builds Android and iOS apps in five minutes without coding
      • Cross-platform compatibility ensures your app can be used across devices
      • Unlimited customization options to tailor your apps to suit specific needs

3. Pixlr – AI Tool for Editing Photos and Designing Graphics

Pixlr is an all-in-one creativity hub that helps bring your imagination to life. The AI-powered software provides a range of tools from photo editing to graphic design. This allows you to create stunning visuals in minutes.

Main Features

      • AI-powered features that automate complex tasks and save you time
      • Layer support for adding complexity and depth to your photos
      • Advanced editing tools for precise adjustments


      • Syncs photos across devices for easier editing
      • Supports a range of file forms, simplifying the importing and exporting of images
      • Operates on all devices, both desktop and mobile

4. Ask AI Questions – AI Tool for Building Knowledge

Ask AI is a free AI search engine that allows you to ask AI any question and get an instant response. The tool provides accurate and factual answers to your questions without storing your data. The best part is that you get to ask the AI questions in natural language and it provides accurate responses for those exact queries.

Main Features

      • A free AI search engine using technologies similar to ChatGPT
      • Consists of a fine-tuned and large-scale Transformer language-based model that provides precise answers
      • Supports a wide range of areas including education and products


      • Responds to questions asked in natural language
      • Offers accurate and detailed responses to address exact queries
      • Answers questions factually and objectively without potential bias
      • Makes writing flawless with Flawlessly.Ai

5. Durable – AI Tool to Build a Website in 30 Seconds

Durable is an AI website generator free tool that allows you to create a website in as quick as 30 seconds. The AI-powered platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze your input and generate a customer website design in seconds. You will need to provide useful information such as your business name, industry, design preferences, and more.

Main Features

      • A range of features to build and design a professional website
      • Simple editing tools, a free custom domain, and multiple pages
      • Drag-and-drop interface to enhance the suggested website draft
      • Customizable layouts to match your brand and business goals
      • Marketing tools, including AI copywriting, AI CRM, SEO, and analytics with one login


      • Automatically generate a website by answering a few questions
      • Builds a responsive website that will work across devices
      • AI assistant that makes web building more accessible and intuitive
      • Ideal for small business owners and individuals who want to build a professional-looking homepage but lack design expertise

6. Boost AI  - AI Tool for Business

Boost AI is an AI-free website that helps in handling customer services, The website provides free AI tools, including Chat Automation, Conversational AI, Integrations, Voice Call Automation, and Large Language Models.

Main Features

      • Conversational AI platform that automates and improves customer experience
      • AI-powered virtual agents that offer cutting-edge customer service
      • Scale your business with over-the-phone customer service bots powered by AI
      • Integrations with a variety of CRM tools


      • Allow enterprises to realize business automation using chatbots and customer support services
      • Handles common customer inquiries effectively
      • Available 24/7, enabling companies with a global customer base to respond to customers anytime
      • Automates data-driven insights to help businesses analyze customer behaviors and preferences

7.  - AI Voice Generator is an artificial intelligence free website that allows you to create voiceovers for a wide range of applications. The voice generator can be used for audiobooks, advertising, podcasts, and more. Trained to learn from millions of voices and audio, allows its users to experience high-quality voice generation.

Main Features

      • A versatile AI voice generator that takes you from text to speech in minutes
      • AI-enabled websites that use real people’s voices
      • Feature-packed studio to start creating voice-overs in minutes
      • Customizable voices with punctuation, pitch, and emphasis to carry the needed message


      • Ability to make studio-quality voices overs in just a couple of minutes
      • Quality AI voices for videos, podcasts, and all professional presentations
      • Option to add music, video, or images and sync it with the voice of your choice
      • Over 120+ text-to-speech voices across 20+ languages

Part 2. Filmora's introduction and AI Features

Wondershare Filmora is a worthy mention among the list of AI tools you can use for free. The versatile video editing software offers a variety of AI features that you can use to simply your tasks. You could be editing your next video, preparing for a presentation, or simply editing specific elements of your next design project. With Filmora, you can do this and more. Let’s have a look at some of the AI features you may need to explore from AI audio edits to removing background:

How to use AI Audio Tool in Filmora 12

AI Features
AI Features

AI Audio Denoise

Automatically denoise the audio in your videos without worrying about losing important sounds. The AI will only remove the noise and generate a new clear audio signa, keeping distortion at the minimum.

Image name: the-best-free-ai-tools-for-businesses-students-and-creatives-8.jpg

Image alt: filmora denoise

AI Audio Stretch

Use this AI feature to automatically retime any audio track so that it fits the duration of your video. You can also rearrange music in your video using this AI-based feature, and save the hours you would have spent cutting, adding fades, rippling, and previewing music to the length of your video.

Remove Background

This AI feature allows you to remove the background in your videos instantly. You can make the background of any video transparent without losing quality. Best of all, the Filmora remove background feature does all this with no green screen needed. With this feature, you can create a perfect virtual background, show your creative work with a new background, accurately cut out the background from an image or video, and remove the full video background in seconds.


In this article, we have shared 7 AI websites that you may use to simplify your tasks. The tools are useful in a wide range of applications, including for businesses, students, and creatives. Of course, the choice of a tool will depend on your specific goals and purpose. However, we recommend using Wondershare Filmora for a more versatile experience. You get a variety of AI features with this video editing software, allowing you to do more than just on the same platform.

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