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Ultimate Free Video Translators Online [2024]

Quintela Originally published Mar 05, 24, updated Apr 30, 24

Video translators are highly in demand, as they make content globally accessible. There are offline and online video translators available, helping users translate their videos free of cost. However, most of these tools only offer a few credits to utilize the translation functionality one or two times. Whether free or paid, these translation tools prove extremely useful for content creators of all types.

This article will help you understand advancements offered by top paid and free online video translators. For that, go through this list to choose the best video translator for your needs.

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Looking for Free Video Translations Options? Here Are 8 Solutions!

As discussed, video translators have changed how global audiences perceive local content. The world has become a global village, so the need for efficient translation tools has peaked. For this purpose, we will put forward 8 video translators free online to help budding content creators:

Free Online Video Translators To Look Out For
4.Rask AI


When looking to translate videos online for free, you can rely on the translation features of BlipCut. With its auto speaker and video language detection, it makes translation more effortless than ever. Plus, it has in-built AI voices that perfectly narrate translated subtitles. You can manually edit lines and add time stamps for perfect lip-synced videos.

blipcut free online video translator

Major Highlights of BlipCut

  • You can make use of its GPT Rewrite feature to shorten or optimize the translated lines.
  • BlipCut also has a merge card to combine translated subtitles. In this way, you can make them appear for a longer time on your screen.
  • Users will be able to export subtitles files and translated videos with captions using this tool.


  • You only get 2 credits to translate videos free online using BlipCut.
  • This video translator is only able to process 1 minute of video at a single instance.


Vidnoz is an excellent option to translate a video online with its support for over 140+ languages. This video translation tool supports multiple formats, including M4V, MP4, and WebM. With this tool, you can choose if you want to translate the whole video or only audio. After creating a translated video, this tool lets you share it with friends through links, Facebook, or Discord.

vidnoz free online video translator

Major Highlights of Vidnoz

  • 1.It provides users with a subtitle translation feature along with basic video translation.
  • 2.With the paid version, Vidnoz allows you to export translated video in 1080p quality.
  • 3.This online translator demonstrates the emotions of the original speakers while translating videos.


  • The free use of this tool is only limited to the first 30 seconds of the uploaded video.
  • You can only upload a video of a maximum of 200MB for video translation.


No matter if you want to translate social media or marketing content, ElevenLabs can always help you. Users can simply paste YouTube, TikTok, and other social platform links for a direct translation. Besides, this free online video translator lets you change the video quality for professional output. However, you have to purchase the premium version to remove watermarks from the translated video.

elevenlabs free online video translator

Major Highlights of ElevenLabs

  • 1.You can also extract a specific time range from the whole video for targeted video translation.
  • 2.It can auto-detect the number of speakers in the input video.
  • 3.This tool to translate videos for free allows you to preview the translated videos before downloading them.


  • After logging into this tool, you can only upload videos up to 500MB or 45 minutes to carry out translation.
  • The free version does not allow you to change the resolution of the output videos.

4.Rask AI

Rask AI is one of the top AI online video translators, allowing you to perform 3 free video translation tasks. With this tool, users can adjust the timestamps to synchronize the translated voice with the original video. Other than these changes, you can also alter the translated lines to add more emotions.

rask ai free online video translator

Major Highlights of Rask AI

  • 1.There is a library of AI-cloned voices that you can use for video translation.
  • 2.This free video translation tool lets you download video, audio, and even subtitle files.
  • 3.Its automated speech-to-text transcription helps content creators in subtitle generation and translation.


  • Users only have the option to translate videos for up to 1 minute using the free version of this translator.
  • The automated lip-sync feature is in beta, limiting it to only specified users.


Among these video translators free online, Smartcat stands out due to the different translation models it offers. With models such as DeepL, GPT, and Google NMT, it offers multiple sources for accurate output. Other than videos, you can upload Word, PDF, and other file formats in this all-in-one translator. Users are also allowed to review the translated videos in the post-editing stage.

smartcut free online video translator

Major Highlights of Smartcat

  • 1.With its AI features, you can rephrase and shorten translated lines.
  • 2.Users will be able to export the output file in special formats, including TMX, CSV, and Bilingual DOCX.
  • 3.Smartcat even allows you to fix grammar and punctuation errors in the translations.


  • It is limited to 150 thousand Smartwords per year using the Starter plan.
  • The free version lacks the AI-based translation quality score, which restricts users from becoming aware of the accuracy of their results.

With the available 250+ AI voices and 30+ language support, emerges as the top online video translator. You can simply paste the YouTube link or upload the desired video to carry out the translation. Plus, if your video has any background music, it will remain unaffected after applying its video translation feature.

wavel free online video translator

Major Highlights of

  • allows you to apply manual changes to AI-generated video translation.
  • 2.Users can adjust the speed of the dub based on the segment duration.
  • 3.This tool to translate a video online lets you choose the emotion conveyed through AI dubbed voice.


  • You only get to generate 5 minutes of dubbed and translated video with a free version.
  • The output video may contain a watermark during the free trial.


Dubverse lets users attach video links from YouTube, Facebook, and Google Drive for easy translation. For dubbed videos, it contains a voice emulator with over 450 speakers with multiple tones. Using its advanced settings, creators can apply sync logic to their translated videos. After translating the video, the user can use its AI features to set the tone and formality of the dubbed voice.

dubverse free online video translator

Major Highlights of Dubverse

  • 1.You can export the output file in several formats, including SRT, MP4, and WAV.
  • 2.The translated videos can convey various emotions, such as anger, sadness, and cheerfulness.
  • 3.Hawk and Eagle are two translation services available on this free online video translator.


  • This free video translator has a time limitation of about 5 minutes.
  • You can only download one translated video per week with a free account.

If you want the best results for video translation, can help you with its support for over 125 languages. Content creators can simply translate subtitles or perform AI dubbing to get translated videos. Besides, you get to choose the gender of the speaker for a personalized translation process.

veed io free online video translator

Major Highlights of

  • 1.With this online free video translator, you can remove background noise before translation.
  • 2.You can even use your voice to do voiceover in your locally translated language.
  • allows you to auto-format translated lines for perfectly lip-synced videos.


  • The free version of this tool doesn't allow you to export videos in HD quality.
  • There is a limit of 1GB upload file size for the free plan of this video translation tool.

Online vs. Offline Video Translators: Who Servers Better?

After analyzing some free online video translators, let’s see how they stand against offline tools. Language support is a major parameter, which may vary from tool to tool. Other than that, you can judge the functionality of both these video translation mediums through this comparison table:

Feature Online Video Translator Offline Video Translator
Accessibility Requires internet connection Works without an internet connection
Speed Dependent on internet speed Generally faster since processing is local
Quality of Translation It may vary depending on server load and algorithms Usually, provides more accurate translations
Privacy Privacy concerns due to data transmission and storage Better privacy as data stays on the local device
Customization Limited customization options More opportunities for customization and fine-tuning
Accuracy Depends on the quality of algorithms and server resources More accurate due to local processing
Features Comes with basic features for translation Offers advanced features like batch processing and advanced editing.
User Interface Typically, user-friendly interfaces Interfaces may vary but often offer more control and options

Upon going through this table, you can easily conclude that offline tools are much better for video translation. For this purpose, we will introduce you to the best offline video translator in the next section.

[Offline Solution] Wondershare Filmora Making Video Translation Easy and Effective

As discussed in the previous section, offline tools are far superior when it comes to video translation. One offline tool is Wondershare Filmora, which offers an all-in-one video editing and translation workspace. You may need to utilize different online tools to get your video ready for global access. However, with this offline video translator, you can generate AI translations and make videos ready to be posted on social platforms.

With its AI translation feature, you can choose to translate the whole video or just subtitle text. Plus, it allows you to turn on Auto-Match functionality for synchronized translated video. After translating the video, content creators can add local background music to give a personalized touch. If you want to try its AI features, you will get 100 free AI credits upon installing this video translator.

adjust settings for optimized translation


All in all, we have presented a complete list of free video translators online. All these tools are effective for individuals and small businesses. However, marketing companies and content creators should look for an offline alternative. For this purpose, Wondershare Filmora AI Translator comes out as an obvious choice. With its fast processing speed and limitless file upload size, you will never face any issues translating your videos.

Quintela Apr 30, 24
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