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Exploring the Top 6 Text-To-Speech AI Tools in 2024

Do you want to convert your text into audio files? The top 6 text-to-speech AI tools are discussed in this article to help you achieve your goals.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 31, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

If you are a storyteller or a content creator, you might need help recording long audio. Text-to-speech AI has recently gained lots of popularity in providing solutions to such problems. These tools use AI technology and deep learning algorithms to create hyper-realistic voices.

AI TTS tools are also capable of creating non-verbal voices in communication. Furthermore, they can sing and add human-like emotions into their voices. TTS AI has revolutionized the tasks that used to take hours by converting them into seconds. In this article, the most advanced AI tools and their features are going to be discussed.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What are Text-To-Speech AI Tools?
  2. Part 2: Looking into Some Top Text-To-Speech AI Tools
  3. Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: A Desktop Solution in Text-To-Speech AI Generation

Part 1: What are Text-To-Speech AI Tools?

AI tools can quickly read and convert long text files into audio files. Their language processing techniques are advanced enough to mimic the human accent and tones to create text-to-speech AI. Their vast applications in various industries have enhanced their popularity.

Working of Text-to-Speech AI Tools

  • Text Analysis: AI TTS tools analyze the structure and grammatical nature of the provided text data. This feature provides you with the best possible output for your input.
  • Text Processing: AI text-to-voice generator undergoes text processing to pronounce special terms, characters, acronyms, and abbreviations accurately.
  • Linguistic Analysis: These smart tools analyze the tone of the data. They can predict the rhythm and emphasize the different parts of data to provide the most realistic output.
  • Voice Synthesis: The voice generated by the Text-to-speech generator is based on the linguistic analysis of the provided data. They synthesize the voice by combining the AI and pre-recorded human voices for this purpose.
  • Post-Processing: After the voice is generated, these tools undergo post-production analysis. They ensure that the output has smooth transitions between the words and sentences.
Text to Speech Converter
Filmora helps you convert text-to-speech with a simple click. Also owns multiple AI tools for quickly video and audio editing.
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Part 2: Looking into Some Top Text-To-Speech AI Tools

We have discussed the functionality of AI voice generators. Now, we will discover the 6 best AI tools that can perform text-to-speech functions with their in-built features. This guide will help you to achieve your goal by finding the best online TTS AI tool.

1. is a text to speech generator that can read texts in real time. This smart tool can add audio files to the video project at once. Users can immediately download the smaller audio files in under 10 minutes in MP3 format for free. It allows its users to choose from 135 languages and customize the voices and voice styles they need.

veed io ai tts function
Features of 1.
  • is capable of reading the text directly from the browser. It does not require space in your system and enables users to add audio files to their projects immediately.
  • This tool empowers the users to choose from human-like, gender-specific voices as it provides an extensive library of templates and stock media.
  • This multitasking tool eliminates the need to hire an expert. It can edit your long videos, add subtitles, and various types of animation to your videos.

2. Synthesia

Synthesia AI text-to-voice generator can convert text to speech in video form. This tool can put a human-like AI avatar to narrate the text file. You can choose female voices from 134 and male voices from 132 languages. This tool also has 140+ avatars to narrate your texts in video forms. You can also add your images and infographics to these AI TTS videos.

synthesia ai tts function
Features of Synthesia:
  • It eliminates the need for professional equipment to transform text into audio. You can also choose your favorite accent in any gender-specific voice.
  • Choose the AI narrator of your own choice from 140+ options for a better listening experience. These AI avatars are hyper-realistic in their body movements and facial expressions.
  • You can choose the style of your videos from the preset options. It also provides an extensive media library and allows you to customize your style.

3. Listnr

Listnr AI tool is facilitating around 100,000+ users worldwide. It can transform a text file or a published blog into audio form in seconds. It helps people to promote their business in much less time and cost. This tool also provides real-time API integration. If you want to increase reachability and readability, you can also embed audio readers inside your blogs.

listnr ai tts function
Features of Listnr:
  • This AI text-to-voice converter can change text files into MP3 or WAV audio files. Users can immediately download these files to minimize time consumption.
  • Furthermore, it empowers its users to choose from more than 900 voices and 142 languages. Customize your AI voice in your desired style or language with this tool.
  • You can convert the text to audio and share it directly on any social media platform. Try embedding the audio players on your website to increase reachability.

4. WellSaid

WellSaid voice generator creates the audio files by reading the text immediately. It provides a diversity of AI avatars that match the required pronunciation. It can also generate multiple voiceovers in different languages to regionalize the content. WellSaid enables you to work as a team by sharing the output files with the other team members.

wellsaid ai tts function
Features of WellSaid:
  • You can enter the text prompt according to your desired output and let the WellSaid Studio do its job. It will add voices, combine the audio, and edit them seamlessly.
  • The API integration will enable you to market your products highly impressively. You can also add high-quality AI voices in the description of your digital products.
  • Customize the specific avatar for your brand and narrate your stories to the world. Only your team members can add multiple voiceovers to your avatar representing your brand online.

5. Murf AI

You can also generate the voiceover and add images and music to your audio files. These inserted media will sync automatically with the generated voice. Now, you can create professional-level hyper-realistic voices for your marketing advertisements. You are no longer required to hire professionals or buy expensive equipment.

murf ai tts function
Features of Murf AI:
  • You can choose from 20 languages in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other accents. First, do a free trial before choosing any voice for your final project.
  • The voice generated by this AI tool is hyper-realistic. No one can easily predict if these voices are robotic or real.
  • Suppose you want to enhance your listening experience. You can add this AI-generated audio to any video or PowerPoint slide show.

6. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is the best text-to-AI voice generator. It generates humanly realistic voices from text input. You must create a voice for your videos or change your textbooks into audiobooks. ElevenLabs is the best solution for all your needs. This tool also allows you to choose the language, voice, and accent for your voiceovers.

elevenlabs ai tts function
Features of ElevenLabs:
  • You can create voiceovers for videos in human-like voices as a digital content creator. You will be able to choose the voice and style of your video according to your targeted audience.
  • In this era of technology, people need more time to read books. Change your books into audiobooks with this voice generator. This tool will also be helpful for your visually impaired audience.
  • Increase your product's reachability by regionalizing the content. This tool can transform the audio for your game players in different languages in real time.

Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: A Desktop Solution in Text-To-Speech AI Generation

As discussed, the best AI text-to-speech tools are available online. They convert the text files into audio files efficiently, but their functionality for editing that audio could be improved. Another alternative to these tools is Wondershare Filmora. This software is not just for video editing but possesses an efficient text-to-speech feature. This AI-powered tool can transform any text into audio form in 25 languages.

Auto Text-to-Speech
Auto Text-to-Speech

You can also add this audio inside your videos from this tool and export this audio file for later projects without editing a video. Read this guide and explore the best AI features of Filmora.

1. AI Audio Denoise

The AI Audio Denoise feature of Filmora can help you enhance video audio quality. This tool will analyze the background noise by using deep-learning algorithms. It detects the noise by enhancing the audio, improving the voice quality, and detecting the background noise to remove it from the final output.

ai audio denoise filmora

2. Auto Beat Sync

Suppose you have created a video and want to add audio or any background music for your video. This feature will automatically analyze the video. It will adjust the effects and footage of the video according to the audio beats. This tool will smartly cut the bad parts of the video as well. You will get the finest video with efficiently adjusted music as an output.

auto beat sync filmora

3. Motion Tracking

The motion tracking feature of Filmora is very efficient. It analyses the video and detects moving objects. You can add texts, elements, videos, and images to the moving objects of your video. This tool will help you to enhance the video quality and engagement. You can also add mosaic and magic effects on the tracked objects to make the videos more interesting.

motion tracking filmora

4. Text to Speech

Text-to-Speech AI-powered tool of Filmora changes the text into audio files in no time. You need to translate the text file into speech or add the video's description in audio form. The TTS tool is the best solution as it allows you to choose from 25 languages and 10 accents. You can also adjust the voice according to the male and female voices.

text to speech filmora

Steps to Perform TTS in Filmora

This tool is very helpful for many professionals, especially content creators. Here is the guide to performing text-to-speech functions on Filmora:

Step 1: After starting the new project from the main interface of Filmora, select the "Titles" menu from the main toolbar of Filmora. Drag the default title from the menu and drop it on the timeline.

 add titles to timeline

Step 2: Double-click the title you have dropped on the timeline. Your title box is ready to edit in the preview panel. Enter the text you want to translate in the audio form into this box.

change the properties of titles

Step 3: Once the text is added, select the “Tools” menu from the main toolbar of Filmora. Look for the “Text to Speech” option in the provided menu.

access text to speech function

Step 4: Choose the language and "Voice" from the available options on the newly opened window. Adjust the "Speed" and "Pitch" of your output audio. Now, look for the "OK" button to save the settings. Wait until the "In Transcription" bar is completed and your audio is generated. Your audio file is ready; you can either "Export" it or import it as a voiceover on any video.

apply tts and export

Wrapping Up

In this guide, we have learned about the Text-to-Speech AI functionality of the top 6 online tools. We have done an in-depth study of these tools to learn their features. We have also discussed the AI features that Wondershare Filmora offers.

With the available information, we know that the Text-to-Speech feature of Filmora is the best alternative to these online available tools. You can revolutionize your content creation by using these AI TTS tools.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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