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Performing Explicit AI Audio Editing Using Podcastle AI

Looking for an AI editor that also supports your iOS devices? Explore the amazing features of Podcastle AI for automated voice and video editing.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 24, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Online platforms have served greatly in facilitating digital creators. Many tools serve online for video and audio editing assignments. The main problem faced by users is that they require technical skills to operate them. Here, we will introduce you to multitasking and swift execution using Podcastle AI.

Podcastle AI has an easy-to-use interface that enables you to achieve your goals related to digital creation without facing any issues. This article will help you learn about Podcastle's remove background noise feature, the finest audio editing solution, along with its top-rated features.

In this article
  1. Part 1: The One-Stop Solution for Explicit Audio Editing - Podcastle
  2. Part 2: Discussing The Comprehensive Audio Tools of Podcastle
  3. Part 3: Some Great AI Audio Tools of WonderShare Filmora: An Alternative

Part 1: The One-Stop Solution for Explicit Audio Editing - Podcastle

Podcastle AI is a software that provides diverse video and audio editing tools. Users can edit or record single or many audio files from one platform. You can experience studio-quality voice and video recordings with its advanced AI technology. Every AI tool in it does not do its work but also enhances the audio quality before export.

From Podcastle AI reviews, users can learn about its convenient user interface. There is no need to train before editing. It is a single platform for education, content creation, blogs, news, and more. Let's explore more about Podcastle AI through its products:

podcastle ai dashboard

Recordings: With Podcastle AI, you can record separate tracks for an audio or video call. The calls are saved in its cloud storage; you can edit them as separate tracks. Users can share their screens as well during the calls.

Audio Editor: With the help of its AI technology, editing audio files is a child's play. Users can trim, add effects, and alter the playback speed of audio. You can change audio duration without manual effort. Podcastle.AI also offers pre-built high-quality sound effects for your content.

Magic Dust: The Magic Dust feature is another name for noise removal. Once you enable it, Podcastle removes background noise and adjusts the volume levels. This feature brings politeness to your voice which makes the podcast interesting.

Revoice: Recording an audio every time for your videos can be exhaustive. With, you can clone your voice once and for all. Whenever you need to record, open the app and give written instructions, after which you'll have an audio file in seconds.

Text-to-Speech: With Podcastle AI's TTS, you can create and add voiceovers in seconds. You can select from various voices based on accents, gender, context, and moods. It offers 35+ real-life AI voices.

Silence Removal: This particular feature enhances the audio quality of your audio and videos. It removes the silent intervals with the help of Podcastle AI.

Hosting Hub: Users can record a podcast and share it on any platform with the same link. The platforms may include Spotify and Google Podcasts.

iOS Mobile App: Podcastle AI features mobility in recording audio anywhere with the help of its iOS application. Without any physical assistance and complicated equipment, you can perform your required tasks.

Part 2: Discussing The Comprehensive Audio Tools of Podcastle

Using audio editing tools has become a one-click process through AI technologies. These AI tools provide rich opportunities for video creators in every field. Explore how Podcastle AI tools can assist you:

podcastle ai tools

Background Noise Removal: With Podcastle, remove background noises from any video or audio. It can auto-remove flaws and helps you record top-notch content. Along with background removal, it enhances audio performance as well.

Filler Word Detection: Unnecessary words can irritate listeners and stretch audio duration. Once you import your audio file and activate this mode, Podcastle.AI will highlight them. Later, the words can be auto-eliminated, or you can do it yourself.

Audio-to-Text: Podcastle.AI can transcribe your 1-hour videos into texts without manual support. It can also convert your video files into audio and then transcribe them. Users can edit and preview the textual transcription before finalization.

Podcast Recording: The quality of a podcast determines the number of views it gets. With Podcastle AI, you can record and edit your podcasts online. Upload your audio file, and AI will make automated improvements to it.

MP3 to Text: This feature is important while making a lyrical music video. Instead of writing each song line, you can upload your music file on and transcribe it. You can download the transcribed file into a DOCX or PDF.

Format Converter: Sometimes, an app or software does not support the audio format. Altering audio formats can be hectic, but with Podcastle AI for Android, you can transform MP3 and WAV into other formats with a click.

Remote Interview Recording: You can download Podcastle AI for Android and conduct up to 10 remote interviews at a time. The app will record separate audios for all interviews of high quality.

AI Voice Generator: Users can transform their texts into audio recordings with Podcastle AI's TTS tool. You can make audio blogs, e-learning books, and video presentations through it.

Part 3: Some Great AI Audio Tools of WonderShare Filmora: An Alternative

Although Podcastle provides a dedicated AI audio generation system, it does not feature any system to embed the audio into specific videos. In this case, another platform is required for creating a video. For that, Wondershare Filmora features itself as a comprehensive solution for explicit AI audio editing, along with video enhancement.

Try AI Audio Tool
Try AI Audio Tool

Like Podcastle AI, Wondershare Filmora is an AI editor providing a wide range of audio editing capabilities. It is one of the most easy-to-use software that focuses on enhancing content. With Filmora, you can add or remove background music and adjust the volume. It enables users to improve the audio quality of their videos. Its advanced AI-powered tools can automate the editing process with a few clicks.

Top-Rated AI Audio Editing Features of Wondershare Filmora

Since Filmora is an AI-driven software, users do not require skills or prior editing knowledge. You can jump straight to editing after launching Filmora on your Windows. Let's see what type of AI audio functions it offers:

1. Auto Beat Sync

You don't need to surf the internet to find the perfect music for your videos. Filmora's Auto Beat Sync can analyze a video and add audio that matches its rhythm. Along with music, it will automate adding effects that align with the audio beat. The AI feature can also remove blemishes like jitter or darkness in your video.

auto beat sync filmora

2. AI Audio Stretch

It can take time when you're unfamiliar with fitting a song into your video. With Filmora's audio stretch feature, you adjust any song in your videos. The AI feature will automate everything, from trimming to previewing the video. It supports all video formats allowing users to edit short reels and log vlogs.

ai audio stretch filmora

3. AI Audio Denoise

Background noises reduce a video's quality and do not depict a good creator image. The audio denoise feature can remove the background of your videos without any effort. It has three modes to remove different types of audio. For example, AI Voice enhancement can increase or decrease voice volume. Meanwhile, Reverb reaction can decrease environmental noise, and Hiss reduction decreases electrical noises.

ai audio denoise filmora

4. Text to Speech

There's no need to spend hours recording and adding a voiceover to a video. Filmora's text-to-speech feature can auto-generate audio output from written input. You can use this audio as voiceovers or in video presentations. You can customize this AI audio into 10 different voices through Filmora. The audio can be further transcribed into 25 languages.

text to speech filmora


Indeed, Podcastle AI is an innovative tool for assisting in audio-related editing. Users often require software that can do video and audio editing simultaneously. If you are tired of switching between tools, we recommend you to use Wondershare Filmora. It enables users to access AI video and audio tools from one platform. Moreover, its user interface makes editing simple and accessible to all.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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