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OpenAI Sora: Case Studies and Applications Across Industries

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 12, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

Sora AI is the recent launch of OpenAI, which can transform your text prompts into digital reality. It's an AI model that crafts imaginative or realistic scenes with your text instructions. This model is trained with innovative technology and can generate videos of up to 1 minute in length. Sora adheres to your prompts and ensures high-quality visual media in the video output.

Moreover, it can accurately interpret your prompts given in natural language. The science behind its prompt interpretation is the integration of deep understanding models. In this article, you will find everything you need about Sora AI, along with multiple case studies explaining its utility.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What is Sora AI? How Does it Revolutionize Content Creation?
  2. Part 2. [Use-Cases] Impactful Applications of Sora AI
  3. Conclusion
AI Text-To-Video Software
Complentment to Sora to turn your creativity into real scenes and edit them effortlessly with AI.
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Part 1: What is Sora AI? How Does it Revolutionize Content Creation?

Sora AI aims to revolutionize the digital landscape of video creation with automation. Using this AI model, one can imagine giving a two-line prompt and bursting out a short video. It uses a diffusion model that starts making a video with static noise. Following that, the noise gets removed gradually, resulting in a crystal-clear video. The following are some integral features of Sora AI that you should review to understand it better:

openai sora website homepage
  • Extend Video: As you know, Sora can generate a full video, but it can also extend the existing one. In this regard, it uses model foresight of many frames to ensure the video subject remains the same. Extending video length can temporarily remove the subject from the frame.
  • Multiple Characters: This AI model generates compelling characters to express vibrant emotions. Besides, it can create complex scenes and multiple shots within a single video. Meanwhile, it accurately portrays visual styles, characters, and subject backgrounds.
  • Image Prompts: Apart from accepting text prompts, Sora AI will soon take images as prompts for video. In that context, it will animate the image content with attention to detail. The model will fill in the missing frames and create a video from an image as it extends short videos.

Prompt: Extreme close up of a 24 year old woman’s eye blinking, standing in Marrakech during magic hour, cinematic film shot in 70mm, depth of field, vivid colors, cinematic

Source: OpenAI Sora

Sora AI is not an entirely new concept in the realm of AI text-to-video makers. Pika and Runway are already available and can help with video creation from text. Below is a table drawn to compare Sora AI with its competitors so you can see which one is better:

Sora AI




Text-to-video production

AI Character Animation

Offers Various AI tools


Not accessible publicly


Web-based, especially on Chrome

Targeted Users

Content creators, marketers, educationists, designers, storytellers, healthcare givers

Animators and game developers

Artists, designers, and video editors


High-quality videos and understanding of Physics, 3D shots, object permanence

Animated characters with lip-syncing

Multiple AI-supported creative applications

Video Lengths

One minute

Depends on plan

Depends on version


Very easy

Require technical knowledge

Need to watch tutorials

Part 2: [Use-Cases] Impactful Applications of Sora AI  

For now, Sora AI is in the development and testing process. That's why only a few visual artists and designers can access it. Yet, they are trying to engage policymakers and educators to identify its positive use cases. Hence, this section will discuss the potential use cases of Sora AI and show the revolutions it might bring:

Case Study 1. Visualization of Concepts in Educational Sector

In the education sector, Sora AI is facilitating personalized learning experiences. It can automate administrative tasks and enhance teaching methodologies. Educationists can clarify concepts by prompting text in Sora AI and generating demonstrating videos. In museums, one can develop tours and animate figures from history. It will increase the visitors' interest in learning about history.

educational sector development with sora

Case Study 2. Product Development and Design

Companies intending to design a new product take help from Sora AI for innovation. It can craft videos with text prompts based on users' preferences and market trends. This way, you get a preview of the expected product, and you can obtain potential consumers' reviews. For instance, an automotive company can design car models and their colors. Sora AI will allow them to experiment with the design before developing an actual product.

product development and design with sora

Case Study 3. Improved Learning and Treatment in Healthcare

Healthcare providers can use Sora to analyze patient's data and predict health outcomes. Analyzing patients' data can help in suggesting preventive measures and treatment plans. Besides, you can ask Sora AI to visualize human body organs or surgical procedures. It will help medical students to clarify complex surgical techniques before proceeding with real patients.

healthcare improvements with sora

Case Study 4. Urban Planning and Smart City Development

Sora proves crucial in public safety, urban planning, and smart city development. With your prompts, it can visualize smart cities, sustainable urban development, and operational efficiency. It can also visualize better public transportation routes when you provide sufficient input. Even Sora can recreate lost historical buildings and visualize them in video for reconstruction.

urban and city planning with sora

Case Study 5. Easing Filmmaking and Entertainment Industry

Storyboards are a roadmap for filmmakers, and Sora AI can effortlessly provide visual storyboards. For instance, you can give text prompts to obtain fighting scenes to brainstorm ideas. Also, small companies can get affordable and short marketing videos on their services. Social media influencers can get captivating and engaging videos to inspire and go viral.

easy filmmaking with sora


In summary, Sora AI is reforming the digital landscape of content creation. This AI model can make videos with text prompts, possibly with image prompts as well. This article has shed light on its potential use case for positive contributions to day-to-day tasks. Hence, it can help the education, retail, healthcare, and entertainment sectors.

As Sora AI hasn't launched yet, it's preferred to use its alternative for instant AI videos. In this regard, you should use Wondershare Filmora, which has an AI text-to-video feature. Like Sora AI, it can create videos from text prompts and other parameter settings. For now, you can try it to get instant high-quality videos.

Try Filmora AI Text-To-Video
Try Filmora AI Text-To-Video


  • What is Sora AI, and what is its primary function?
    In simple words, Sora AI is an artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI. Technically, it’s a large AI model that is trained to associate text with respective video content. Its primary function is generating a 1-minute short video with text prompts. It falls under a text-to-video generator niche that generates hyper-realistic videos.
  • How to use Sora?
    Unfortunately, Sora AI is unavailable for public access as it is in the testing process. Potentially, you might be required to create an account using your credentials. Afterward, you need to prompt text instructions and choose additional video styles. Note that it's a potential operation of Sora AI; we will update you about its practical operations as it launches.
  • Can I use videos generated by Sora commercially?
    Sora AI is currently not released officially, so its terms and conditions are unclear. On its official site, nothing related to the commercial use of generated videos is mentioned. If we look at its developer, OpenAI, we see that it allows you to use the content generated by ChatGPT anywhere. For now, you should go for an alternative to Sora AI to use the AI-generated video publicly.
  • What types of content can Sora create?
    Based on your needs, you can use Sora AI to generate video content from any niche. It can be explanatory videos, narratives, tutorials, or scientific concept demonstrations. Besides, Sora AI can produce marketing or advertisement content to increase product appeal. Furthermore, you can use it to create personalized video messages and invitations.
  • What future developments are expected with Sora AI?
    Clearly, Sora AI states that they will integrate image prompts to create videos. Apart from that, it limits users to create videos of up to 1 minute, which will possibly increase in the future. Plus, Sora AI may allow you to add fine-tuning details within descriptions. Developers can expect Sora AI's real-time APIs to integrate into their creative software.
  • What are OpenAI Sora’s alternatives?
    Before the launch of OpenAI Sora, you must use the available alternative. For this purpose, Pika and Runway will help you with Sora-like features. Yet, if you need an extraordinary platform for improved results, you should try Wondershare Filmora. It's the ultimate alternative to Sora AI for crafting attractive videos with text.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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