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Most Recognized Platforms for Real-Time Voice Cloning

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Sep 04, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Voice cloning can produce voiceovers for movies, documentaries, and games. It involves using artificial intelligence to synthesize voices through simple audio recordings. Moreover, with deep learning techniques and AI tools, you can do real-time voice cloning. Voice cloning can free professionals from manual work to record their voiceovers.

Many real-time voice cloning online tools are present to help content creators. This article will enlist all the top-notch tools to help you to generate real-time voice clones. Thus, proceed to the following guide to clone a voice efficiently.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Discussing the Real-time Voice Cloning GitHub Repository
  2. Part 2: Better Alternatives for Real-time Voice Cloning
  3. Bonus Part: Perform AI Voice Editing with Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion
AI-Powered Voice Editor
A well-recognized platform for powerful video and audio editing functions.
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Part 1: Discussing the Real-time Voice Cloning GitHub Repository

If you want an open-source voice cloning tool, you can explore the real-time voice cloning GitHub repository. This platform implements the SV2TTS deep learning framework to clone a voice. The process takes place in three stages to produce high-end results. The first stage digitally represents the voice, and the last two stages generate the voice from the given arbitrary text.

Furthermore, it is integrated with advanced encoders that clone a voice using 5 seconds of audio. Afterward, it synthesizes the speech from the provided audio recording. The interface of this tool is quite simple. It allows you to modify the encoder, synthesizer, and vocoder per your requirements. Hence, it’s an effective platform to clone any voice by determining the settings preferably.

real time voice cloning github repository

Part 2: Better Alternatives for Real-Time Voice Cloning

You may want additional tools for real-time voice cloning. This section will discuss two alternatives that can help you in voice cloning in real-time:

1. PlayHT

PlayHT is an AI-powered real time voice cloning tool that offers multiple features. On this tool, you can clone a voice in any speaking style and tone. You can also preserve the AI-generated cloned voice for future use. To begin the process, you have to upload an audio recording of 1 hour. Afterward, the tool will take a few hours for voice cloning without flaws.

You can also explore its 800+ AI voices in 142 different accents and dialects. You can also customize the output settings according to your needs. Hence, you should navigate to PlayHT for voice cloning and editing.

Key Features
  • Once done with voice cloning, you can use its text-to-speech generator. Through this feature, you can convert textual content into cloned voice.
  • You can refine your results in an unlimited time to achieve an accurate and perfect cloned voice. Each time, the result will be unique and flawless.
  • Export your cloned voice in a high-quality audio file in WAV format. The tool supports other audio formats as well, taking you one step closer to voice generation.
playht real time voice cloning

2. Speechify

Speechify is a well-known tool due to its AI capabilities. For real-time voice cloning online on this tool, you don’t have to use any equipment or extensive process. You can upload your audio by either recording or through a file. After some seconds, the tool will make a cloned voice with perfect nuance and style. It also offers up to 100,000 characters monthly for voice cloning.

It also provides text to AI voice feature that can assist you in narrating your speech. You can explore the use cases of voice cloning on their interface, such as podcasts, professionals, and announcements.

Key Features
  • This tool lets you adjust the volume and speed of your cloned voice easily. It means that you can not only generate a desired voicer but also maintain its elements.
  • You can also add emotion to your voice to bring a natural touch. This helps you insert excitement, emphasis, and pauses in your cloned voice.
  • It supports multiple languages, such as English, Hindi, and more. This feature is useful when it comes to international reach.
speechify real time voice cloning

Bonus Part: Perform AI Voice Editing With Wondershare Filmora

Although many real-time voice cloning tools are online, if a creator needs to edit that colored voice in their project, these tools do not facilitate it completely. In this scenario, Wondershare Filmora is a well-recognized platform for powerful editing functions. Using this tool, you can proficiently enhance your video and audio qualities.

With its friendly interface, you can easily edit your audio tracks without popping ads and bugs. It also provides AI-powered features that can save you from executing manual efforts. Filmora does not affect the original quality of your audio file during the rendering or exporting process. You can explore various templates and assets on this tool to add enhancements to your project.

You can also execute audio editing, such as trimming, cutting, rearranging, and more. Furthermore, you can modify the voice properties by changing its volume and other settings.

Free Download
Free Download

AI Voice Editing Features of Filmora

By reading this part, you can learn about the AI-supported audio editing features of Filmora. By utilizing them, you can efficiently alter and improve your voice editing capabilities.

AI Audio Denoise:

Through this feature, you can auto-remove annoying background noises from your audio. It provides three options: AI voice enhancement, reverb reduction, and hiss reduction.

Auto Beat Sync:

Mismatched audio can make a video less interactive, but Filmora's Auto Beat Sync feature can assist you. It can align the video perfectly with the audio and add additional effects.

AI Audio Stretch:

Are you struggling to insert audio tracks in your lengthy videos? The AI audio stretch feature can easily match the length of your video with the audio track. This feature can also remix the songs as it recognizes the patterns of each audio clip.


To maximize your editing efficiency, Filmora offers a text-to-speech feature. Through this feature, you can automatically convert your video script into a voice in different languages. You can also choose the voice and add customization with a support to 25 different languages.

Audio Ducking:

Do you want to enhance the voice of your subject? The audio ducking feature lets you fade one audio track to highlight another. This can help you make your voiceovers and narrations with subtle background music.

Silence Detection:

This feature can help you to hide or remove flaws from your video or audio files. Activating this function will auto-remove silent parts from your audio on the basis of your designated criteria.


Voice cloning is a helpful technique that you can use in adding narration and voiceovers. This article has discussed the real-time voice cloning tools and their respective functions. If you want to clone a voice professionally, you should know how to utilize the suggested tools. For professional AI audio editing, we recommend you use Wondershare Filmora.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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