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Top 10 Website to Download Montage Music

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published May 12, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

In music, montage is a technique whereby newly branded compositions or sound objects, such as songs, are created from montage or collage. We will give you all the information you need to know before going for a montage music download. We will also highlight where you can get music tracks to add to your montage video.

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Things to Be Aware of Before Downloading Montage Music

Before you download montage music, you must factor in the following crucial things:

1. The Storage Space Available on Your Target Device

Unlike documents, montage music takes loads of space. If you plan to download many tracks, you might run out of disk space if your device has limited storage space. For this reason, before you start looking for downloadable montage music, check if you have ample space on your target drive.

If your disk space is almost depleted, you can delete some files that you rarely use or back them up in another drive. You can also uninstall apps or programs that you rarely use but are readily available online. If you are using your mobile device to download montage music, you can expand the memory.

2. The Safety of Your Device

When looking for free downloadable montage music, you have to factor in the safety of your device. Attacks by cybercriminals are now targeting individuals. Be extra vigilant with the platforms you choose. The site you pick should have a good reputation in dealing with threats.

Before you download montage music, you need to consider the site you are getting them from: Not all sites are equal in quality and legality; some may be more reliable.

Do your research before downloading montage music from any site. Ensure the website is legit to avoid downloading files with malware or viruses.

3. Internet Connectivity

You'll need a strong internet connection to montage music download. Most people use mobile phone contracts with specific data caps that do not allow venturing outside email or the usual social media connection.

If you download montage music using a phone contract, there's a risk that you might exhaust the allocated data and incur additional charges. You should, therefore, understand when and where to download montage music.

If you've got free Wi-Fi at work, you might want to schedule all the montage music downloads and run them while doing your job. You can also download montage music using free Wi-Fi hubs around establishments like government facilities and hospitals. But, be extra careful with open Wi-Fi, as cybercriminals use this channel to hit targets.

4. The Copyright Status Of The Montage Music

When downloading montage music, it’s crucial to be aware of its copyright status. Some montage music tracks have copyright law protection, meaning downloading them will be violating the law.

Before you download any montage music online, read the download site's terms and conditions. In turn, this will help you to understand what is allowed and what is not.

5. The Quality of the Montage Music File

Some montage music files you'll find online are of low quality. And this can affect your audience's listening experience. Before you get any downloadable montage music, check its quality.

Top 10 Websites to Download Montage Music

There are lots of sites where you can download montage music tracks. We'll look at the top ten websites to find downloadable montage music.

1) Musopen

Dedicated to setting music free, Musopen provides free music to the public without copyright restrictions. The platform operates under a freemium model, meaning that some content is free to download while premium downloads need a subscription.

You can download sheet music for free. Non-paying users can also download five music recordings per day. If you pay $55 annually, you'll receive unlimited downloads. Benefactors pay $240 per year, and they can request recordings.

You can download sheet music for free. The website offers recordings from 170 composers, and it has more than 100,000 downloadable montage music tracks.

Montage music download website - Musopen

2) StoryBlocks

StoryBlocks, a subscription-based audio/video stock, provides unlimited montage music download access to users looking for royalty-free content. Its library has more than 100,000 songs, and all the files you download are royalty-free. That means you can use them on your projects forever. You will keep all the music files you have downloaded even after canceling your membership.

Montage music download website - Storyblocks

3) SoundCloud

SoundCloud is music sharing website audio and an online distribution platform that allows you to download montage music tracks after signing into your account. You'll find the download file button under the waveform. The site is available in 190 countries and has more than 76 million active monthly users.

SoundCloud has more than 300 million tracks in its system. The site offers paid and free membership, available for desktop, mobile, and Xbox devices. It's also easy to operate and features excellent navigation choices.

Montage music download website - SoundCloud

4) ccMixter

As a Produsage community music website, ccMixter promotes Cappella tracks, remixes, and samples licensed under Creative Commons available for re-use in creative works and downloads. Users can listen to, mash-up, sample or interact with music in various ways, including downloading and using tracks and samples in remixes. The website has more than 35,000 free music tracks that you can use if you give the artist credit. The site has some of the most popular audio formats, including Ogg, WMV, and mp3.

Montage music download website - ccMixter

5) dig.ccMixter

dig.ccMixter is a subdomain of ccMixter, and it has tons of free montage. You can browse them by style, instrument, genre, and more. Use the search bar or the tag search page, which has a long list of various categories that help you narrow down your search. Music is available on this platform under an attribution license, meaning you can download any song you like and then give credit to the artist.

Montage music download website - dig.ccMixter

6) Incompetech

Incompetech offers copyrighted montage music. Every music on the website is under a CC-BY license, meaning you have to provide a link that directs your audience to Incompetech when using it. You can download and use songs for free with attribution or purchase them once and use them forever.

The site has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to find downloadable montage music fast. It also has a wide range of music from different genres and with different themes, including romance, western, adventure, and electronic.

The site’s filtering tools allow you to select several criteria to narrow your selection. You can choose a feel, such as mysterious, grooving, or aggressive, length, genre, tempo, or any combination that includes any of the two. You’ll get a short preview when you choose a piece of music. You can then download it with a click. What’s more? Incompetech gives you the full attribution, meaning you can copy and paste it when it is required.

Incompetech is the work of Kevin MacLeod, an American composer who has composed hundreds of thousands of songs and sound effects for free use.

Montage music download website - Imcompetech

7) FreeSound

While FreeSound’s site is not as intuitive or modern as the other options in this list, it has tons of montage music. The site also has natural sounds, people talking, noise, and sound effects. The best way to navigate the site is by using its tag list.

It also has a search bar function designed to help you find what you are searching for; each sound features an image associated with it, which is displayed on the category page, telling users the type of license the song has. While most tracks have CC-BY licenses, you’ll also find non-commercial options.

Montage music download website - Freesound

8) Free Music Archive

With more than 150,000 songs available on its platform, Free Music Archive (FMA) works with industry enthusiasts, artists, and radio stations to offer a great selection of free music. You can search by type of license, clip duration, or song title. You can also browse the hundreds of sub-genres and over a dozen genres available. Most of the music tracks are licensed under Creative Common, but you’ll also find some songs available for download.

Montage music download website - Free Music Archive

9) Jamendo

The homepage of Jamendo offers two platforms: Licensing and Music. Jamendo Music, a streaming platform, has songs licensed under Creative Commons. Jamendo Creative Commons, on the other hand, offers royalty-free music that you can download for free. The site has more than 300,000 tracks in various formats.

Montage music download website - Jamendo

10) Bensound

Bensound has thousands of royalty-free montage music, and you can browse the site by tags, popularity, genre, or uploading date or tags. The website includes works by composer Benjamin Tissot and other musicians.

Most songs are under Type CC BY-ND license. Therefore, you can use songs as free montage music, but you have to credit the website and never use them to make new songs or remix the tracks.

Montage music download website - Bensound
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These are the best source of getting downloadable montage music. You can use these platforms to download music and add it to your montage to make it more engaging and capture the attention of your audience.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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