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Creating Symphony With Soundraw AI Music Generation

Ever felt overwhelmed by the constant struggle of finding and editing music for your content? If yes, look at, which can help you.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 23, updated Jun 12, 24

Why give yourself hours of hard work when you can take the smart road? AI is not new to ears; however, creators benefited the most from its advanced learning techniques and AI algorithms. One of its many applications is in the field of music, enabling YouTubers and podcasters to create royalty-free music. Soundraw AI is a similar platform offering unlimited music creation per your preferences.

With Soundraw's free assistance, you can enhance other aspects of music, including mood, length, and theme of your music. Furthermore, you can also customize songs to make them shorter so that they are matchable with your video. Thus, in this article, we will discuss different features of, which can help you create unique content with a few simple steps.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Does Inclusion of AI in Music Brings to The Industry?
  2. Part 2: What Should You Know About Soundraw? How Does It Function?
  3. Bonus Part: Fulfil Your Desire of Creating the Best Music Video with Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: What Does Inclusion of AI in Music Brings to The Industry?

AI technology has made many changes in different industries, including the music industry. With the addition of AI technology, creating music and videos is made a lot easier. This is because of the following interesting points which you should check out:

1. Music Composition and Creation

With the improvement of AI technology, you can now use it to compose music according to your requirements. You can generate the melodies according to the composed music as well. This way, composers can boost their speed for the music creation process and take inspiration from it.

2. Increasing Creativity

Musicians and producers can do wonders by collaborating with AI tools. With AI's help, they can now explore different avenues, such as new sounds, styles, and arrangements that they could not have considered before.

3. Music Production

Moreover, there are a lot of tools in the market that can be used to convert text into songs. These tools have changed the game of music production at a 360-degree angle. Because now, you can generate music with AI and automate tasks like adjusting audio levels and much more.

4. Cost-Effective

By automating different aspects of music creation and production, you can save a lot of time and effort. With AI tools, you can reduce production costs as no expensive equipment is necessary for the procedure.

5. Copyright and Content Management

With AI tools, artists' intellectual property can be protected much better. This is due to the algorithms that can help you identify copyrighted content quickly. Using these tools, you can ensure that your content is fair to use without any issues.

Part 2: What Should You Know About Soundraw? How Does It Function? is one of the most innovative tools creators can use to compose unique content. With the help of this tool, you can create songs that align properly with your video content. The amazing part is that you don't need to have some strong knowledge of music composition. All of this can be done with the help of this AI tool.

Without waiting further, let's dive into how you can create unique music for your content. Following these steps, you can save a lot of your time and resources as well:

Step 1: Access the Tool On your Device

To start creating your music, you will first need to access the "Create Music" option from the official website of Soundraw AI. There you can find many different options to help you create your ideal music. These options include "Length," "Tempo," "Mood," and much more.

start creating music on soundraw

Step 2: Select the Right Option

Click on the desired mood to access the new settings window here. There, you can choose different options for your music as per your requirements. You can start by selecting the "Theme," "Length," and "Tempo" for your music.

define song parameters

Step 3: Song Creation Process

Once you have selected the desired settings, this tool will automatically start creating the song based on your preferences. After the generating process, you will get the desired songs below. There you can click on it to listen to the created music.

generate ai music list

Step 4: Making Final Adjustments

Moreover, if you want, you can also use some more settings by clicking on the created song. Here you can change its "Energy," and by accessing the "Pro-mode," you can adjust its "Melody" and a few other things as well.

apply pro settings soundraw

Step 5: Exporting the File

Once all your required settings are done, you have your desired music. You can click on the download option to save it on your device or can easily share it with others.

download soundraw ai music

Bonus Part: Fulfil Your Desire of Creating the Best Music Video with Wondershare Filmora

Now that you have created the required music with Soundraw AI, you can look for video editing tools. Using these tools, you can generate the desired music videos and become a good music and video creator. But to achieve this goal, you must be backed up by an advanced AI platform like Wondershare Filmora. This is because it provides the best video editing tools, which you can explore further.

Filmora's AI Music is an intuitive and powerful way to create and customize music tracks for your videos. You can see a detailed introduction and demonstration of this feature in the video below:

For more inspiring videos and creative tutorials, be sure to visit the Filmora Creator Hub. This hub is a valuable resource for creators looking to enhance their video editing skills and explore new tools and features.

Key AI Features of Wondershare Filmora

Like its name, Wondershare Filmora is a wonder for those who love video creation and editing. Here are some interesting features of this tool, which can help you to complete your music video creation:

1. Instant Mode

With the help of instant mode, you can create your music video quickly. This is because this AI tool allows you to create your videos with the help of 115 different templates. You can automate your video creation process and generate engaging content using these templates.

instant mode filmora

2. Remove Video Background

Once your video is generated, you can adjust its background per your requirements. You can add virtual backgrounds to your videos to make them more creative and engaging. Moreover, this can be done without requiring technical skills, with just a few easy steps.

remove video background filmora

3. AI Audio Stretch

With the help of AI Audio Stretch, you can ensure your music is well-aligned with your video. This is because proper visual and audio synchronization is critical to ensure your content leaves a positive impression on your audience.

ai audio stretch

4. Silence Detection

On discussing some top AI audio tools, you can get an exclusive insight into resolving any silences within audios in Filmora. The tool automatically detects and highlights instances in videos having silenced sections.

silence detection filmora


Ultimately, you can now see how AI has greatly influenced the music industry. With the help of Soundraw AI, you can make your music, and you can add it to your videos. Moreover, you can use the AI video and audio editing tools of Wondershare Filmora to give your content a professional look.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jun 12, 24
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