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A Complete Overview about Nero WaveEdito [2024]

You might have reasonable information related to audio editing, but we are here to enhance your knowledge about Audio Editors. Therefore, we are about to introduce Nero WaveEditor.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Mar 17, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

There are a lot of audio editors that you can use. The levels of expertise required for using different editing software are different; where, expertise level changes with experience and time. There are a lot of powerful audio editors, but they are difficult to use. With being difficult to use, they are not free and require the user to purchase them.

Have you ever used a simple yet powerful audio editor? Let us introduce you to Nero WaveEditor. It is the most useful free software that you might find. Start reading ahead for more useful information!

Part 1. Introduction about Nero WaveEditor

Nero WaveEditor is a simple and powerful editor that anyone can use. It can edit pre-recorded audios along with recording new audios. Nero WaveEditor is capable of editing all major audio editing formats. You can use it to apply filters and optimize sounds. It can also apply effects and save the file. The on-set saving option makes it non-destructive and can be edited freely without making detrimental changes.

nero waveeditor interface

Nero WaveEditor is available for use in multiple languages, including German, Dutch, and French. It has a file size of 170MB. You get multiple audio editing options that provide full user control of the audio that is being edited.

Part 2. Key Features of Nero WaveEditor

For quick and easy editing and recording of audio files, Nero WaveEditor is a great option. This editor has simple yet very effective tools for manipulating audio files. It is free to use and works perfectly with different audio file formats. Some other key features of Nero WaveEditor are discussed below:

· View Options

No other audio editor offers this many view options as you get from Nero WaveEditor. From the top toolbar, you have to access the ‘View' tab, where you will find different options. For instance, you’ll have access to the Wave display, Spectrogram display, and also Wavelet display.

· Tools

Do you have any idea about the different tools Nero WaveEditor offers? This editor has some very powerful editing tools, like Stereo Processor, Noise Gate, Equalizer, Pitch Tuning, and so much more. Access the ‘Tools’ tab to use these tools.

· Editing Options

Nero WaveEditor not only offers advanced editing tools but also provides some general editing options. For instance, you can Cut, Delete, Crop, Copy, etc. Options like Convert Sample Format, Reverse, and Insert Track Split are also offered.

· Enhancement Features

Is editing enough to enhance your audio? Try Enhancement features from Nero WaveEditor to completely transform your audio file. You get options like Noise Analysis, Noise Reduction, etc.

Part 3. Pros and Cons of Nero WaveEditor

Nero WaveEditor has some impressive features that instantly attract users. This editor is great for quick audio editing. To learn more about it, read the following section as we are about to share the benefits and drawbacks of Nero WaveEditor.


  • No matter where you belong, Nero WaveEditoris still usable as it supports different languages like Danish, Greek, Czech, Spanish, Russian, and others.

  • A great thing about this wave editor is its support for plugins. For example, Nero supports VST and DirectX.

  • Nero WaveEditor is not just an audio editor; it’s also an audio recorder. You can either import media files from your device or else record them on the spot.

  • What else is great about Nero WaveEditor? This editor provides non-destructive editing. Nero offers full Preview and Undo features.


  • The main drawback of Nero WaveEditoris its interface. The offered interface is very outdated. The design and UI are not updated according to the latest Windows version.

Part 4. How to Use Nero WaveEditor?

Have you ever used Nero WaveEditor before? Or heard about it? If none is your case, this section will provide great help to you. We are about to share Nero WaveEditor’s step-by-step guideline with you for better working and understanding. Let’s begin!

Step 1: After installing the editor, launch it. Head to the ‘File’ tab and select the ‘Open’ option to import audio files from your respective device. Or else, you can also select the option to ‘Record’ from the toolbar.

add audio to tool

Step 2: Start editing by firstly moving to the ‘Edit’ tab. There, you will find different editing options like; Cut, Crop, Copy, Delete, Reverse, and others.

use editor edit tab

Step 3: In case you are interested in using the Fade In and Fade Out features, head to the ‘Volume’ section. Not just this, you also get other options, for instance, Normalize, Volume change, and Mute.

edit audio file volume

Step 4: Who doesn’t add effects while editing? Try the amazing effects offered by Nero WaveEditor from the ‘Effects’ tab. You can select from the provided options like Distortion, Loudness, Reverb, Delay, and others.

apply different editor effects

Step 5: For enhancing your audio file, head to the ‘Enhancements’ section to use the offered options. For example, get your hands-on features like Noise Reduction, Noise Analysis, etc.

use editor enhancement feature

Step 6: Once everything is done, save the edited audio file to your device. For this, move to the ‘File’ tab and select the ‘Save As’ an option to save the file in your desired file format.

export audio file

Part 5. Alternatives for Nero WaveEditor

People might not be able to use Nero WaveEditor as beginners. You can use other software to learn audio editing. We are suggesting two alternative editors to Nero WaveEditor so that you can use the following discussed alternatively for editing purposes.

Wave Editor

Wave Editor is a fast and easy-to-use editing software that is a great alternative for Nero WaveEditor download. This editor is powerful and best for those who are trying to learn audio editing. Wave Editor allows a maximum file size of 2GB. It has a simple user interface that boosts your speed and accuracy while using the editor.

What is its compatibility? Wave Editor is compatible with Windows. Moreover, it allows the user to use multiple audio formats, including MP3, WAV, and WMA, along with many more. Wave Editor can do basic editing along with amplifying audios to their maximum limit.

wave editor interface


Audacity is recording software along with audio editing software. It can do basic editing like cut, copy, paste, and delete, along with merging different audios. What else is great about Audacity? You can use the editor entirely through the keyboard with a large number of shortcuts. Audacity is widely used as exchange software against Nero WaveEditor.

Audacity supports plug-ins; you can either modify plug-ins or even write your own plug-ins. Audacity is free and open-source software with easy editing and multi-track audio editing. What about its compatibility? Audacity is compatible with Windows, Mac, and also Linux.

audacity audio editor

Final Thoughts

Nero WaveEditor is a free editor and very easy to use. For speedy editing, this is an ideal tool. This article talked about its features, advantages and we also shared a step-by-step guideline for your help. Moving on, are you interested in learning about another audio editor? We are talking about Wondershare Filmora Audio Editor, a platform with endless options.

This editing software is easily downloaded, and you don't need any technical skills to use it. Its simple yet intuitive interface provides various tabs like Effects, Elements, etc. You can get different sound effects from Filmora. Furthermore, some of its advanced audio editing tools are Audio Equalizer, Audio Ducking, Add Voiceovers, Detach Audio from Video, and so many other options.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

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