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How to Use Autotune in Audacity with Plugins for Free?

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Feb 23, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Audacity is one of the well-known multi-track audio recorders with in-built audio editing tools. It allows adding effects to tweak audio recordings and songs. In short, it incorporates vocal effects to produce better quality audios. You might not find an autotune feature when correcting the pitch of the song in Audacity software. Moreover, there are no inbuilt tools for tuning recordings.

However, GSnap is one of the free plugins that enable you to autotune in Audacity. GSnap plugin is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. So, you can download it on any one of them to adjust the pitch of audio recordings. The following article will give you in-depth information about Audacity autotune. Let’s begin.

Part 1: What is Auto Tune and How Does It Work?

Autotune is a tool that enables you to adjust the pitch of the audio song or recording. It was launched in 1997. The plugin enjoys a trademark from Antares Audio Technologies. It automatically corrects the out-of-tune vocals in your recording.So, if you are struggling with tuning issues after recording a song in software like Audacity, this Audacity autotune tool can help.

Using autotune plugins is one of the best options to autotune songs in Audacity. They are becoming increasingly popular among singers, music producers, and others. Do you want to know why audio recordings need to be tuned and how they are adjusted using autotune? Here’s the answer.

There are high chances of multiple frequencies becoming intertwined when recording audio. Autotune detects the frequencies that are intertwined and splits them into single frequencies. So, the over-tuned vocals are isolated. In brief, autotune is the process of correcting vocal pitch. There are several plugins that can help you deal with tuning issues on piano, guitar, and other musical instruments.

Part 2: Top 3 Best Free Autotune Plugins for Audacity

Audacity comes with built-in audio recording and editing tools. It also allows you to mix different audios. Plus, you can also cut, split, and splice audio files in this amazing software. However, if you are recording a song in Audacity, it won’t be autotuned. Moreover, you cannot auto-correct the song’s pitch by default. So, you need to install autotune plugins for Audacity recording to enhance your vocal performance.

There are a number of plugins that enable you to fine-tune audios in Audacity. If you are interested in mastering the art of autotune using plugins, we have handpicked the following three best free autotune plugins for Audacity. Let’s get into them one by one.

1. GSnap

GSnap is a free audacity autotune plugin offered by GVST. It enables users to fine-tune the vocalist’s pitch, which is also a very easy and quick process. So, you can refine out-of-tune audio using GSnap. The correction mechanism is simple. First, it identifies over-tuned frequencies and then corrects them. Do you want to know more about GSnap and its advantages? If yes, we have summarized all its features in the list below.


  • GSnap enables you to configure both high and low frequency to offer the best pitch-correction mechanism.
  • Background noise can be filtered out by configuring decibel settings.
  • Allows controlling the parameters of a vocal performance through Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI).
  • GSnap lets you control the pace.
  • Enables calibrating tune
  • Free and easily accessible
  • Available for Windows operating systems
  • Maximum pitch bend can be set
  • Customizable speed parameters
  • Tune calibration
gsnap plug in audacity auto tune

2. MAutoPitch

MAutoPitch provides automatic tuning for audio recording. This plugin comes with a simple yet intuitive interface to facilitate users. It supports pitch correction for all mainstream musical instruments and vocals. In addition to autotuning, MAuto Pitch is also known for offering creativity in your audio recordings. Stereo expansion is one of the creative features provided in this plugin. Furthermore, it also incorporates formant shift.

It applies the channel separation technique to tune the vocals. Moreover, it incorporates a MIDI controller that enables you to control parameters in real-time audio recording. MAutoPitch offers the following benefits to the users.


  • Offers safety brick wall limiters to limit audio output to a standardized threshold.
  • Utilizes efficient and robust algorithms to cope up with fast computers.
  • Advanced GUI to maximize flexibility.
  • It includes automatic gain compensation to align input loudness with output loudness.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Easily accessible without internet
  • Free updates
  • Unique visualization engine
mauto pitch plug in audacity auto tune

3. Graillon

Graillon is an auto-tuner with the capacity to take your vocal performance to the next level. It comes with unique features, such as pitch-tracking modulation. This can help you change the input voice. Moreover, it also enables users to create choruses. In short, it makes the voice recording pure. In addition to pitch correction, Graillon also performs the pitch-shifting function. So, it’s an ideal solution for people looking for autotuning tools. Here is a brief overview of the pros of Graillon.


  • Incorporates 23ms of latency
  • Maximizes the sound quality of output
  • Optimized pitch shifter
  • Ability to produce robotic sounds
  • Free access to the tool
  • Allows altering the vocal pitch
  • Compatibility with all mainstream operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, and others
  • Simple interface
  • Equipped with bit crusher
  • A full edition version is also available, which provides state-of-the-art features
graillon auto tune plug in audacity

Part 3: How to AutoTune Your Voice for Free with GSnap on Audacity?

GSnap is a famous plugin for autotuning audio recordings in Audacity. This plugin is free and can be easily installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. If you are wondering how to install and use this plugin to autotune your voice in Audacity, the step-by-step guide highlights the process below.

Step 1: Install GSnap

Access the web link and click on download GSnap. Choose the GSnap version that matches your operating system. 

Note: Audacity must be installed on your computer before the GSnap plugin is downloaded. Plus, the plugin will be downloaded in a zipped file. So, make sure you have an application installed on your device to unzip the downloaded file.

download gsnap plug in auto tone

Step 2: Copy GSnap

Navigate to the download folder and right-click on the zipped GSnap option. Select extract here from the menu and copy the file named GSnap.dll.

install gsnap plugin auto tone audacity

Step 3: Paste the copied file

Navigate the plugins folder of Audacity and paste the copied file into the folder.

Step 3: Add plugin

Open Audacity and locate the Effects tab on a recording window. Select add/remove plug-ins, click on the GSnap option, and press enable button.

Note: The GSnap plugin will appear in the list under the effects tab and let you autotune your voice recording. You need to configure settings in a GSnap to get the fine-tuned voice.

add gsnap plug in audacity

For the detailed information, you can check the tutorial about how to add and set up GSnap plugin in Audacity. 


Human voices and inputs from musical instruments are not perfect by default. Voice recordings in Audacity are no exception. They also need to be processed to enhance the vocal presentation. So, you need to tune the vocals in one way or another. This article mentions free Audacity autotune tools like GSnap to produce better sounds.

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