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How to Change Your Voice on Audacity?

Are you excited to switch your male voice to a female voice? Or are you a robot voice lover? In any case, the article understudy will provide significant help with Audacity as a great audio voice changer.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 17, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

What does free open source audio software mean? Audacity voice changer is the answer. Along with being free, it is a cross-platform software, which means that it can be used with different software packages. Audacity is easy to use multi-track audio editing and recording software.

It has a simple and clean-looking interface for better user understandability. Audacity has plug-in support for multiple audio formats like LV2, AU, and VST. We will further discuss Audacity as an audio voice changer, and how to use the software under various conditions will also be discussed in the article.

Part 1. How Can You Use Voice Changer in Audacity?

Voice changers are also commonly referred to as voice enhancers, which can completely change and transform your voice. You can pull pranks on friends with voice changers if you are bored. If you want to hide your identity, you can modify your voice and do that. With voice changers, you can change the tone and the pitch of your voice and add various voice effects.

Voice changer comes with a wide range of sound effects ranging from baby sound, kid, male, female, monster, demon, animal sounds, and a lot more than this. Some great voice changers include AV Voice Changer, MorphVOX Voice Changer, Voicemod, Clownfish Voice Changer, and others. Do you know that these voice changers can be used with Audacity? Let's tell you how.

Step 1: If you are interested in using a voice changer in Audacity, start by downloading your favorite voice changer to your PC. Once done, install it and after successful installation, launch it.

open voice changer

Step 2: As we have mentioned earlier that you are offered various voice effects in voice changers, so after launching it, select your preferred voice effect, whether it be a baby voice, animal voice, or celebrity voice.

select your voice

Step 3: On the other side, launch Audacity on your PC. Once it opens, you will see the top menu; just below that, a microphone icon will be seen. Tap on that icon so that the drop-down menu appears, there select the name of your voice changer.

change audacity microphone

Part 2. How to Change Pitch in Audacity?

Audacity, the audio voice changer, offers a 'Change Pitch' feature with which you can change the pitch of the audio without damaging its tempo. You can separately change the speed. With this feature, you can also adjust and play with the frequency and semitones.

The audio editor also features to estimate the starting pitch; for instance, if A3 is a quiet note, followed by a large and loud note like C4, Audacity will detect C4. In case both notes have the same volume, Audacity will detect A3. With Audacity, you also get the 'To' and 'From' controls if you plan to change the pitch manually. To learn more about changing pitch, follow the steps below:

Step 1: For changing pitch in Audacity, start by launching the software. After launching, you can either record the audio or else, from the 'File' section, you can also 'Open’ any file from your device.

open your audio file

Step 2: Audacity lets you change the pitch of a whole file or else for a small portion as well. Now, to change the pitch of a small portion, click and drag the mouse along the recording. Or else, click on the name of the track to select it completely.

select specific part or whole track

Step 3: After this, head over to the top menu and click on the ‘Effect’ section. A drop-down menu list will appear, locate and select the ‘Change Pitch’ option. You can either use the sliders to adjust the pitch or else write the percentage to change.

customize your pitch

Step 4: You can preview the file and check how it sounds once done. When you are satisfied, hit the 'OK' button to save the changes. You can also adjust the Speed and Tempo of the track.

tap on ok button

Part 3. How to Change Male Voice to Female Voice with Audacity?

The most fun voice transformation is from low pitch to higher pitch. In general, modifying the male voice to a female voice, as the male pitch has a negative value and changing it to a positive pitch, modifies your voice to a female voice. What else could be better to use than the amazing Audacity voice changer? Let’s share the steps that will help you change your male voice to female.

Step 1: First, start by opening the Audacity audio editor. Once it has launched successfully, you should import the audio file. You can record audio with Audacity. Along with this, you can also import files from your device from the 'File' section, followed by the 'Open' option.

upload audio track

Step 2: After your audio track is visible on the timeline, you have to select the part of the file that you want to edit. You can easily select it by clicking and dragging the mouse. If not this, you can also work with the whole track; for this, simply click on the track name to select it.

select audio portion or whole

Step 3: After you are satisfied with the selection, head to the top menu and select the 'Effects' options. A drop-down list appears after this, and you have to look for the 'Change Pitch' option and select it.

choose change pitch effect

Step 4: Normally, you can adjust the pitch by taking help from the sliders, but you can also change the pitch manually by adding a percentage. The male pitch originally will have a negative value; change it and set a positive value. You can keep changing until you are satisfied.

increase the pitch

Step 5: Lastly, don’t forget to save the changes by hitting the ‘OK’ button at the button and saving the file to your respective device.

confirm the pitch settings

Part 4. How to Create Robot Voice in Audacity?

As we have mentioned, Audacity is an audio voice changer, so you must know that Audacity also can change your voice into a robotic voice. Among the different voices, the robot voice sounds interesting, and it's fun to create. If you are excited to learn to create robot voice in Audacity, follow the guiding steps shared below:

Step 1: For creating an extraordinary robotic voice, start by launching Audacity on your device. After it opens, it's time to record your voice to create a robot voice. Or else, head to the 'File' tab and import your audio file from your device to Audacity from the 'Open' option.

open your audio track

Step 2: After this, to start the editing, you need a stereo track on the timeline. For doing this, navigate ‘Tracks’ from the top menu and click on it. Next, hover on the 'Add New' option to open its sub-menu. You will see the 'Stereo Track' option, select it, and copy-paste the audio file in the new section.

select stereo track option

Step 3: Let's start with the fun part, the editing and adjusting different features. Start by opening the 'Effects' tab, and from the long list of options, select 'Echo.' There, you can enter the 'Delay Time' and change other fields as well.

adjust echo settings

Step 4: Preview the audio and move on to the next setting. Open the 'Effects' section and look for the 'Change Pitch' option. You can change and adjust the pitch according to your desire and preview the file again.

customize change pitch effect

Step 5: For creating a robot voice, you can also set the tempo. For that, head to the 'Change Tempo' option under the ‘Effects’ section and set the value to minus. Keep adjusting the different effects until you get your perfect robot voice.

edit temp settings

Bottom Line

Audacity is not only a great audio editor; it is also a stunning audio voice changer. The software comes with a lot of effects that can completely transform your voice to an unrecognizable level. You can sound like a robot, male, female, and whatever you want with Audacity voice changer. Do you know any video editor that offers sound effects?

If you don’t know, let us introduce Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. This wonderous software is loaded with many editing features to create the best videos. Not only trim, cut, crop, but the software also offers you features like split-screen, chroma key background, keyframing, color match, motion tracking, and whatnot.

Apart from this, this video editor is a hub for cool sound effects and editing elements from its media library, Filmstock. You get a wide range of sound effects, titles, transitions, and many more elements.

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