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A great AI video generator that can analyze vast amounts of data to generate expressive animations.
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The Top AI Animation Generators From Text and Pictures

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Mar 07, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

The animation field already has a stronghold in the entertainment and gaming industries. In recent years, it has found its use case in the marketing and advertising world. There are many AI animation generators available to make engaging content for explainer or product videos. Also, the use of animation for educational and training videos is pretty common.

While animation has existed for a long time, AI is now revolutionizing the industry. AI anime generators have the ability to automate tasks like lip-syncing. However, these AI tools are not here to replace human animators. So, we will talk about the best AI anime video generators that can help you boost productivity while animating.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How Are AI Animated Generators Different From Conventional Techniques?
  2. Part 2. Wondershare Filmora: An Alternative To Create Professional AI Animated Videos
  3. Part 3. Creating AI Animation From Text and Picture With Best Tools
  4. Conclusion
AI Animation Generator
A great AI video generator that can analyze vast amounts of data to generate expressive animations.
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: How Are AI Animated Generators Different From Conventional Techniques?

Traditionally, animation relied on human animators to create each frame of animation. These animated movies take years to complete, requiring animators to work tirelessly. The manual nature of this process necessitates large teams, which can prove expensive. Plus, you may have to put in extra effort and money if something goes wrong while animating. 

AI animation generators do their best to overcome challenges offered by conventional processes. They do so by utilizing machine learning algorithms to create AI animation. One example of such a tool is OpenAI Sora, which allows users to create animations with reference images or sketches. The AI then analyzes the input and generates realistic character movements and expressions. Let's analyze the innovation AI has brought to the animation field:

  • Produce lifelike character animations with motion capture
  • Automate the process of syncing characters' lip movements to dialogue
  • Create complex movement sequences with built-in animations
  • Write scripts for animated videos with the power of AI

Part 2: Wondershare Filmora: An Alternative To Create Professional AI Animated Videos

After going through all these benefits, you must be thinking about the best AI animation maker to create such videos. For this purpose, we recommend you use the Wondershare Filmora - Text-to-Video feature. You can make use of the AI text writer to generate content for your video. While doing so, you can specify the type of video and topic for a more personalized script.

Generate AI Animation
Generate AI Animation

Other than that, you can choose from various voice languages, including English and French. Wondershare Filmora also provides you with different AI voices for your animated video. Plus, users can select the aspect ratio for their AI-generated video to post on social platforms. After processing the AI video, you can play around with its appearance to maintain brand consistency.

Other AI Features of Wondershare Filmora

    • AI Vocal Remover: You will also be able to remove voice from AI-created video using Wondershare Filmora. By doing so, this tool allows you to dub animated videos freely. If your AI-created video has low-quality audio, this feature comes in handy.
    • AI Text-Based Editing: Upon generating a video with this AI animation creator, you can use such editing to apply a personal touch. It has the ability to transcribe any vocals in the video into editable script. Also, you will be able to clip or translate the transcribed text with this tool.
    • AI Music Generator: If you want to add music to your animated video, Filmora will be at your service. With this AI animation generator, you can select the mood and tempo for music creation. Also, it allows you to determine the duration and genre of music according to the video.
Try More AI Features
Try More AI Features

Part 3: Creating AI Animation From Text and Picture With Best Tools

Upon reading about the best AI animated video generator, let's analyze some of its online alternatives. These tools provide you with quick access to the AI video creation process. Therefore, read about these tools to learn about AI tools to create animations via text or image prompts.

Tool To Create Animation With Text or Image Prompt

1. is a straightforward AI animation generator from text that simply requires you to input multiple prompts. After adding detailed prompts, this tool allows you to select a number of frames for smoother output. Other than that, animators can determine the animation mode, as this tool supports both 2D and 3D.

gooey ai animation generator


  • This AI anime creator lets you choose your desired model from options, including Protogen and epiCDream.
  • The output is a compilation of AI-generated images, which gives the animated video a unique touch.


  • The rendering time of this AI tool is pretty slow when compared to other tools.

2. Neural Frames

If you want to generate animated videos via images and text, Neural Frames provides you with both options. After writing a text prompt, you can use AI to improve it for better video creation. Moreover, animators can adjust flicker style and movements for desired effects. The premium versions of this AI anime creator contain up to 9 models for video generation.

neural frames ai animation generator


  • Neural Frames allows you to take inspiration from several artists to create animations.
  • You can also add negative prompts to tell this anime-maker AI what not to add to the video.


  • When using the free plan, the output animations will have a watermark.

3. Krikey

Krikey provides animators with diverse options to make fully personalized animated videos. With its text-to-animation capabilities, you can animate certain aspects of character movements with a single prompt. Also, you can upload videos to this AI animation generator to let AI replicate the movement. Users can even pick different languages and AI speakers for more personalized narrations.

krikey ai animation generator


  • This tool allows you to control the facial expressions of AI-generated animations.
  • Creators will also be able to control hand gestures of animated characters using this AI tool.


  • You may have to go through a learning curve to understand all the features of this tool.

4. Simplified

With its diverse customization options, Simplified is one of the best AI animation makers. It allows you to select the creativity level to make your animated videos stand out. Plus, you can pick the video output language and tone for a customized output. The premium plan of this tool lets you utilize the option to personalize the videos based on your branding.

simplified ai animation generator


  • You get the option to choose from stock AI speakers or clone your voice for video narration.
  • In addition to text-to-animation creation, it supports video generation from images.


  • You only get 5 free credits to create AI animation with this tool.

5. Appypie

Appypie is the simplest AI anime video generator, which only requires you to input text or image prompts for video creation. After generating animations, this tool allows you to edit them frame-by-frame. Furthermore, you get to add different elements like text or shapes to the video to add a personal touch.

appypie ai animation generator


  • With its AI text-to-music feature, creators can add a catchy background sound to their AI-generated animations.
  • It also provides users with a voiceover feature to personalize animations with desired narrations.


  • You will not get enough control over the animation style using this AI animation creator.


In the end, we can say that AI has changed the way animators create engaging visual content. All the tools mentioned let them boost productivity while creating animated videos. However, Wondershare Filmora still remains the best option with its innovative text-to-video technology. All in all, this AI animation generator will cut your working hours short with its simple animation process.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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